0-06 -- TICKETS create positive ENERGY at parties!
Start with stickers on invitations and then in your catalogs to create a buzz!

QUESTION:  How much more effective is your party when everyone is involved and having fun?  Do more people book?  Do they spend more?  Do more ask about your opportunity?

CONCEPT:  Use TICKETS to involve your guests more in your party so they are having fun – this of course leads to greater orders, more bookings and more recruit leads!

HOW to DO IT?  Create a positive energy by EASILY getting more people involved!

1:  Decide on a NICE Door Prize or Mystery Gift.  Put it in a cute bag, or write what it is on a slip of paper and put it in the HC1021 Seasonal Mini Bags.  Everyone will want to become more involved because they are not only curious to see what’s inside the bag but they’ll want to take the darling bag home with them.  (If you don’t have the product on hand to give away you can put a picture or a certificate for something inside the bag and tell them they’ll get it when they receive their order.  Or, use leftover products, items you got for a good deal etc.  You decide on the value but most door prizes are valued between $5-$10.  You’ll want to make it nice because word will get around that you give great prizes and more people will do as you ask to try to win it.)

2: Encourage guests to want to earn extra tickets by using our new “Earn Extra Tickets” stickers on your invitations.  Whether you want to call it a “Mystery” (PR30556) or “Door” (S300557) prize we have stickers for both.  The stickers include things you want your guests to do and they’ll earn extra tickets.  These suggestions include
On time=3,
Each Friend=5,
Outside Order=10,
Order at party=10 tickets.
(“Order at party” is really good because it encourages them to bring their money and be prepared to order AT the party- this saves the hostess extra work.  “Each Friend” encourages them to bring multiple friends.  And of course hostesses love the RSVP to get guests to call them!)

3:  Have a bunch of tickets to hand out at the party.  The more tickets you give, the more people that are involved in your party!  (You are only giving away ONE gift so if you give away lots of tickets it doesn’t hurt you- it only helps generate a great energy!)  We recommend you use the tickets that have TWO with the same number so when it’s time to draw the winner they match their number.  This way they don’t have to take the time to write their name on every ticket.

4:  Prepare your catalogs with the “Star Question” stickers explained below.  These will help to get your guests involved.  As we discussed, the more people are involved the better it is!  It creates a positive energy that is contagious!  So, here is how to use the “Star Questions”:

 A:  Put the “Earn more tickets to win our prize! Look Inside!” stickers (PR40560) on the front of every catalog.  (Of course this encourages them to look for the STAR stickers inside the catalog.)  When you give guests the catalogs as they are coming into the party, point out the sticker and suggest they find the questions as they are waiting for the party to start.  Tell them to think about what answers they’ll share to earn more tickets for a greater chance to win your prize.

B:  Put the “Question” stickers (PR10558) in your catalogs.  You’ll want to mix them up and put a variety of 4-5 in each catalog.  You’ll notice there are 6 of each of 9 different questions on the sheet.  Let’s talk about each of the questions:
1- Why do you love our products?
2- Why would our products be a great gift?
3- Share a tip or story about our products!
4- What is your favorite product?
5- What’s on your Wishlist?
6- Why would you recommend our products?
7- Why would someone want to book a party?
8- What would you get as a gift for a friend or relative?
9- Why would someone want to join my team?

C: It’s obvious why you would want your guests to answer these questions, and you could just ask them without using the stickers but WHY would the stickers make it more effective?  Have you ever been on a conference call and at the end of the call they ask if anyone has any questions and there is silence?  But what happens if at the beginning of the call it is mentioned that there will be a 10 minute question and answer time at the end of the call and to please write down your questions?  Yes, usually, there are several people who immediately have some questions.  The same is true by putting the questions IN the catalog.  Many people are NOT quick on their feet to answer questions, but when you tell them ahead of time what the questions are, they can be thinking of the answers.  This will help you to get so many MORE people involved instead of just the few who are quicker on their feet with comments.

D:  Now, during the party, ask the questions!  Give tickets to anyone who contributes!  (If you need help remembering the questions to ask put the 9 different stickers (PR10558) on 9 of the products in your display and when you display the product- ask the question!)  You’ll notice that these questions help get your guests talking about the benefits of your products, WHY to book, or why to join your team.  This gets THEM talking about it instead of YOU!

E:  Now that you’re getting them involved- you also want them to BOOK, ORDER, and take home your opportunity pack.  So use the PR10559 stickers in EVERY CATALOG.  These stickers actually encourage them to “Place their order AT the Party, Pick their date for their party and to take home your opportunity pack.”  During your demonstration mention these options to win extra tickets.  You may want to have some tickets already counted out so when they say YES they want to set their date you can just hand them the strip of tickets.  You could tell them to write “Party” or “Team Pack” on their order form and that you’ll give them their extra tickets when you’re checking them out.  Encourage them to enjoy the refreshments and visit and that when everyone is done placing their orders you’ll do the drawing for your “PRIZE!”  (Whether or not they have to be present to win is up to you but if they’ve had to leave, you or the hostess can get their prize to them.)

F:  Get even MORE bookings by offering a “Pick your date today to pick a prize!” and they get the tickets AND the prize.  Here’s how to do it:

1- Put up the Erase Board at your party.  Use ANY of our selection of “Pick a Date- Pick a Prize” erase boards.    Mark ONLY the dates you have available with a Starburst around them.  (Usually mark only one or two days per week even if EVERY DAY IS OPEN!)  You want to create urgency!  You’ll notice the board only has 3 -4 weeks available.  This is to help you book in CLOSE!  If the next 3 weeks are already full, then date the board for weeks further out.  They only get the prize if the book on the date you have marked.

2- Use the sticker S10404 on every order form and have them CIRCLE it and write the date they want to party by the sticker.  (This reminds you, and them, to set their date when you’re checking them out.)

3- Use our Hand Crafted HC1021 Seasonal Mini Bags to put a slip of paper with the gift they’ll receive.  They’ll be curious as to what is in the bags and book so they can pick one and see what’s inside.  We also offer the “iridescent shred” to  tuck in the top and use in your display. (See V1007) below

4- To protect yourself and insure the bookings ALWAYS make this comment:  “I will bring your prize to your party when held on the original date booked.”  Now- to help you get even MORE bookings, when you talk about the “pick a prize” concept at her party is when you would present her with her gift and have her open it in front of everyone and show them what SHE got!

5- For MORE details on the T1-01 — Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date

G: This TICKET idea has an incredible POWER to get people excited!  The POSITIVE ENERGY it creates is contagious and fun.  A couple of final ideas:  If your party tends to be off to a slow start, give tickets for ANYTHING!  Ask if they did the things on the invitation to earn extra tickets and hand them out.  Ask them to share quick stories about your hostess and reward them with tickets.  Remember Zig Zigglers quote, “Behavior that is recognized and rewarded will be repeated!”  Keep that in mind in getting your people involved!

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  1. Tanya Drewes

    love this idea. I can’t wait to add those questions to my catalog

  2. Elizabeth

    What great ideas!!! I am going to use these at my next party.

  3. Martha Bryant

    Hi Jenny, I’ve been trying to access thebooster.com to do the Easter egg hunt and also look at products for a BINGO party I want to do and I keep getting this error that says you can’t access our store from your country. I’ve been on your website several times and made purchases but this last week since I got the Easter email, I have been getting this message. Any suggestions? Thanks! Martha Bryant 517-303-3087 business cell


    • Hi Martha, I have no idea why you would be having troubles. We have not changed anything! I would suggest you try removing your “cookies” and reboot your computer. Sometimes there are just clitches in computers. Let me know if you still experience problems and I’ll ask my computer guy. What country are you in? –Jenny B (Unfortunately the EGG Hunt is over but we will be glad to work with you. The products are still on sale and will be thru Monday at least.)


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