How many apples are in a seed?

Theme Meeting Plan:
How many apples are in a seed?  How many seeds are in an apple? 
LEADERS:  Before you start- pass around the “Go out on a limb” stickers for everyone to put them in their notebooks so it is easy to find their notes for this meeting.  You may also suggest they put one on the front, and use two to “tab” the page so it is not only easy to find, but a reminder of the concept.

Let’s discuss WHAT is the apple?  For this meeting theme, the apple is YOU, or any member of your team!  APPLES are consultants in your business. Those APPLES have SEEDS that are the opportunity.  They can plant their seeds and GROW their tree!
Now, WHERE do apples come from?  They come from trees!  If you want to have more apples, you need to grow the tree!
WHAT is the tree?  It is your company, or your team!  Members of your team that grow apples then plant their own seeds to grow their own tree!
So where does the SEED come in?  Every TREE comes from a seed, and every APPLE has seeds to share!

So, with these descriptions in mind let’s discuss the relationship to your business.

Your COMPANY is the original tree.  It plants SEEDS, from which grow more TREES which create APPLES, which create seeds, which create more TREES and more APPLES.  The process goes on and on as long as the SEEDS are planted and cultivated to grow into trees!

True, there are MANY apples on a tree.  Those come as you cultivate and grow the seeds into trees and take care of those trees so they will produce apples.

We must remember that growing a tree and producing apples is a process.  It takes time and nuturing to grow a seed into a tree.

Some might think the seed that grows is the individual, and I guess you can look at it that way, but when you consider the reality of growing something you must realize that the “Fruit” doesn’t come on it’s own, it comes from the growing, healthy tree.

Why is this important?  As we look at a “tree” in this business, it is made up of PEOPLE who have joined your team with the dream and goal of creating a business that will make a difference in their lives!  It can and will (with work) bring them financial gain, friendships, self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, and so much more.  It is as we nurture these “seeds” or leads into effective consultants that they gain the confidence to become an APPLE, or someone who is willing to share the opportunity and start growing their own trees.

For a while, they become branches on their Leader’s tree, but as they become more successful they will break away and graft their branch onto their own tree.  You as leaders are generally excited to see this happen as they are growing and becoming stronger.

 Our slogan, “Go out on a limb … that is where the fruit is!” is a reminder that it takes some risk to move forward and grown your own tree, but since that is were the fruit is, it is worth the risk.

It is as you understand the value of planting seeds and growing those trees to produce apples you gain a bigger understanding of the difference your business can make in people’s lives.

Give everyone the Team Card and suggest they put them up on their fridge, mirror, or by their computer as a constant reminder to “Plant Seeds” and take some risks.

Our activity is loosely based on an game called “Apples to Apples” it is designed to get you and your team brainstorming on lots of different topics relating to Booking and Recruiting.

1: Print off the game cards (included in the PDF you can purchase and download from our website.- The link to the category is below.  You can find the PDF there.)  Then download the PDF from your order history.  Print out the cards.
2: Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
3: Make sure everyone has pen & paper.
4: Tell your team members that as you draw a card and read the questions they should write down 3 answers (their goal is to come up with answers that no one else has- they will get a point for each answer no one else has.)  They should then write down a BONUS answer that they think EVERYONE will have.
5: Draw a card, read the question.  Give them 1 minute to write their answers.  Then go around the room and ask them to share their answer. (Everyone will be marking off things someone mentions that is on their list.)
Continue getting answers until everyone has either marked the item off on their list, or has something different.  They get points for the UNIQUE item(s) on their list that no one else has mentioned.  As they are going around, they should read off their BONUS answer.  ASK for a raise of hands to see if EVERYONE has it. If they do, everyone gets a point. (However continue to share the bonus answer if not already mentioned as you go around the room- the object is to hear as many answers as possible)

6: Continue to draw cards in the same way, generating answers, and generally brainstorming.  If someone needs more clarification along the way, stop and explain how to do what is suggested.
7: Total up points at the end of the game.  Give prizes.

Here is a list of some of the questions (On the PDF I’ve included even MORE questions and a “cheat sheet” with a few answers we have just to get you thinking.)
1: Where are place to plant Recruiting or Booking seeds?
2: WHERE are laces to put Booking or Recruiting Stickers?
3: WHY should you recruit?
4: WHY should you book parties?
5: HOW should you follow up with recruit leads?
6: WHEN should you recruit?
7: WHEN should you book?
8: WHO should you recruit?
9: WHAT recruiting tools should you use?
10: WHAT booking tools should you use?
11: WHAT should you include in your Recruit packet?
12: WHAT is stopping you?

Get this complete GAME including MORE questions, suggestions, the conclusion, inspiration, challenge ideas, motivation and the preparation list when you purchase the PDF on our website.

How many Apples in a SEED?  How Many Seeds in an Apple Leadership Training
How many Apples in a SEED? How Many Seeds in an Apple Leadership Training

See the PDF and list of products on our website in this category:


  1. Paulette Allensworth

    Is there a print button for this? Also I tried to down load the PDF and was not able to.


    • To print the entire idea you’ll have to go to the website. Members of the Key Pack Club have FREE ACCESS to the PDF. Otherwise you may purchase the PDF with all the worksheets, the rest of the content, etc. Just follow the links at the bottom of the training. Jenny B


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