Love what you do meeting plan
Live it, Love it, Share it!

Live it.. Love it.. Share it!”
Build enthusiasm and a LOVE for what you do in your business, with your team and in your life!  Be excited and have a great attitude.  It is contagious, it sets you apart and it helps you Make a Difference!!

When you truly love what you do, you radiate the light of your enthusiasm.  People are drawn to you and want to be part of it.  Your enthusiasm is a magnet! 

Pass around the PR61046- Love what you do stickers around for everyone to put in their notebooks.
Read the definitions of enthusiasm below.  Discuss how they relate to your business and how it helps them to SHOW that they “Love what they do”

Enthusiasm  is “emotion management,” the ability to control the emotional temperature of any personal situation.

Enthusiasm is the way you “squeeze the trigger” to other people’s emotions -they help and support you instinctively.

Enthusiasm is the prime method of “persuasion without pressure.”

Enthusiasm glows… radiates… permeates… and immediately captures everyone’s interest.

Enthusiasm is the “advance man” who paves the way for new ideas.

Maybe the enthusiasts aren’t the most cultured people in the world, but they are the only ones who make history.

If you were to take my money and my other tangible assets from me but let me keep my enthusiasm, it would be but a short while before I’d be as wealthy as ever.

Enthusiasm is the producer of confidence that cries to the world, “I’ve got what it takes” without your uttering a word to boast.

Enthusiasm helps us to compete with ourselves, to match today against yesterday. Only with the compulsive drive of enthusiasm can we find encouragement in the past mistakes.

Enthusiasm is the yeast that raises the dough.

“Enthusiasm” is the greatest one-word slogan for living ever devised.  —Paul J. Meyer

You have chosen a job you love and you’ll never have to work again!   “Match the work you do with enthusiasm, self-confidence and a desire to excel. Your job will cease to be monotonous, and work won’t be work anymore.”

 It is up to each individual to find the “Fun In Life.”  Being enthused and loving what you do helps to make even the most monotonous chores fun because you know they are part of something that brings you great joy.

One of the joys of your profession is it is YOUR BUSINESS and you run it YOUR WAY!  Give everyone the Team Card and discuss some of the concepts.  These are basic principles that most will apply to their businesses, with a reminder that THEY are in charge.

Business Basics:  

This the time in your presentation to discuss Key 1- Dating/ Booking training.  Give your team realistic things they can do to increase their bookings.  Have them fill out the “Dating One Liners Handout.”  Discuss as a team what works for you and let others share what works for them.  They need to get on the phone and make those calls.  They need to wear buttons wherever they go.  Set goals for the levels you want to achieve in the next month. Give them the Put your heart in it — Make a difference Postcard (PP70695C) to write down 3-4 things they will do immediately to boost their bookings and share their business.  Have them take the card home and transfer their list onto their “Make a Difference” Erase Board and mail the card back to you to be entered into your drawings.

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