Get bookings, recruit leads, sales & more from your Mystery Host party!

What is a Mystery Hostess Party?  Usually it is a party given by YOU, where you invite previous hosts and guests, or people you’ve met, or new people you meet, to come!  Most hold them in their own homes, but they can be anywhere!

Some do them with several other consultants from different companies.  This can be good because you send the invitations to YOUR list and they send them to THEIR list and you get to meet their contacts, and they get to meet yours.  (That is the benefit!)  However, keep in mind that you are also splitting the money that people have to spend between all the different companies. (That is the downfall)

However, with the ideas we suggest, you’ll be doing more than just getting sales!  We have suggestions to help you get bookings, recruit leads and greater sales, as well as encouraging them to bring friends, outside orders and fill out their wish lists!  (SEE the details on this below.)

Once you’ve decided what type of party you will have, you need to decide what you want to offer and then the type of invitation you are going to use.

If you are going to do a flyer, you have more room to share your offers of ways they can earn more chances to win.  Of course, we recommend you draw attention to those offers with stickers.  WHY?  Because they will be reminded of the offers each time by just glancing at the flyer.  On our website I’ve included a graphic showing what the flyer would look like with or without the stickers.  We also have a FREE WORD document you can download that is all laid out and ready for you to add your address information and print and then cover up the designated places with the stickers.  (PLEASE honor our copyrights and DO NOT copy the invitations with the sticker on it.  They don’t look very good copied and the COLOR of the stickers is what makes it stand out and draw their attention!)

Use the small “Mystery Hostess” sticker (PR31011B) on the outside of your invitation by their name.  Then, on the inside use the large one (PR31011A). (We’ve left room.)

Now, once they get to your party, you’ll want to remind them of the things to do to earn those extra chances to win.  So I’ve created Display Signs you can put throughout your display.  On each of the signs the sticker that we suggested you put on their invitation is printed with how many chances they get (or tickets you’ll give them) as they do each of the things.

You’ll notice we’ve covered ALL the keys in your flyer invitation! 

You’ll be inviting them to Book a Party.    (They’ll get FIVE extra chances to win!)  Use “Be a Hostess” Stickers (S10304)

You encouraged them to bring friends.  (They’ll get TWO extra chances to win!)  Use “Bring a friend for more chances to win (PR30306) stickers.

You encouraged them to bring outside orders.  (When you are making reminder calls, remind them to bring along orders from friends who can’t come.  You can suggest they look at your website if to see your products.) (They’ll get TWO extra chances to win for each outside order!)  Use the “Outside orders welcome” stickers (S40376)


You are encouraging sales by offering THREE chances to win for every $20 they spend!  .  Use “Think Ahead” Stickers (S43117) or “Your Christmas Gift Solution” (S40257) stickers to remind guests of reasons to buy.

You are thanking them for coming and reminding them of the host rewards they can earn.  (They get their FIRST chance to win just for coming!)  You’ll give them the check off card when they arrive at the party (PP10687CT)

You are inviting them to set a time to talk about your opportunity. (They’ll get TEN extra chances to win!) Use “Live the American Dream” stickers (PR60803)

You are building your sales by getting them to fill out their “Wish List” so you can contact their friends or family to purchase those items as gifts for them.  (They’ll get TWO extra chances to win!)  Use “Make your Wish List” stickers. (PR40326)

NOTE:  We have the Wish lists cards all ready for you.  They are on the BACK of our Customer Care Cards (V4124) or you can purchase just the cards in our “Spring” look (PP40141CT)   or we now offer them with a Christmas Theme! (PP40141CT) 

Here are the simple steps to have a FABULOUS Mystery Hostess Party:  (Of course these are just ideas, and you can custom fit these ideas for your product and party style.)

  1. Decide whether it is going to be an actual “Demo” type party with a starting time, or if you are going to do it “Open House” style.  Decide on your Date, Time & Place.
  2. Decide on what promotions you want to have, how you want to encourage bookings, greater attendance, sales, etc.  (See suggestions below in our sample flyer)
  3. Prepare you mailing list of previous customers or hosts you want to send the invitations to so you know how many invitations and stickers to order.  (Plan on extras to hand out to additional people you meet.)
  4. Decide whether you are going to do a “Postcard” invitation, or the “Flyer” invitation.  We offer both, but highly recommend the flyer because you can add more incentives and offers so your guest will be excited to come and have more chances to win your host gifts.  Then, order the postcards and stickers to print your invitations.  Or, order the stickers you need to dress up the flyers you print.
  5. Order the signs with matching stickers and wording on them to remind your guests to get their extra chances to win.  Also order the “Check Off” lists (available on cardstock or paper) for the number of guests you think you will have.  You will give one to every guest so they can total up their extra chances to win and turn it in to you when they give you their order.
  6. Print out your invitations or flyers and sticker them.  Print enough to mail and also print extras to start handing out to people you meet around town.
  7. Prepare “tickets” to give to your guests as they meet the different challenges mentioned below.  (You can use roll tickets or prepare your own.)
  8. Prepare everything you need for your event at LEAST ONE DAY IN ADVANCE.  WHY?  So you’ll have time to make your reminder CALLS on the day before (starting the evening before that.)
  9. Make those CALLS!  You’ve done all the work to prepare everything … be SURE to take the time to make the calls.  Remind them to bring their friends for more chances to win.
  10. On the day of your event, HAVE FUN!  Have someone to help you with finalizing orders or showing products so you have the time to meet and greet all those that come.  Follow up on the prizes you’ve promised.  Remember, your goal is to get bookings and plant recruiting seeds as well as getting sales at your event.


Remember, plan in ADVANCE and during the couple of week prior to your party have invitations with you at all time.  When you meet new people, or run into old friends at the grocery store, etc. give them an invitation on the spot.  Jot down their names, (get their phone number if you can) and remember to add them to your call list.


 (Here is suggestion for a flyer invitation for your “Mystery Hostess Party”:  (This is all included on the FREE WORD template you can download from our website.)

You’re invited to come to my “Mystery Hostess Party!”




I look forward to seeing you and your friends!

In addition to seeing a variety of my _________________ products, there are several opportunities for you to win products at huge discounts, as well as win FREE PRIZES. 

You could even be the “MYSTERY HOSTESS Winner” and receive the host gifts earned from this party.

You have many ways of entering for chances to win the gifts, discounts, or the honor of being the “Mystery Hostess.”  To qualify for more “Chances to win” see the list below:
Book a show or catalog party and get FIVE chances.  Use “Be a Hostess” Stickers (S10304)

For every friend you bring you get TWO chances to win.  Use “Bring a friend for more chances to win (PR30306) stickers.

RSVP that you are coming and you’ll get 1 chance to win. Use “RSVP Please” stickers(S30275)

For every outside order you bring you get 2 chance to win. Use the “Outside orders welcome” stickers (S40376)

Receive 3 chances for every $20 you spend AT the party.  Use “Think Ahead” Stickers (S43117) or “Your Christmas Gift Solution” (S40257) stickers to remind guests of reasons to buy.

Fill out your “Wish List” and receive 2 more chances to win! Use “Make your Wish List” stickers. (PR40326)

Set a date to talk about our business opportunity and get 10 more chances to win.  Use “Live the American Dream” stickers (PR60803)

So mark the date on your calendar and plan now to come join us in all the fun!  Can’t come?  Bummer!  Please visit my website or call me!

To see the complete list of products that are mentioned in this idea see FREE PARTY IDEAS, then PI-5000 for GENERAL Party Ideas > then PI-5001 — Mystery Hostess.  Here is the direct link:

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