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T3-2 Give AUCTION parties to boost attendance, sales and more!

How can having an “Auction Party” increase attendance and sales?

When you let your customers know they can earn extra auction $$$ by helping you, they will invite their friends and help get outside orders!.

How can you encourage your invited guests to help you?
Put these “Auction Stickers” (S30445) on your invitations. They tell your guests to earn extra $$$ they can:

  1. Bring their invitation! (When guests decide to do this they will put their invitation in a place they will remember.   Then they can look at it to be reminded of the dates, etc.)
  2. Bring a adult guest. (When they invite a friend to attend the party with them, you will have TWO committed guests instead of ONE “maybe” guest.)
  3. Bring outside orders (This encourages guests to talk to their friends and mention that they are going to the party, if the friend can’t come, they can still offer to place an order for them.)

How would you do an Auction Party?

1.    First, you would tell your guests that you are having an auction at the end of the party. Their goal is to earn Auction Money. Use the V6127 — Auction Money Recruit CASH. (The bills are all $100 value. It makes it WAY easier than making change and the auction takes less time because the bid in $100 increments.)  Besides, it doesn’t matter because you get all the bills back at the end of the party to use the next time!  So you can give out TONS of cash for anything and everything!

2.    Make a lasting impression by also using the “Recruiting Dollars” (V6658).   They say “Short on cash?   I can help turn this into REAL money.   Call me today!” on the front of a $100 bill.   Be sure to put YOUR name and number on the back.   (Use the printable sticker “Could you use an extra $100 a week” on the back printed with your contact information.”   I’ll tell you WHY to include these $100 bills in your auction money below.

3.    Tell them that you had special instructions on your invitations to receive extra Auction $$ and reward those who did as you asked at that time. Then tell them that they can earn money by being involved in your party.   Here are some examples:

  • Give them $100 each time them make a suggestion of how they have used one of your products or why they like something you offer.
  • Ask questions about what they would receive as a hostess and give $100 bills to those who offer correct answers.
  • Ask questions about what your company offers if they were to join your team and reward those who know the answers with $100 bills.
  • Tell them that if they book a party, they will receive $1000 in Auction money.   Offer $2000 to the FIRST person to book a party.
  • Tell them that whoever makes an appointment to learn about your opportunity will receive $2000 in auction money.   (Or whatever increments you choose)

Use your imagination and come up with as many ways as you can think of to give Auction Money! This keeps your guests involved in your party and having fun!

4.    At the end of the party, show them the prizes (if you didn’t show them at the beginning) and have your auction. You may want to put numbers on each item and randomly pull a number to decide what you will auction off first.   You may want to keep the gifts as a surprise. Give different things a try and see what works for you.

What does it cost you do offer Auction Parties?

Remember the ABCD formula: A Success Formula?

If the B for Benefit is Greater Than the C for COST   then D- do it!

Your cost to offer Auction parties is the cost of the stickers ($1.99 or less for 48 stickers) and the cost of the gifts. Usually, your company offers items that you get at very reasonable prices that you can use as gifts. You gifts will probably cost less than $5.00. You only have a one time expense on the Money you use, because you get it back during every auction.

Let’s do the math:

  • if just ONE extra guest comes and places a $40 order,
  • and ONE person brings a friend (two committed guests spending $40 each)
  • and ONE person brings a $40 outside order

that would be a total of $160 in additional orders.  

If your profit is 25% you would have made an additional $40!   The cost was $7 so your PROFIT would be $33.

What if you only made HALF that amount, you would have STILL made $13 more than you would have. But, what if you were to DOUBLE those sales? Your cost of $7 would remain the same but your profit would be $73!
Can’t you see the benefit in giving this a try?

What are the other benefits of doing an auction?

You’ll keep track of those who know your products.   You’ll find out who accumulated the most money.   This would probably be a prime person to talk to about your opportunity.   People will choose to book parties and make opportunity appointments to earn the auction money.   Using these techniques keeps people interested and paying attention to what you are asking.   It keeps them focused on YOU instead of chit chatting with each other. When you add these benefits to the increased sales, you can really see how offering Auction Parties can make a BIG increase in your profit!

WHY use the “Recruiting Dollars” as some of your auction money?   At the end of the auction, give them each one of the recruiting dollars back and say, “Keep this in your wallet, and when you come to my next auction party you’ll already have $100 to start the game!   Plus, in the meantime if you are low on cash and need to turn this into REAL money, give me a call, my name and number are on the back!

Isn’t this great?   Who do you think they will think of every time they look at that $100 bill in their wallet?   This is better than a TV commercial because your name and the products you offer will become so familiar to them!

P.S.   Some of you want to tell your customers specifically how much extra money they will receive for bringing friends, etc. Print the details on our printable sticker borders!   It’s fast and easy!

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