K-Follow Up Pack of Products
Products to help you set up systems to make follow up easy!

Is the Fortune in the Follow Up? I have to admit, you have to have the contact in order to follow up, but once you DO have that contact, there can be a fortune when you take the time and effort to follow up.
Oooo – time and effort!!! Is it worth it???
Well, if you put some systems into place to minimize the time and simplify the effort then YES, it can be VERY worth it!

I’ve put together a PACK of products to help make following up with your SYSTEMS easy. It is just a matter of getting them in place and then FOLLOWING UP! So, let’s get started!  (When you purchase this PACK you’ll receive a PDF of the training on all these different products.  Or, I’ve put the training in various BLOG posts.

Use systems to stay in touch with your customers and generate sales. Follow up! Follow up! Follow up!  There is no point in getting the information if you’re not going to follow up. This PACK includes the products  to get your started implementing these PROVEN systems. The PDF training covers all the products.

The cards V4124 “Customer Care Cards” are designed to help you set up your SYSTEM for collecting the information and then following up and building relationships to make it easy! The back side helps your customers develop a WISH LIST of additional products they would like. There is a place for them to put WHO they want YOU to contact to purchase those items for them as gifts. Complete instructions and ideas are included in the PDF training or a BLOG post.

The card BC4601T “Preferred Customer Card” will help you keep your customers coming back to you.  Many companies today offer some type of club or program to keep their customers coming back to them, rather than shopping around. You can do it EASILY with these little cards. Read the complete instructions in the PDF or BLOG post.

Use these BC2607T “Preferred Hostess Cards” to motivate your hostesses to work harder and to keep track of what they do. You may think that these are to be used just like the Preferred Customer cards, which they mark off boxes with purchases, but there is another way these can be even more beneficial to you and your hostesses. All the instructions are included in the PDF or BLOG post.

Customize these PRINTABLE STICKERS: PSB2305 “Thanks for being wonderful Hostess” with your info using our FREE TEMPLATES. Then use them on your host packets, or better yet, mount
them on a magnet and give them as a little gift to your host after the party. It will stay on her
fridge forever! And how do you think she will feel every time she looks at it?

Send these postcards PP40545CT “Have a Happy Birthday” to your customers during their
birthday month and offer them an 10% discount on any order placed that month as your gift to
them. They’ll be impressed and want to continue to do business with you. Try to actually call
her on her birthday too!

Start a “Keeping in Touch (KIT) program.” See all the details in the PDF or BLOG post. Use PP50377 C or G JustKeeping in touch POSTCARDS to send the info, or, just use it to write a note! You can use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want onto the cards, pull them apart on the perforations and mail. Simple and EASY!

Set up a system to get reorders from your customers. Send this postcard PP40376C “Time to
reorder…” when they should be running out of something they purchased from you.

Customize the PRINTABLE STICKERS PSB5307 “Customers Like you make my day” with
your info using our FREE TEMPLATES. Then use them on catalogs that you give to your customers,
as return address labels on packages, or mount them on magnets and include them as a little
gift when people place an order.

Turn your business cards into magnets with the BCM “Business Card Magnets,” or the stickers
included in this Pack can also be “stuck” onto them. (You’ll have DOUBLE STICKY since both the
magnet and the sticker are sticky but they work fine.) When you use these stickers you create
a “Relationship” building magnet, not just a business card magnet, because she’ll feel special
every time she looks at it. It conveys a VERY different feeling than just a business card but
serves the same purpose in that she has your contact info handy.

Put the Magnet MPR70334 “Fortune in Follow up” on your fridge! You’ve gone to all the work to START the relationship, now don’t let all of those valuable contacts go to waste! They are
potential orders and money in your pocket. Beside, the relationships you build will enrich your life
along with your pocketbook. Just set up your SYSTEMS and BE CONSISTENT in your Follow-Up!

Be sure to check out the other “Money Saving Packs” with training that are available to help you
be more successful in every “KEY AREA” of your business!  They are on our website under ALL PRODUCTS> OTHER PRODUCTS > K-Packs.  Here is the direct link: http://www.thebooster.com/202-k-packs-22

The direct link to this K-FOLLOW-UP Pack is:

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