9-18 Halloween Book To Look!
Visual Aids to get attention!

Book to Look Halloween Visual Aids to fill your datebook

This is an Tried an TRUE idea THAT WORKS that we’ve enhanced for Halloween!  We have the T1-04 Book to Look idea and products that can be used all year! See T1-04 Book to Look

You’ve all heard of “Book to Look”  You understand that some people just can’t stand it!  They want to know what is inside!  They want to be enticed to book a party!  Their curiosity and their belief that they have a chance to earn a great prize is just the little bit of incentive they need to make the decision to book!

The OLD Idea was to prepare envelopes with certificates for prizes inside.  Then use the “Book then Look” Stickers on the envelopes.  Once they book, they get to look.   But we’ve now taken it many steps further!

With this NEW idea you not only have envelopes with the cute stickers on them, but we’ve created BAG Toppers with the “Book to Look Inside” slogan and several other items.  You put a gift inside the BAG and of course when they book, they get to look!  The BIG BAG is bound to get their attention but we also have some darling little paper “Ghosts” with the similar graphic AND some cute TAGS where inside it you’ll write what gift they receive!  We’ve even got “Candy Bar Wrappers” with the “Book to Look” graphic.  You just put your note on the BACK of the wrapper of what they will receive and wrap it around a normal Hershey Bar!

The idea is to prepare a whole bunch of the items at once, include some items of BIG VALUE– like an expensive product you got for a really good deal, plus a bunch of others.  Then say, “I have a whole bunch of “Book to Look” gifts available.  When you book a party or show on the available dates on my “Book to Look” Board you’ll get to pick one of them.  Now, the gifts are valued at $??? to $??? or __% to __% off on your order!  It is up to chance and of course it is up to YOU!”
(Now, if you don’t want to use the “Board” for available dates, you don’t have too, but this is a great way to keep your calendar full!!)
WHY should you prepare a whole bunch at the same time?  

  • 1 — Because you can continue to use the from ___ to ___ value until all the gifts are gone, even if the higher value gift was picked at a previous party because your statement of the values when you prepared it are true.  You don’t have to continue to replace the higher value gift if it was already chosen.
  • 2 — The more prizes you have, the greater the curiosity!

More suggestions:

  1. Show ALL the prizes strategically around the room, or you may even want to pass some around, to create curiosity.
  2. Be sure to mention the advantages to booking throughout your demonstration. (Just short little “one liners” like, “You could get this FREE when you book tonight with me (as well as one of the great gift bags or other gifts)!
  3. Put the “Ask me about Book to Look” stickers in your catalogs and ON you order forms!  Why? because in your catalogs, your guests will be reminded again and again.   But why on the order form?  When you are checking her out, you’ll see the sticker and it will remind you to ASK her if she is going to choose a Book to Look gift?

Be sure to ALWAYS say that they actually receive the prize AT their party that is held on the ORIGINAL DATE BOOKED or specified or your “Book to Look” Board!  If they want to book on a different date- that is great- but you don’t need to give the prize if you’ve already specified that it is for booking on a specific date.

Now, we’ve made it even EASIER to give the prize as well!  We’ve created a Postcard the inside of the TAGS that say, “Look what you get because you’ve BOOKED! TEXT READS: Thank you for booking with me!  We will have so much fun!  Be sure to fill out your Wish List as my goal is to help YOU earn FREE products!”  Your gift for booking and holding your event on the date we’ve set is: ____________.  I will either bring your gift with me to your event or include it in your event order!

These Halloween cards and candy bar wrappers even include “Tips for More Treats” to remind your hosts of the things they need to do to have a successful event.  Those “Tips” include: 1)  Be sure to invite FRANK (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors & Kid’s friend’s parents.  Remember those who live outside your neighborhood.)  2) Ensure Success with 15-20 guests or orders. and 3) Call, text or FB your guests the day of or before your event.

Then, they have the comment: Thank you… for being committed to your event as this is a night (or day) of work for me! to help your hosts realize how important it is that she follow through.
Of course we also have the Postcards available so YOU can print whatever you want ONTO the cute graphic cards using our FREE Templates.  (The Tricks for more Treats are included on the bottom of those cards as well.)

Go ahead and get started.  Try this concept of putting this selection of “Book to Look Inside” products around the room and in your display.  You’ll have people filling your available dates!
See our Money Saving K-Packs!

DELUXE Halloween Book to Look Pack
DELUXE Halloween Book to Look Pack includes 18 gift bags, tags, ghosts or envelopes.

We have TWO!  One is a STARTER PACK with just ONE of each of the gift ideas.

The other is the DELUXE pack which includes TWO large bags, 2 Ghosts, 4 Tags, 4 Envelopes with Postcard and Stickers, 4 Extra Stickers for you to put on ANY gift and the Erase Board!  This way you can prepare up to 22 gifts all at the same time!  It also includes a sheet of the Ask Me about Book to Look Stickers (54) an the Book to Look Erase Board.  You get all this for only $20.43 or LESS on the Discounted K-Pack!
If you want to do it all separately, the stickers, bags, tags, postcards, etc. are all available individually.

Here is the link to the CATEGORY on our website so you can see ALL of these products.  http://thebooster.com/587-1-04-book-to-look-inside-idea

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