Did you know it has been celebrated since 1894!  Essentially it is to pay tribute to working men and women.
That is a great cause because when people are WORKING they are EARNING and taking care of their families.

You know, my grandfather taught an important principal.  He said, “Sales is King!”  Why did he say that?  As he explained to me, “It is when aSALEoccurs that everything else begins to happen!”

For example, when you present your products at a party and someone places and order what happens?  Well, you turn in the order to your company and they then place an order with their suppliers.  They products are shipped to your company, and in turn to you and then you give it to your customer.  (Now, yes, I understand that companies carry inventory so they already have the product as it is ordered, but if orders aren’t coming in then they don’t order NEW inventory.)

So, what happens at the companies that manufacture the product that was ordered at your party?  They are MAKING the product!  Think about it… how many people are employed because YOU took an order for a product?  Possibly HUNDREDS!  Let’s consider just a few:

— the office staff of many companies,
— the people in the warehouses, (from fork lift drivers to those who maintain the buildings and do the paperwork.)
— those who actually make the products,
—  those who ship them, those who transport them,
—  those who work at the trucking companies both driving, moving freight, dispatching, in the office, etc.
—  those who receive the products and keep inventory,
—  those who package and ship them again.
—  Those who clean and maintain all these buildings, trucks, and equipment
—  Those who maintain the computers, telephone systems, and other electronics.
—  Those who supply the energy, whether it be fuel, electricity, gas, etc. 

The list goes ON and ON!  You can see how interdependent we are on each other.  In many ways, we are ALL in this together!  Life isn’t like it was prior to the industrial revolution when everyone had their own farm and grew their own food.  We all come together to make this world and especially theUnited Statesa great place to live!

So, as you celebrate LABOR DAY, remember all those people who in some way or another touch your life because of the work they do.  From the person who picks up your garbage to the person manning the 911 emergency center in your town.  From the person you’re listening to on the radio as you drive your car to the teachers at the schools.  From the kid working at the drive-in restaurant striving to give you great service to the CEO of that company trying to provide you with a quality products at a fair price. 

Be appreciative and BE AWARE of what’s going on around you and all those who have been a part of it!

When we talk about LABOR it’s imperative that we take it one step further – getting PAID for the labor we perform.  We all want a fair wage for the labor we perform.  Some labors require much more training and therefore the people who perform them receive a higher wage.  Other jobs are based on the “prevailing rate” which generally is based on specific type of job, not necessarily the performance of that job.  And, yet others are based on what YOU DO and how much effort you put in.  Those are the “jobs” that generally provide you with an unlimited power to create your own income! 

That’s where YOU ARE!  The party plan and direct sales businesses provide you with that POWER!  YOU are in charge!  You can make what YOU want based upon YOUR efforts!  The POWER is IN YOU!  You must remember that the more action you take the more progress you make!  I hope you are CONSTANTLY learning to perfect your skill, that you are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY moving toward your goals.  I hope you’ve got what it takes to “turn setbacks into comebacks!” and that you are willing to DO THE WORK necessary to become even more successful.  You can build it!  You are in control!

Now, we all recognize that we’ve gone through a really rough patch in the economy for the last few years.  Some have dropped out, some have decided that it just isn’t worth it to do a show when it is only $250 instead of the normal $500 is was before this recession.  I hope that isn’t you.  I hope YOU realize that you need to stay in the game.  In fact, as the Disney movie states, you have to “keep your head in the game!” 

Those of you who are going out and having parties even though it is hard are on the right track.  You may not be making as much as you were, but you are POSITIONING yourself to be at the head of the pack when things break loose! 
— YOU will be the one that has met hundreds of new people who will become your customers once things get going. 
— YOU are the ones who have been taking care of your customers even though their orders may have been small. 
— YOU are the ones who have generated names and recruit leads.  You are the ones who are leading the way and will be the leaders of tomorrow!  I applaud YOU!  I applaud your attitude!

If you’ve been discouraged all is not lost!  Dust off your work boots and get out there!  Make contacts!  Get involved in the community!  Meet people!  Put yourself out there to make the most of opportunities that come your way!  “You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it!”

As I mentioned, we are all in this together.  There are things we can be doing to make things better.  Here’s a few ideas:

— Get involved in your community
—  If you have a secure job, and money- spend it!  Don’t go in debt and don’t spend money you don’t have, but quit holding back!  Remember the example of what happens when an order is placed?  The same happens in reverse as we hold back- that is why the economy is shrinking.  Your dollar has POWER in the lives of others, use that power!
—  Have faith and confidence in the people in our country!   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to turn this economy around.  You are a small business owner!  Work it!  Get out there and SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
—  Do YOUR part!  Don’t wait for government to do it for you!  There is no satisfaction or self-esteem gained when others do it for you.  Have the guts to go out and make it for yourself!  (Remember, no guts no glory!)  Help your team to do it too!
—  Rise up over discouragement!  Keep a positive attitude.  Stand up for what you believe!  Be proactive not inactive!  Have CONFIDENCE in yourself!
—  Have faith, courage, and conviction that YOU can make a difference!

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