Easily attract more people to your parties with these Printable Stickers

Are people paying attention to your invitations?  If you don’t already know WHY to put the 4 stickers on every invitation and how it can REALLY Boost your business, Click HERE


But now, let’s talk about making it EASY!

As part of our Key Pack Training on Boosting and Attracting Greater Attendance I was doing a conference call.  We were discussing putting stickers on your invitations- the VALUE and HUGE impact they can have.  (Be sure and READ or LISTEN to the training mentioned above.)

During this discussion,  I was suggesting using the PSA3203 Bring a Friend ADDRESS -30 PRINTABLE STICKERS to PRINT their host information and then just sticking it onto the postcard invitations your companies offer.  She said, “That’s a wonderful idea, but there is not enough room as I often include my website, or the address is a little, long, etc.!”

Well, BELLS went off in my head!  We now have the capability in our office to PRINT stickers for you on the Business Card size stickers which usually fit PERFECTLY on your invitations where your company leaves room to HAND WRITE your host information (what a PAIN – no wonder you want the host to mail the invitations herself!)

BUT … now YOU can PRINT your HOST info on the stickers we provide that will have our FUN GRAPHICS already printed in BRIGHT, VIBRANT colors on the LEFT Side!
We provide a FREE WORD TEMPLATE you can download (just click the DOWNLOAD TAB in the products) and YOU can set it up with a place for the HOST name and address,, date, RSVP with phone etc.  There will usually be room for  your name and even your website or blog too!

As I was developing this idea and the products to go with it, I originally created the Key 3 slogans like “Bring a Friend,” “You’re invited to a girl’s night out,” “Bring 2 friends receive Free Shipping,” and “Earn extra Tickets for our Door Prize!”

Then, I got to thinking, why not have slogans for Booking and Recruiting that you could use instead so you can mix it up?

You can put the BIG sticker with the host info to encourage booking, recruiting or bringing a friend, then use the smaller stickers on other parts of your invitation or even on the other side or the envelope!

So, I went to work and created 22 different slogans in the Business Card size format!

NOTE:  We have printed the GRAPHIC and BORDER onto the sticker with a high quality LASER printer in our office.  The sticker material we use has a MATTE finish so you should be able to run it through YOUR OWN ink jet or laser printer to print your information in the blank space.  However, we make NO GUARANTEE and suggest you check your printer instructions.  We haven’t had any troubles with customers running these through their printers, but we MUST post this disclaimer!

REMEMBER, this saves you HOURS of writing and time as you are sticking TWO messages at once.  Once you set up your own TEMPLATE, just open it and type new host info and save it.  The same template matches most ALL of our BC size (10 up) Printable (PS) designs.

So give it a try putting the FOUR stickers on every invitation!  See how it will impact YOUR business!

I know it will as we’ve had thousands of customers tell us it works, so I know it will for you too!
The link to the CATEGORY on our website where you’ll find the PRINTABLE Stickers mentioned above is below.  This category also has a great selection of some of our most popular regular stickers. (And even some money saving K-Packs!)

Start TODAY, and make the most of every opportunity!  You never know what just ONE sticker could do for your business!   Oh, remember the ABCD formula?  Where else can you make a $10 return on a 50¢ investment?
Click the CATEGORY link to order the products individually AND the packs:


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