Jenny B Radio Show! Week 4- Have Happier Hosts with Belinda Ellsworth


Listen to learn exactly what to say and do to build your relationship with your host to encourage her to work on her party to achieve HER goals and help you to achieve yours.

Learn to make your parties more successful for BOTH of you! We will walk through the simple steps to success that are EASY and only take a few extra minutes but help you make HUNDREDS in additional sales.

Our guest, Belinda Ellsworth will share about her POWER HOUR and how to work host coaching consistently into your routine. This show has action based information for consultants and leaders at every level.


Learn the difference stickers can make!

Idea of the week spotlights will be on GiveAway May, and Stickers- Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW they are effective to boost your business.

This show has action based information for consultants and leaders at every level.

Belinda Ellsworth

With over 30 years experience you'll love her!

This Week’s Special Guest: Belinda Ellsworth!

Belinda Ellsworth is a highly sought after, internationally-renowned
speaker and direct sales consultant who combines over 30 years
of experience in the field with her innovative results-driven strategies.
Belinda has worked with hundreds of direct sales companies and
impacted literally thousands of direct sales representatives,
empowering them to achieve the success they desire. 
Learn more about Belinda:

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Hi everyone, I am Jenny Bywater, known as Jenny B to the party plan industry. Many of you may know me from the years she brought her fabulous Booster products, of stickers, postcards, etc. to many National Conventions including Tupperware, PartyLite, liasophia, & Mary Kay just to mention a few. I was top sales in a party plan company and then started “The Booster” over 33 years ago with the goal of helping those in the Party Plan profession to “Boost their sales and Brighten their image!” I have done this, helping well over a million consultants - and the successful consultants is still growing. I am excited to introduce you to my new, “How to have $1000 Parties System” based on proven techniques that REALLY WORK! You'll find details about this SYSTEM and Booster Products throughout this Blog and on our website at

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