Make THIS Christmas Season your most profitable ever by using these ideas

The holiday season is a time when people are looking for gifts and a way to make extra money to buy those gifts.  Encourage your customers and hostesses to join your team, or book shows so they can earn free gifts.  Let them know that you can make their shopping easy!

The months before the Christmas holiday can be your most productive season of the year.  Make the most of them!
 In the party plan industry, the Christmas or Holiday Season runs from July through December.  To help these months be your most productive, use the ideas we’ve taught in all of the previous “key areas of your business,” and apply them specifically to Christmas.   Encourage customers to join your team to earn extra holiday cash, or to book shows so they can earn free gifts. 
Create an urgency to buy by pointing out how quickly the holidays are approaching. 
Let them know that you can help make their shopping easy!

1.  Key 1: Get Bookings Booming!
 Send postcards to your customers to get them thinking about how quickly the holidays are approaching.  Encourage them to book a party so you can help them shop for holiday gifts and get them for FREE.  Holiday Background and graphic postcards are available to print whatever you’d like using our FREE templates.  Or, purchase them already printed with graphics and text.   We can also print them for you with YOUR information!  See our Key 9 Personalized Postcards- Persona online.
 Use the “Book with me! Earn Christmas free” stickers (PR91040) or “Santa’s elf” (S900358) on the front of those postcards, in your catalogs and on flyers or mini catalogs that you send out.
At your parties, wear the buttons that say “Make your Christmas shopping a breeze” (B90644) or “Certified Santa’s helper” (B90643).   Also, use a variety of Christmas stickers throughout your catalogs.  Then, during your presentation, explain that you have a lot of products that would make great gifts, and if they book a party with you they can earn some FREE.
 See many more holiday slogans online under Key 9> CHRISTMAS! 
 If your datebook isn’t filled for the coming months use the new  “Holiday ERASE BOARD!” (EB1121).  You would just mark the dates you have available (one each week) and offer a prize for choosing a party on that date.  See the “Pick a Date IDEA” online under FREE TRAINING > T1:Booking > T1-01 Keep your Calendar Full! Pick a Date  for complete details.

2.  Key 2: Have Happier Hosts
 Just as you would throughout the year, remind your hostesses to follow up with their customers.  Use this sticker on your invitations and remind hostesses to tell her friends that you can make shopping a breeze!  At this busy and profitable time you especially want to avoid postponements and cancellations.  Get your hostesses excited about the added sales and bigger parties they can have by letting their guests know you will have ideas to meet their Christmas gift giving needs.  Use the “By Dec 1 you could be done” stickers (S900363) on your invitations.     You can even encourage them to put up a few Christmas decorations and play Christmas music to get them in the mood to shop!  (You can even use the Holiday background Postcards to remind your hostesses of the gifts she can buy.)

3.  Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
 Be sure to use stickers on every invitation to help your customers understand that you can make their holiday shopping fun and  easy.  If your company prints holiday catalogs or flyers, use the “New holiday catalog” stickers (S90538) to let your guests know if they attend they’ll get to see new products, etc. 
 Use the “sticky” and “jingle” stickers to add a little humor to the invites while encouraging them to come!
 You could also use the “holiday background” postcards as invitations to parties or an open house!  (See the suggested text online!)  Print some of your gift ideas on the card and let them know you will have new products and ideas at the party.  Use printable stickers to encourage them to bring along their “gift” list or to “Do their holiday shopping early!” (See our website for even more ideas) 

4.  Key 4: Get Sales Soaring!
 Gift wrap some of your products and  give your customers ideas of different ways to use and give your products.   
 Use stickers like the “Shop from you seat” Christmas set (S96471) and “Your Christmas gift solution” (S40257) throughout your catalog to remind them to do their Christmas shopping at the party. 
 Remind your guests of how you help them avoid long lines at the mall!  Put this sticker on the front of your catalogs or folders.
 Play a “Gift List” game, (see the FREE PDF online- It’s included in the Key 9 Training Letter) inviting your guests to make a list of all the people for whom they need gifts for the holidays. (See the gift list stickers we have online too!)  Remind them of co-workers, office party exchange gifts, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and extended family as well as their immediate family.  Give a prize to the person with the most names.  Then, when you show an item they could use for a gift for someone on their list have them call out WHY it would be great for that person. Suggest they write down gift ideas by the names on their list. (Have a nice prize that passes around from person to person as they volunteer information.  The last person who has it when you finish your demo gets to keep the prize.)
 Put the “Husband Called” sticker on the front of your catalogs.  Then use the smaller “Don’t wait for the elf” stickers on pages in your catalog.
 Offer “gift cards!”  They are all the rage and are the “Christmas Gift Solution” for those “hard to buy for” people!!  Use the “Shopping hard?  I’ve got gift cards!” stickers (PR44361B) on your invitations.  Use the larger one (PR44361A) on the front of your catalogs.   Big companies offer them and now you can too!  Our cards are available preprinted with the spaces for you to fill out “Who” they redeem them with, the dollar value etc. (BC4304T)
 The cards come with NO the text on the back (BC4304)  so you can type whatever you want on them.  They come 10-up on a sheet and a FREE template is available on our website with spaces to fill in the text you want. (Or they match Avery Template 8371.)  Your customer would fill in the “to – from” info on the front! 
 The gift cards that are blank on the back (BC4304) could also be given to customers who purchase gifts from you to use as “to – from gift tags.”  Print your contact info on the back so the receiver of the gift will know who to call for more of the products they received.  (We are happy to print your information on the back- order the item followed by PR and include what you want printed.)
 Offer free gift wrapping for orders over $60 (or whatever level you want which should be a little higher than your average order amount.)  This will get your customers to spend a little extra at the party so they can get the free gift wrapping.  Put the free gift wrapping sticker (S42272) on your catalogs and order forms to get your customers to ask for details.
 Use this sticker to remind them to BUY IT NOW and their holiday worries are over because they can put it away … (S900528)
 Put the NEW Display Sign CARD up in your display as a constant reminder.
 Use the  Postcards to send to previous customers letting them know how to get a new catalog, remind them of what they can earn when the do a show, about specials, etc.  Add additional stickers to the front.  Follow up with phone calls to get those outside orders and bookings.  (Read the cards included in your pack!)

5.  Key 5: Customer   Service
 Keep your business on the personal side by sending Christmas cards, or even “Thanksgiving” cards.  See the SAMPLE Christmas cards in your Key Pack.  Some of the cards come with just the graphic and you can print whatever you want (or us the postcard backgrounds) or order them all printed- or even customized!  Start now to fill them out each time you close a party (while the person and details are fresh in your mind.)  Then gradually work on the previous hostesses.  This way your Christmas cards are all done and all you’ll have to do during the busy holiday season is stamp and mail them. 
 Or, if your customer list is on the computer, merge and print your message onto the address size printable stickers and stick them on the back side.  Then, stamp and mail! 

6.  Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
 Doesn’t everybody need Christmas cash?  This is the perfect time of year to build your team!  Start talking about the holidays in July, and get your customers and hostesses thinking ahead.  Start putting the “Need Christmas Cash?” (S90531) or “Help Wanted, earn Christmas Cash! (S92205) stickers on all your invitations and catalogs!
Send your past hostesses and potential recruits, or those you’ve interviewed previously the “recruiting TEXT” printed postcards.  Use our suggestions or use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your own message.

Starting in July use the “Need Christmas Cash” stickers (S90531) on the Auction Money (V6127) you use or hand them out with tips, at parties, etc.!  By using this cash instead of just regular play money you are planting seeds over and over again as you do your auction. 

At the end of the auction give each person a “Recruiting Dollar” (V6658) with your contact info and a “Need Christmas cash” sticker (S90531) on the back. Tell them to keep it in their wallet and give you a call when they need to turn it into real money!  Also remind them that at the next auction party of yours that they attend, you will give them $500 to start the game if they show you the recruiting $100 bill.  Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill in their wallet?  Be sure to put the “Need Christmas Cash” stickers (S90531) on the back by your name & contact info.
Make this season the most productive ever!       

I know implementing these ideas will help you make your holiday season more prosperous.  You may be thinking “This season is already quite profitable , I don’t need to do these things.”  But why not make it even more profitable?  Why not turn $400 parties into $800 parties, or $500 shows into $1000 shows?  Why not get 4 bookings instead of 2?  Wouldn’t it be great to do the same amount of work, but make twice the money?  Work on all of the “key areas of your business” during the Christmas season, and you’ll be amazed at the success you will achieve! 

 Try using the “10 steps to successful parties” system (see the SUCCESS Pack on our website- you can DOWNLOAD the Party/Show Checklist) and see what happens to your business.  It is WONDERFUL!
 Remember, we have several other Christmas products available. 

 So, check out our website under Key 9- Seasonal! They really do make a big difference to your business.

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