Just one more Theme Meeting Plan
What difference would it make with just one more?

This training is to ask yourself the question, “What would just ONE more do for my business?”  ONE more of WHAT?

 One more of the things that bring you success in your business.  To make it easy to plan, let’s break this down by each of the KEY areas of your business.  See the worksheet in the activity when you purchase the complete PDF.
Think about what a difference it would make to your bottom line if you had “just one more” CONSISTENTLY in each area of your business.  See the PDF of the worksheet to actually do the math based on YOUR business.  I will give you some examples here of the math but you need to do it with your team with the percentages you make with your company.  For example sake, I’m going to use a 25% commission and 5% override on recruits.  We’re going to assume you already do an average of TWO parties per week for 50 weeks with the party average of only $400. (8 buying guests)  I’m going to base ALL these “projections” on these averages.

 KEY1: Bookings.  If you had JUST ONE MORE party per week than you are doing now?
    WOW!  $5,000 PROFIT in the year by just doing ONE more party per week.  This could be a book party, open house, fund raiser, buddy parties, etc.  The object is to generate at LEAST $400 MORE from some type of an event!

 KEY2: Host.  What if through good host coaching and incentives your host upped her party by $150?
    WOW!  $3,750 PROFIT in the year by just encouraging hosts to do a little more!  This can be done by her getting outside orders!  Just one idea would be to encourage her to contact the guests that came but didn’t place orders!
WOW!  $1,250 PROFIT in the year by just using stickers on the invitation that would get ONE more person to each party that spends $50! 

 KEY3: Attendance-Bring a Friend!  What if by using the “Bring a Friend” Stickers on your invitations just ONE more person came to each party along with the person who brought them and they each spent $50?
    WOW!  $2,500 PROFIT in the year from those friends and that doesn’t even count what you would make if that friend booked a party and started a whole new party chain in a new neighborhood!

 KEY4: Sales.  What if by using the techniques we teach that each person at the party spend just $10 more?
    WOW!  $2,000 PROFIT by giving incentives such as the “Preferred Customer Program” to upsell just $10!

 KEY5: Customers.  What if through good customer service you had 5 customers call YOU each week to place an average $50 order and YOU made the calls to generate 10 outside orders per week of $50. 
    WOW!  $9,375 PROFIT in the year by just making approximately 50 calls per week!

 KEY6: Recruit.  What if by using stickers on invitations and in catalogs and learning the techniques to follow up on leads, you were to get just ONE recruit every other month?  And if they did JUST THE MINIMUM of $20,000 in sales for the year. (Two $400 parties /week)? This is kind of hard to calculate but lets just do it simply as if you’ve had them for a year to keep the math easy. (Figured at 5% to count % on their sales, team sales etc.-  This will vary greatly by companies so it is just an estimate.)
    WOW!  $12,000 in the year by consistently recruiting and helping them to do what you do!

 Please take a few minutes to DO THE MATH together (on the PDF provided when you purchase the complete Theme Meeting Plan) as a group with YOUR percentages. (You may want to do it ahead of time to make it easier.)  I’ve created an EXCEL spreadsheet with all the formulas- all you need to do is enter your percentages and it will do the math for you!
 Once you’ve done it as a group- TALK ABOUT TOTALS!  When I added up how much PER YEAR EXTRA  or MORE you’d make by CONSISTENTLY applying these simple principles the total was $37,875.00!
 Concept follow up:
 Remember the ABCD Formula we’ve talked about for years?  The A is for A Success Formula:  If the B for BENEFIT is GREATER than the C for COST = D DO IT!    It costs an average of $5 per party to do just the basics of the things we teach.  (Sticking the stickers on invitations, & sending the 3 to 4 postcards.)  Then if you add using the Customer Care Cards, putting catalogs in Folders, stickering your catalogs and Order Forms, handing out Recruiting Dollars, etc. It could add up to about $20 per month (because many of the things are reused)
 So, let’s do the MATH! $5 times 2 parties per week = $10 per week = $500.  Plus $20 per month = $240.  This totals $740 PER YEAR!  So let’s apply the Formula:
 If the Benefit of $35,875.00 (Annual PROFIT) is greater than the COST of Booster Products ($740.00)=($35,135.00) = DO IT!
 These numbers are only the EXTRA you make by applying the principles!  This does not count what you are already making for doing the basic 2 parties per week at $400 average sales.

 So will you DO it for the potential of making over $35,000 MORE each year?
 So, can you as a leader, see the VALUE of teaching these principles to your TEAM? It’s up to you to help them  see the VALUE of doing these “Little Things that make a BIG difference” to help them DO JUST A LITTLE MORE!

 Now, let’s discuss CONSISTENCY!  It is as you consistently apply the principles that you will see the differences.  But let’s talk about the SYNERGY or EXPLOSION of ENERGY that occurs when you do it ALL!
 Look at the spreadsheet and see what happens to the numbers as you see these increases throughout your business.  As you do ONE MORE BOOKING each week with those few extra customers spending a little more it is INCREDIBLE!  IT is $28,000.00 MORE per year in PROFIT!  But what’s really cool is that your COSTS don’t go up at all!  Just MORE money in your pocket as you DO IT ALL CONSISTENTLY!

 Now sure, you can just teach the “Do a Little More” concept without teaching about Booster Products and you would have the same numbers.  But it is PROVEN that Booster Products DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Plus they make it EASIER.  So ask yourself the question, IS IT WORTH THE RISK?
 Is it worth the RISK to NOT spend $740 per year on Booster Products which make it easier to do that little more?
 You know, the choice is YOURS to set a goal to just do a little more than you did before and see what happens to your bottom line at the end of the year. 


Just one more complete training meeting PDF download
Present this meeting to your team of the impact of just one more.

  In this pack we’ve actually included some products you can share with your team that will help you in all 6 Key Areas that will impact your business.
 Put these stickers on the outside of your catalogs to help guests realize they can have what’s on their wish list.
 Go over the “Party on a Sheet” instructions to remind them of the importance of putting the stickers on the invitations, following up with hosts, stickers in the catalogs, etc.
The “Spring Fling” board is a way for you to “Up the sales just a little more.  They get to put their name is a box for each $40 they spend.  When the board is full, the winner gets a $40 gift card.  Is it worth it?  With 100 squares, when the board is full your GROSS sales would be  $4,000.00!  Your profit at 25% is $1000!  You are only giving away a $40 gift card which costs you only $30 at the most!  Isn’t it worth it to encourage people to spend a little more!  Remember to encourage them to spend $80 and get TWO squares.  You may ask, why did we do it for only $40 when we want them to spend at least $50?  Because the more you get people started, the more that will want to do it.  You can make it that they HAVE to order AT THE PARTY and this is a way to generate the sales that night!  Then, be sure to up it to TWO boxes (no sharing of orders though!)
 With Spring coming we wanted to include a theme recruiting sticker too!  Of course we have TONS of recruiting slogans to choose from.  Talk about all the variety of slogans we offer.  The reason we have so many is that you never know what someone will respond to, so you have to use a variety.

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