Boost Sales, Bookings & More with Birthdays
Boost Sales, Bookings & More with Birthdays

We have been BRAINSTORMING and have come up with all kinds of ways to Boost your Business with Birthdays.  As usual, we have developed ideas for most ALL of the Key Areas of your business.  We’ve done it ALL for you… we have the stickers, postcards, etc. all ready to go … just DO IT!

Key 1- Boost Bookings with Birthdays
The idea is to use “Birthday’s” (as everyone has one) as a REASON to have a party!  We all know people spend more when they have purpose or reason to buy.  It is more fun when people have guilt-free reason to put together a “Wish List” too!  So, here are a few suggestions:
A: Encourage guests to book a party during THEIR birthday month.  Offer incentives.   For example:
 1) offer 10% off their entire personal order if they have a qualified party during their birthday month.   
 2) Guests who attend get 10% off ONE item purchased AT the party. 
 3) Guests may contribute toward a birthday gift for the host (similar to a Bridal Shower.)
 4) For your “birthday” parties, you offer to make the reminder phone calls.
B: Encourage guests to book an UN-BIRTHDAY party.  Just like A, only you are celebrating EVERYONE that attends birthday.  Offer similar incentives. 
We have several products that will help you with this concept:
Stickers to put on your catalogs or folders.
BAG to put up in your display.  Draw attention to it and create curiosity.
Postcards to send to ANY previous hosts (The Un-birthday) or if you know when their birthday is, send it prior to their birthday and invite them to “Party” during their birthday month.
NOTE:  You could also mention that you are happy to do “Birthday Parties” for their friends.  If they have a friend they would like to throw a party for, you can make it easy!  Plant the seeds during your demo and ASK when you are checking people out.  They could even be a “Surprise!”

Key 2- Prepare for Birthday Parties
Prepare your host packets in advance and put them in the “Party” Bag.  After the party, take the bag to your check-out spot and be sure to encourage “Birthday” parties. When they book, pull out the folder and give it to them.
What should you include in the packet?  All of your normal information, catalogs, etc., but also include the “Birthday Wish List” sheet and encourage them to fill it out.  Also, put the invitations in the bag (or if you are going to send them, which we highly recommend, then put 5 or 6, tell them to get the guest list back to you and you’ll send the majority of them, but these are if they forget someone.  Suggest they keep them in their purse in case they run into someone while out shopping, etc.  (Remind them to add those names to their guest list so they will get a reminder call.)

Key 3- Attract Greater Attendance to your Birthday Parties
We’ve developed several invitations you can use for your “Birthday” or “Un-birthday” Parties.  We offer them with just the GRAPHIC so you can use our FREE TEMPLATES and print whatever message you want on them.  Or, we offer them with the TEXT already printed and you just fill in the blanks.  We can also print them FOR YOU, just order the TEXT ITEM followed by the letters PR.
If you want to use the invitations you already have, or print a flyer, we have eye-catching colorful stickers to put on the outside AND inside of your invitation to draw attention to the fact that it is a birthday party.  (Thank you for respecting our copyrights and using the ACTUAL Sticker, not making a copy- they lose their impact anyway.)

Key 4- Boost SALES with Birthdays
Everyone has a birthday and we all know that that in a way when it’s our birthday, it gives us permission to get something … whether it is to purchase it for ourselves, earn it or let others purchase it for us.  So, how can you use Birthdays to boost sales?
1)  First you need to learn WHEN their Birthday is.  We have TWO options:
 A) V4124 Customer Care Cards that every customer fills out at the party.  It includes a place for them to fill in their birth date.
 B) PP40732SET Birthday Club Cards.  They are a set of 12 cards.  (You can put on a key ring) and pass them around during your party, invite people to include their birth date, name, phone and mark whether or not you have their contact info.  The package of cards includes TWO sets.  One is for you to use at your parties and the other is for you to keep at home with your cards.  After the party, transfer the names from the ones you take to the party to your list at home.  Then you’ll have them handy when it is time to fill out your cards and then follow up.
 C) Use the “Join my Birthday Club” stickers as a reminder on and in your catalogs.  (See PR???? Stickers.) and tell them about the two options above.
2) Find out what products they would like to have as a gift and then follow up.  Two options
 A) Offer the “Birthday Parties” as mentioned in Key 1.  Have them fill out a “Wish List” of what products they would like.
 B) Suggest they fill out the back of the V4124 Customer Care Cards which has a place for them to fill in what they want and WHO they would like you to contact to get it for them.  We also have seasonal Wish List Cards you can use.  See PP4?????? or PP4?????.
2)  Once you know their birth date, you need to follow up:
 A) Send them a birthday card offering a discount on a product or order placed during their birthday month.  (Prepare them ahead of time and keep them in your V1008 Postcard organizers.  Be sure to mail them the last week of the month of their birthday so they have them for the whole month.  See the Key 4 postcards.  Follow up with a phone call to see what they want.  Call as close to their birthday as you can.
 B)  Send them a card offering to do a “Birthday Party” for them in their birthday month as mentioned in Key 1.
 C)  Send “A Birthday is coming” card to their “significant other” that they put on their “Wish List” Card letting them know that you have something you know they would like.  Then follow up with a phone call.  By sending the card it warms them up so they are more ready to make a decision when you call instead of putting you off.  Be sure to look at your birthdays early enough so you have time to contact them, get the order and get it delivered.  Make this a regular process and it becomes easy.

Key 5- Just give them a “Birthday” card.
Just remembering Birthday’s is nice.  Keep a selection of “Birthday” cards on hand so you can just send a card.  If you don’t want to do the offers mentioned in Key 4, you can just send a card.
How about members of your team, or members OF your team.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate your remembering them.  Your upline would appreciate a card.
If you are doing a “Birthday Party” for them, give them a “Birthday Card” at their party with a personal note.
We have a fun selection of cards to get your started.  We also have Greeting Cards with envelopes.

Key 6- Recruit them in their “Birthday Month.”
If you know of someone who has been considering joining your team, use their “Birthday Month” as an excuse to get in touch with them.  Offer an extra incentive if they join in that month.

Go to our website and see all the products we’ve created to make this EASY!

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