It is LEAP week!  You get an EXTRA day once every FOUR years!  What are you going to do with it?  Are you going to use it to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, or is it just another day?

(Hi!, I, Jenny B have recorded an explanation about Success Camp!  What it is, how it works, what it can do for your business!  How we can help you create the systems and synergy to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be!  Click the MP3 link Leap-Success-Pack-info  above .  Or, left click and select SAVE TARGET AS to download and listen on other appliances!  Please- share it with your team!  Hurry- Sign up NOW and save!  (See the links at the bottom of this post.)  –Jenny B)

Does this sound familiar?  Have you asked yourself these questions?  Could this be YOU?

My leaders says I need to have more parties but HOW do I get more bookings? People just aren’t interested!

It is worse than pulling teeth to get my hosts to do what I ask them to do!  How do I get them engaged and excited?  How do I stop the postponements and cancellations?

TWO people?  Really?  It isn’t even worth driving to the party for only TWO people!  How do I get more people to the parties?

If I hear, “I just don’t have very much money right now.  Can I combine my $5 order with my friends to save on shipping?” one more time I will scream!  How do I get my customers to spend more?

I WANT to sponsor and recruit new members to my team but HOW do I do it?  What questions do I ask?  How do I get them interested?

I am discouraged!  I’m an “orphan!”  My leaders is no longer in the biz and I am floundering!  I just don’t know what to do!

I WANT to be successful!  I NEED to be successful!  I don’t know HOW to be successful!  Help!!!!

If you really WANT to be more successful, then NOW is the time to take the LEAP to Success!

Yes, you CAN Boost your Bookings and get them soaring!

Yes, you CAN have hosts that are excited and enthusiastic about their parties (and willing to WORK on making them more successful)!

Yes, you CAN attract greater attendance to your parties!

Yes, you CAN boost your sales (both individual and party averages)!

Yes, you CAN boost the recruit leads you get and encourage MORE to join your team!

If you want do actually DO and HAVE all these things then NOW is the time to take the LEAP of faith in yourself and our training and products!

If you are ready to focus on Success and take your business to the next level then I have some answers!

It is Booster Success Camp!!!

What’s Success Camp? 

It is a 6 week online course that integrates what YOUR COMPANY teaches you, along with what your leaders have been teaching you and Booster (Jenny B) training, concepts and products to make it EASY to consistently reach the goals above!

I heard a quote this morning: Leap and the NET will be there!

That’s what Booster Success Camp is all about …. taking the LEAP to TRUST in the concepts that DO WORK to Boost your business!  They are your NET …. they are the PROVEN tactics to help you achieve your desires!

What will you Learn?

Success Camp is a 6 week course!  Here is some of what will be discussed:

Week 1: Getting yourself organized for Success!  Preparing mentally and physically to fill your datebook!  Understanding WHAT you need to be doing to keep your host focused!

Week 2: LISTS and more lists!  Booking one liners, host coaching, Wish Lists, Guest Lists, TIME lists & more!

Week 3: Parties and Events!  Lots of ideas to make them more successful!

Week 4:  Building your business!  Includes the “Brain Jogger” and more!

Week 5:  What makes you YOU? How to set yourself apart by understanding and applying the concepts of what makes you and your company unique!

Week 6: Are you leaving money on the table, overcoming the dreaded “No” complex and understanding the cycle of your business.  Learn HOW to keep the pump primed so you’ll enjoy a continuous flow of bookings, sales and customers!

HOW will you learn it?

Each week you’ll get a list of TASKS to do to help you accomplish the goals.  You’ll receive PDF and other training from the Yahoo Group to download!

You’ll be required to log-in to the group with your results!  We hope you will have a minimum of 1 “in home” party each week.

Each week Jenny B will host a conference call where she’ll have some additional insights, you’ll be able to ask questions, and get additional training.

Will we be discussing Booster Products?

YES!  Why?  Because Booster products have been developed to make it EASY to do the things we are teaching.  We’ve done the work for you in preparing the products to make it simply a matter of DOING what we teach.

WHY do I talk about Booster Products so much?  I’m sure you’ve guessed it … my goal is to sell products!  RIGHT?  Yes!  YOUR products!  HOW?  Our customers have told us that when they consistently use our products it BOOSTS their sales and overall business!  In fact, many tell us their sales Double or Triple!

The products make it EASY to do what we teach!  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!  Our eye-catching, graphically designed stickers and postcards say what you need said in a pleasing, effective way!  The concept of “planting seeds” is enhanced and defined as you use the stickers!

You will be utterly AMAZED at the impact these products will have on your business!  Can you have success without our products?  Of course!  It is EASIER when you use our products?  YES!  Hundreds and thousands have testified of their effectiveness (see just SOME of the testimonials on the website!)

Our goal for 30 years and in helping over 1 MILLION consultants is to BOOST YOUR Business!  That is our focus, that is what we are all about!  Join Success Camp NOW and see what a difference it can make in YOUR business!


So how much is Success Camp?  It’s only $59.95!  ($10 per week!)

Leap into Success NOW!  Success Camp Registration (Pre-launch- getting organized and signing up in the Yahoo Group is Tuesday March 6-12th)  It then goes for 6 weeks.  (Ends April 24.)
Sign up for Success Camp NOW and save BIG!  Sign up by Friday, March 2nd for only $29.95!

Additional Bonus Options:

Bonus Option 1) Sign up for Success Camp AND purchase the K-Success Pack ($81+ value for only $39.95) and get Success Camp for only $19.95! (Total only $59.90! for a $140+ value!)

Bonus Option 2) Sign up for Success Camp AND purchase the K-Success SIX Pack ($150+ value) and get Success Camp for only $9.95! ! (Total only $79.90! for a $210+ value!)

Bonus Option 3) Sign up for Success Camp AND purchase the K-Success SIX Pack and Join the KEY PACK CLUB (Consultant Level) get Success Camp for FREE! Plus you’ll receive a previous month’s Key Pack PLUS the K-INVITE Pack for FREE! (Total only $79.94! for a $250+ value!)

Bonus Option 4) Sign up for Success Camp AND purchase the K-Success SIX Pack and Join the KEY PACK CLUB (Leadership Level) get Success Camp for FREE! Plus you’ll receive a previous month’s Key Pack including Theme Meeting Plan and Products, PLUS the K-INVITE Pack for FREE! (Total only $84.94! for a $260+ value!)

(For more details on the packs mentioned in these Bonus offers click the ACCESSORIES TAB and view them.  Come back here to SAVE on these options.)

Join NOW and take the Leap of FAITH in yourself and the success of your Business!  You WANT to be MORE successful don’t you?  We have the keys to help you unlock your potential!

You never know what might happen, but I can guarantee that you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take!

Take advantage of this training NOW!  Additional benefits:

1) Direct access to Jenny B for 6 weeks through emails and conference calls.

2) Half price shipping Vouchers to use while you are participating in Success Camp plus 5% discount on ALL products!

3) Key Pack club members get an automatic 10% discount on all Booster products!

4) Special pricing on products mentioned in the Success Camp Training.

5) Over 35 PDF’s to download, scripts, training and more!

SIGN UP NOW!  Click this link:

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