Are you leaving money on the table?
Are you leaving money on the table?

You do all the work to hostess coach, get the guest list, mail the invitations,
prepare for the party, show up, do your demo, help your customers with their orders,
follow up with your hostess, place the order and make sure your hostess gets it. Right?

Then, you look at your sales and count your money! Wow, you had an $800 party
and at 20% commission you made $160! That’s great money!

You’re excited and now you begin to prepare for the next party, doing the same things all over again. You actually make a good hourly income because you’ve got the system down (Using the 10 steps to
successful parties) and it only takes you about 30-60 minutes per party to do all the stuff
BEFORE the party and about 3 hours to actually DO the party.

So for 4 hours work you made $40/hour! Wow, that’s great but are you
leaving money lying on the table?

Let’s see:

1: You sell an item that is consumed and it’s been long enough for the item to be gone. You didn’t
bother to call her so the next time she’s at the store she buys it. (Throw away $20)

2: You sell something for her home and she bought stuff for her living room, but she still wants to do
her dining room but you didn’t call her. She found something at the store and bought it. (Throw away

3: She filled out a wish list of the other things she wanted, but you didn’t want to bug her so she found something similar at the store. (Throw away $30)

4: She needs some wedding gifts but she has never heard from you again and doesn’t feel like she
could just call you out of the blue so she buys them at the store. (Throw away $40)

5: She’s loves the type of products you offer and regularly adds to her collection but you’ve never contacted her so she goes to whatever parties she’s invited to and spends her money there at the stores. (Throw away $40)

6: You’ve been sending catalogs and emails to some of your customers but you never call them, you don’t want to bug them. After all, you’ve sent them a catalog! But, the sale ran out, and she meant to call and order but got busy and forgot. (Throw away $30)

7: You have her wish list and the contact information for her husband and mother but you just never got around to giving them a call. Well, her birthday (or Valentine or Christmas) has now passed and her husband already got her a gift. (Throw away $40)


The Fortune is in the follow up!
The Fortune IS in the follow up!

This is an example of the money you’re throwing away by not following up with only 7 customers! This is $220 PROFIT you could have made but because you didn’t make the calls, it’s gone — you’ve thrown it away.

Multiply that by 500 customers and how much money are you losing every month you don’t take the time to contact your previous customers!

Divide 500 customers by 7 customers=71. Multiply 71 by $220 = over $15,000 PROFIT you’ve lost over just 5 months. Now I realize that not everyone orders but do you think you could find the time to contact 500 customers each month? If 15% order that’s 75 orders! I know contacting 500 customers a month sound like a lot- But this would mean contacting only 16 customers each day.

That would be LESS THAN AN HOUR A DAY!

When you don’t take the time to contact customers regularly, you’re leaving them (and their potential orders) lying on the table. You’ve got the person as a customer.  Follow up and try to get as much of the market share as you can! Your outside orders will soar and you’ll also have more opportunities to book, sell, and recruit.

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

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  1. This is a great example!! I love the impact that it has! I think that follow up is where most of us go south. It is such an important aspect of repeat business and staying connected with your customers! Thanks for posting this information! It is extremely valuable and eye-opening!!


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