Easter is only a month away.  And though it it a religious holiday, it is also a fun family holiday where friends and family get together.  You can use this as a way to offer your products as gifts for Mother’s Day.

How?  Offer your guests to host a “Bunny Hop” where they can earn free products by sharing your catalogs.

Now, be sure to have your catalogs all “stickered” up to remind those looking at your catalogs of “gifts for mom”,
to “add some zing”, “customer favorites,” etc.  See all the details about how to have a Bunny Hop, here in our BLOG.

PI-9301 Bunny Hop Catalog Parties! (Promote Easter & Mother’s Day gifts!)

Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

See all the related products on our website under FREE Party Ideas: PI-9301 — BUNNY HOP CATALOG PARTY

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