Boost Attendance to Boost Sales
Boost Attendance to Boost Sales

Boosting Attendance boosts your sales because it is much easier to sell to a live person.  Using some of these stickers on every invitation sparks interest and creates the “I have to go to this!” attitude.  By encouraging guests to bring friends it can have a HUGE impact on your overall business!  You never know what just one sticker can do!  Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to meet new people!

KEY 3: Boost Attendance!
 In the party plan business normally the more people you can get to your party, the greater your sales will be, the more bookings you will get, and the greater chance to get recruits.  It is so much easier to show the benefits of your products and company to a live person than over the phone to someone you’ve never met.  So, that is why increasing attendance is so important!  Here are some ideas to help you in this “key area”:

1.  Use stickers to help them realize it is an invitation
People get so much junk mail that if they don’t realize it’s important, they may throw it away or set it aside.  When you use the “Here’s your invitation” (PR31039) or “You’re invited to a party” (S30456) stickers , it catches their attention and they look to see what they’ve been invited to as soon as they receive it. 

2.  Make the party sound fun, like a “Night Out”
Use stickers to change the perception of a party from something that is an obligation to something that is fun and well deserved.  Use the “Come enjoy a night out!  You deserve it!” stickers (S30397) to help them realize that attending the party would be a fun break for them.  Your guests will be excited and it will bring a new dimension to your parties! 
 You can also use the “Invited to or Come to Girls Night Out” stickers (S30242 or S30554) and postcards (PP30283C or PP30283CT) as invitations to remind your guests of the fun of a night out!  This postcard also comes in a PRINTABLE format so you can print anything you’d like on it, or it comes with text and you just fill in your party information.  You can mail these as an invitation and slip them inside a preview type catalog that your company offers.  If your company already offers a postcard type invitation, use the stickers.

3.  Use stickers to encourage guests to bring friends!
The “Bring a friend and receive a free gift” type of stickers are the most popular stickers we offer because they make you money immediately (and it is easy to track!)   A guest can be motivated to bring a friend for other reasons as well.  (See Key 3 stickers in our catalog or online for more.)  It is amazing what these stickers can do when put on your invitations.  Some guests will feel more comfortable and be more likely to come when they can bring a friend.  Besides, when a guest brings friends you then have two or three EXCITED guests.   Once she invites a friend it becomes a social event and she’s committed to coming!
 Consider the benefits.  How much do you make when just ONE person brings a friend and that friend spends $40?  At a 25% commission you would make $10!  It costs on average just 50¢ to put the sticker on 25 invitations.  Is it worth the 50¢ investment for a $10 return?
 How much greater is the return when these “friends” broaden your customer base and book parties in new areas?  This can start a chain reaction with an entirely new group of parties with entirely new contacts!  What if you meet your next recruit at one of these parties?  Is it worth the 50¢ investment for each party?  It is 100% guaranteed you will MISS the opportunities you don’t take!

Save yourself some time! 

Type  your hostess information then  print ONTO our “Bring a Friend” Printable Sticker!  Then just stick this sticker on your invitation and you’ll be putting TWO messages at the same time!

4.  Get your parties started on time! 
 The “On time drawing” stickers  (S33058 or included on the COMBO SSK3) sheet can do so much for you.  In addition to getting your parties started on time, they also make an impression on your guests.  It makes them look at the invitation further and put the date and time into their memory. 
 I had an “open house” party once, and just for the heck of it I put an “On time drawing” sticker on it.  I had 7 people show up at the beginning, several more mentioned they were trying to get there for the drawing!  It was incredible!  When you use the “On time drawing” stickers, put a time that is a little unusual, like 6:28 or 6:58.  This has the added benefit of catching their attention so they’ll remember it because it is different.  Then, be sure to have the drawing at the time you stated!
 Having “On Time Drawing” stickers on hand can also help you avoid postponements.  Say a host calls you once she’s received her confirmation postcard to say she realized there was a PTA meeting that night and a lot of her friends would be attending that event.  You can SAVE that night’s booking by responding, “How about if we keep your party short and sweet!  Let’s start ON TIME (you’ll of course use the stickers) and we can finish the party in time for you to go to the meeting together!”  All you need to do is put that sticker on your invitations and you’re working again instead of trying to fill in that night!

5.   Encourage guests to keep their invitations where they can find them.
 Use the “You’re a Winner” stickers (PR30113) on every invitation.   Your guests will put their invitations in safe places so they can find them and bring them to the party to see if they have won!  So many times we think we know what day or what time is on the invitation, but we forget.  When your guests want to double check, they will know right where their invitation is.  Have a basket of prizes they can choose from.  It could even be a percentage or dollar off their order.  Make it something affordable to you.  Keep in mind that if it is a % off their order, they have to order to take advantage of it. 

(HINT:  Purchase the 5% OFF or $1.00 etc OFF stickers and take them to your parties.  Then when people are the winner or arrive on time just put the sticker on their order form as a reminder to both you and them!  Plus they need to place an order to get their prize!) 

 We also have “Lucky winner number match” sticker (PR30112A) that comes with preprinted numbers so you pick a number from those used on the invitations and they come to the party to see if it matches.   (We also have it where you could fill in the space with your own numbers.  Available as a mini-rectangle PR30112B or circle PR30112C.

6.  Ask guests to RSVP so hosts feel good & you can be prepared
 Use the “RSVP please” (S30275 or included on the COMBO SSK3) stickers to let you know how many people to plan on, and to reassure your host that her guests will show  up!
 Overcome objections by offering to use these for hosts that say,   
“I don’t have time to make the calls!”  Assure them that the RSVP stickers will get their guests calling them!

7.  Have an “Auction or Drawing Party”
 Drawings or Auction Parties are essentially the same- the difference being they earn TICKETS for drawings or Auction money to buy prizes at the end of the party both BEFORE and DURING the party.  This encourages guests to help your hostesses and themselves to get more prizes.  By using the “Auction Party” stickers (S30445) or “Drawing” stickers on your invitations you’ll create interest and they’ll become involved in helping you which will get more people coming to the party.

 During the party have lots of ways they can earn “Auction Money or Recruit Cash” (V6127) or other cash (See VARIETY products or MONEY online) or TICKETS  when they arrive and have brought their invitation, an adult guest or outside order.  During the party give away additional cash or tickets when they answer questions, give ideas, testimonials, etc.  This keeps your guests involved. 
SEE the complete idea about Creating Positive Energy online under  FREE TRAINING > T0- Overall Business > T0-06-Create Positive Energy.
 Then at the end of the party have small prizes to auction off or draw tickets for!  It’s fun and keeps people involved both before and during the party.

8.  Use “FLAP TALK” to give information and entice customers to open the envelope!
 “Flap Talk” occurs when a sticker that promotes interest, create curiosity or gives information is used to seal the flap on an envelope.  When people go to open their mail, you have their undivided attention for just a second.  This is a great place to put the stickers that let them know the things they can learn or the special offers they’ll receive if they attend the party.
 Use the these stickers or others that are not included in this key pack such as “New catalog” (S33122), and “Please pay with order — some credit cards accepted” (S40398) or “Monthly Specials” (S40489).  Other company specific stickers  such as “Come crop and shop” (S30367), “Keep the Spark in your marriage (S40563) “Let me help you sparkle” (S40574) and “Bring a friend receive a free tealight” (PR30562A or B) are also great for this! 
 Many people like to attend open houses because they can see what is on sale, visit with their friends for a few minutes, make their purchase, and be on their way without it taking all night.  Use the “You’re invited to an open house” sticker (S32144) (This is your FREE gift in this pack!)  We also have postcards. (PP15238C)
 See even more see Key 3 Boost Attendance products on our website. Remember, we can also print whatever YOU want on our “Printable Border Stickers” that have colorful borders to make them stand out, yet can be printed on by you or us!

9.  IDEA: Help get NEW consultants off to a GREAT start!  See the FREE PDF training under FREE TRAINING > T0-Overall Business > T0-07.  See the stickers to use on the invitation to draw attention to your recruit’s NEW business.  People will want to come and support her!  See the NEW designs to support “My daughter’s, sister’s, or friend’s new business!

10.  Mini Catalogs?
 Does your company provide “mini” catalogs you either use as invitations or just give to people?  If so you’ll want to use the sticker “More impressive in person” (S43478) to entice people to actually see it for themselves. 
It is also great on invitations from your company that show just a few of your products.  You can also use “Only part of our line is shown in this catalog.”  (PR31022) on your mini catalogs!

11.  Theme Parties?
 Theme parties entice guests to come because they don’t want to miss the fun!  A favorite “Theme” party is a “Bingo” party.  Use our “It’s a Bingo Party!  Come Play!” (S32214) stickers on your invitations.

To make your BINGO even more successful, use our “Booster Bingo” computer program  (V1004) to print your own bingo cards using YOUR products.  The game is EASY to set up and print and  you can reuse it over and over again, make a few changes and print some more!  Then, when your company offers new products you can incorporate them into the game.
 Read more about it online, just search for BINGO!  It is the product that started “The Booster” 30 years ago and now as a computer program it’s still going strong.
 See our NEW FREE PARTY IDEAS where we will be constantly introducing Party Theme Ideas.

 I hope you will make use of some of these ideas every party.  I know you will see a difference in your business!  By attracting greater attendance you’ll see a significant  increase in your sales averages.   
 Attract more people to your parties so you have the opportunity to sell more product, book more, & recruit more.  The more people you meet at parties, the more opportunities you have to follow up for continued sales!
Additional training: PUT FOUR Stickers on every invitation!
 When I do training I ask this question : How many invitations do you send to a party?   (The average was 30)  
 Then I ask: How many people come?   (Average was 8 — but customers who regularly use Booster products average was 12!)  
 Then I ask: How many people are learning that you have opportunities to offer?   As people think about it they realize only the 8 attending the party or show are learning that they have opportunities!
 I then ask:  How many are NOT learning that you have opportunities?   I can see the lights go on when people realize that 22 people they are sending invitations to are not getting the opportunity to learn that they could earn FREE products or a great income.
 So, how do you solve this problem?   When you put both a booking and recruiting sticker on EVERY invitation, you are at least planting seeds with EVERYONE!   Do you know in advance when a seed will land on fertile soil?   Why waste opportunities?   You have that person’s undivided attention for 30 seconds to 1 minute.   Why not plant seeds on your invitations?   Another advantage is that every time they read one of the stickers, they think about the entire invitation again and again.   This helps to plant the information into their long term memory so they remember to attend.  It also creates enthusiasm for attending and want to come.   See the K-INVITE pack online for more ideas!  Also check out the training on Auction Parties, Open Houses & More under FREE TRAINING: Keys 3 & 4.

Remember the ABCD formula:
A Success Formula!
  If the B for Benefit is greater than the
C for Cost = D: DO IT!

Think about it!  It costs on average 50¢ to put  a “Bring a Friend” stickers on each invitation. 
How much do you make if just ONE person brings a friend that spends $40? 
How much could the added benefits of bookings, etc. add up to!   D=DO IT!

Here is the link to the FREE TRAINING CATEGORY on our website where ALL Key 3- Boost Attendance Products are shown:

We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

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  1. Joan Guadagno

    Great ideas. I have been using your stickers since I started with lia sophia. They really do help. I esp like #5. They can only be a winner when they come. I also like #10 using stickers on the mini catalog envelopes.I’m going to start using them.
    Thanks, Joan


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