Dreams in Action- The more ACTION you take the more PROGRESS you make!

Knowing It and Doing It are two different things!

You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”
Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

I’ve created a short AUDIO training that goes with this idea!  You can download and listen on your computer or even save it to your ipod and play it at your meeting.


You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”  Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.  It takes time and study to know your products and their benefits, to learn how to deal with people, to learn the art of selling, and to learn the business skills necessary to keep things running smoothly.  Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what many people lack in this business.
“The essence of knowledge is, having it, to use it.”
— Confucius

“Intelligence without ambition is
a bird without wings.”
— C. Archie Danielson

  Note to Leaders:  As you begin this training, give everyone the “Knowing It” sticker (PR70104) to put in their notes.

Shamra, our office manager had two small children.  Wyatt was 3 years old and Sierra was 10 months old.  She had been trying to teach Sierra how to say words like “Bah Bah” when she wants a bottle, or the other basics like “Ma Ma” and “Da Da”.  Then, one day her son, Wyatt, said “I need some Wah Wah.”  She was shocked that he said “Wah Wah” instead of water.  “He knows better than that, he knows how to say water,” she thought.  If Sierra had said it, on the other hand, she would have cheered her on and called Grandma.  What was the difference?  Her 3 year old had more knowledge and experience than her 10 month old, so she knew he could do better and expected more.  We should expect more of ourselves too.  If we have the knowledge, we should do our best to be successful.
Just as we learned to talk and walk by taking “baby steps,” we must learn to work our businesses by taking baby steps.  But, once we know how to do something we need to keep doing it, and not get lazy.  It does no good to study how people walk if we don’t ever stand up and put one foot in front of the other to get ourselves going somewhere.

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.”
— David Star Jordan 1st President Stanford University

 Once we have the knowledge base of how to do something, we should have no excuse.  However, we still tend to make excuses.  What are some of the reasons for not working our businesses?  We get side-tracked, we don’t make work a priority, we don’t value the importance of doing daily tasks, we don’t think that we can, the system doesn’t work for us, etc.
We all need to practice being ambitious when it comes to our businesses.  It is easy to stay busy at a job where you have specific tasks to accomplish each day and a supervisor is constantly checking to see that you’ve done your work.  Think of your home job the same way.  Remember that you do have daily tasks to complete besides preparing for parties and doing your demonstrations.  For example, you could get sale flyers ready to mail out, call customers to tell them about specials, call hosts to see if they are doing their part, following up with recruit leads, etc.  The more you work, the more money you will make.
When you work at home, you might not have a manager looking over your shoulder, but most of you still have managers or leaders you report to.  Use this as a motivation.  Wouldn’t you love to give her a great report at your next meeting? Have a plan and put it into action.  Create a daily , weekly, or monthly schedule to work your business.  Create systems that will help make your job easier.  Be accountable!  Announce your goals to your family and encourage them to ask you about it.  Make yourself a checklist or whatever you need to do so you will DO IT!

Brainstorm with your group about what schedules or systems they have that work.  Pass out a Customer Care Card (V4124) and instructions to each team member. We talked about these a little in the Key4A training.  A detailed system is available to read and copy from our website and included in each package.  You can print it off or copy it and give it to your team.  It has great ideas about how to enter the info you gather from these cards into your computer so you can easily search for birthdays, print mailing labels or call lists, and keep in touch.  The training on the website also describes an easy system for those who don’t have a computer.  Just search for V4124 (Customer Care Cards), or find them in the variety department.  Click VIEW then DOWNLOAD TAB, for the instructions.  Download our FREE Excel Spreadsheet from our website and have someone that is into computers bring a laptop and SHOW everyone how to use EXCEL, sort a spreadsheet, etc.  Discuss the benefits of sending Birthday, Welcome, and Keeping in Touch cards.

 Business Basics:   
While you are sharing ideas about creating a system such as the Customer Care Cards, integrate the Key 4C- Prepare Catalogs training.  This is yet another example of knowing it and doing it.  One of the basics you learn when you take classes on how to increase your sales is to make customers aware of your products and the benefits they offer to your customers.  Encourage a discussion with your team about the principles discusses in the Key 4C training.
This meeting theme can actually be used to give an overview of all the steps to success.  Use the SSS4 Party on a Sheet to review the basic steps.

If you really want to create an awareness of how DOING some of the concepts we teach can impact your business and how much MONEY you can make, play the V1011 – DO IT Concentration Game. (It was originally designed to go along with the “Sell More Make More” Leadership Training and went along with the Key4B Key Pack Training, but it works very effectively with this meeting as well.  The PDF of the game is available for minimal cost for Key pack Club members, but we also have it available all printed out and ready to go.  Search for V1011.  I’ve also created FREE AUDIO training to go with it.  You can access the LINK by clicking VIEW on the  V1011 item.  See V1011PDF or V1011GAME.
Playing this game will reinforce that
DOING the techniques really pays off.

“Without ambition one starts nothing.
Without work one finishes nothing.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Ambition and love are the wings to great deeds.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
After playing the game, ask them to write down some of their goals on the  “Knowing It and Doing It” postcard. Have them take the card home, transfer the goals onto their “Make a Difference” Erase Board and mail it back to you to be entered into your drawings.  Then, at the next meeting, pull those cards and ask them how they are doing.

     Your Dreams are tied to action.   When you DO what you know you should, you’ll create a change in your business.  How much money you make is in direct relationship to what YOU DO and how much effort you put in.  This “job” can provide you with an unlimited power to create your own income!
That’s where YOU ARE!  Your  business provides you with that POWER!  YOU are in charge!  You can make what YOU want based upon YOUR efforts!  The POWER is IN YOU!  You must remember that the more action you take the more progress you make!  I hope you are CONSTANTLY learning to perfect your skill, that you are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY moving toward your goals.  I hope you’ve got what it takes to “turn setbacks into comebacks!” and that you are willing to DO THE WORK necessary to become even more successful.
Now, we all recognize that we’ve gone through a really rough patch in the economy for the last few years.  Some have dropped out, some have decided that it just isn’t worth it to do a show when it is only $250 instead of the normal $500 is was before this recession.  I hope that isn’t you.  I hope YOU realize that you need to stay in the game.  In fact as the Disney movie states, you have to “keep your head in the game!”
Those of you who are going out and having parties even though it is hard are on the right track.  You may not be making as much as you were, but you are POSITIONING yourself to be at the head of the pack when things break loose!  You will be the one that has met hundreds of new people who will become your customers once things get going.  You are the ones who have been taking care of your customers even though their orders may have been small.  You are the ones who have generated names and recruit leads.  You are the ones who are leading the way and will be the leaders of tomorrow!  I applaud you!  I applaud your attitude!
Give everyone a “Success” Bookmark.  Read the quotes and discuss them.  If you’ve been discouraged all is not lost!  Dust off your work boots and get out there!  Make contacts!  Get involved in the community!  Meet people!  Put yourself out there to make the most of opportunities that come your way!  “You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it!”
As I mentioned, we are all in this together.  There are things we can be doing to make things better.  Here’s a few ideas:
— Get involved in your community
— If you have a secure job, and money- spend it!  Don’t go in debt and don’t spend money you don’t have, but quit holding back!  Remember the example of what happens when an order is placed?  The same happens in reverse as we hold back- that is why the economy is shrinking.  Your dollar has POWER in the lives of others, use that power!
— Have faith and confidence in the people in our country!   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to turn this economy around.  You are a small business owner!  Work it!  Get out there and SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
— Do YOUR part!  Don’t wait for government to do it for you!  There is no satisfaction or self-esteem gained when others do it for you.  Have the guts to go out and make it for yourself!  (Remember, no guts no glory!)  Help your team to do it too!
— Rise up over discouragement!  Keep a positive attitude.  Stand up for what you believe!  Be proactive not inactive!  Have CONFIDENCE in yourself!
—     Have faith, courage, and conviction that YOU can make a difference!

 Follow-up & Motivation:
Follow up several times a month with your team.  Create a plan of what you will do each week to continue to inspire and motivate them. Here are some ideas to remind them to work with their family toward their goals!

1.  Send them the Dreams in Action (PP70739C or  “You’re a Star… reaching for the stars” Postcard (PP82220C) with the “Knowing it” sticker on the front and ask them how they are DOING!
2.  Use the “Take the Steps to Success.” stickers to stir up their ambition in your newsletter reminding them of what they should be doing.
3.  Call them and ask them if DOING parties is helping them  to get more money, recruits, and even more bookings.
4.  Use the stickers on correspondence you send during the month to remind them of the theme and to encourage them.

Challenge your team to prepare for success and put into practice the steps.  To DO what they’ve set their goals to do.  Create challenges based on your company and what you’ve been discussing at your meetings.
Be sure to recognize the achievements of your team.  Recognize the DOING and the results of DOING.  Come up with challenges and then recognition that ALL can achieve not just those at the top.  Have a basket of Booster products they can choose from as they are recognized for their achievements.

Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

You can purchase the entire PDF with graphics of this training or all the products mentioned from our website. 
Please click: http://www.thebooster.com/467-lmp-16-knowing-it-doing-it-leadership-meeting-plan

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