Be a Survivor- meet challenges and write your own story!
Meet challenges and write your own story!

You know, when it comes you your success, since we all have challenges, you have to be a survivor!  But the joy of being in business for yourself is you get to write your own story! 

Most of us are aware of the “Survivor” television show that has been on since May of  2000.  Comparing the parallels between the TV show and your business can help you overcome the challenges in your business.  Let’s discuss them point by point.  As we discuss these items, I’m sure you will come up with other examples about both the show and your business.  These ideas are intended to get you thinking and brainstorming in a discussion situation.

1)  How do contestants get on the show? 
Why would they want to be on the show?
They choose to go through a vigorous screening process.  They want to be on the show for the notoriety and for a chance to win the money.
How do people become a member of your team?  Why would they want to be on your team?   They choose to join your team.  They have to meet whatever criteria you and your company have in place.  They want to   become a member of your team because of what you and your company have to offer both in monetary benefits as well as the social aspect.

2)  What qualities are the producers of the show looking for in a contestant? 
DESIRE and the ATTITUDE that goes along with that desire.  A healthy WORK ETHIC usually means they will go the extra mile no matter how hard it becomes.

What qualities in your team members helps them overcome obstacles and be a survivor?
DESIRE, ATTITUDE, and WORK ETHIC are all applicable in this case.  Talk about each of these character traits and how they relate to your business.  Pass around the “Keep that Million Dollar Attitude” (PR70242) sticker and have them put it in their notebooks for this month’s theme.

3)  The contestants divide up into tribes and alliances are created.  How does being a   member of a team and creating alliances help your business?
As a member of a TEAM you have someone you can count on.  You don’t have to do everything all by yourself.  When the going gets tough, there are others there to help you.  Alliances or friendships are developed within your team.  Having a friend who understands your situation can brainstorm with you and help you get over the tough stuff.  Team members also cheer for team members when they are successful (and offer encouragement when you are down.)  When you are working TOGETHER as a TEAM you can accomplish so much more because you are all pulling together.  You can brainstorm of ways to overcome the obstacles and give each other a “hand up” when the going gets rough.  Pass around the “TEAM” (PR70179) sticker and have them put it in their notebooks to reinforce this concept.
Another example of ALLIANCES can be people in other party plans besides our own.  We can learn by attending different parties.  We help each other when we purchase our own gifts and personal needs from people within the “party plan/ direct sales” industry rather than going to the local store.

4)  In the show, contestants face different challenges.  What challenges do you face in your business?
In the show, some of the challenges are harder for certain contestants than for others.  The same is true in your business. Discuss with your team the different challenges they face.  Decide what you can do as a TEAM to help overcome those challenges.  In your discussion, bring out how challenges make us stronger and how they help us to develop into strong leaders.  During a challenge it was often necessary for contestants to get out of their COMFORT ZONE.  They were able to do this because they were encouraged by their team members, and they saw other team members do it (so they knew it wouldn’t kill them.)  You have members of your team that have met challenges and overcome them.  Select a few team members to share some of their experiences so others can see that it can be done (and it won’t kill them!)

5)  In the show, contestants voted others out.  How does this relate to your business?
In your business, team members are not voted out*, but people tend to vote themselves out by their attitude.  When they are not willing to do what is necessary to make their business successful, they are letting themselves down.  Remember, “Winners never quit! Quitters never win!”
*We don’t like to think that we would vote someone off our team, but isn’t NOT INCLUDING someone on our team the same thing?  We need to be sure to WELCOME each new member to our team and to get them involved immediately.  Help them to create alliances and feel part of your team.  Use the “Welcome to the team!” Postcards and stickers for those new team members to help them feel included.  You can give them a “New Consultant” Button to wear at your meetings that reminds everyone to welcome them.  BONUS:  They can wear the button around town and it will generate comments.  People love helping people get new businesses off the ground!

6)  In the show, contestants face different challenges that allowed them privileges.
It was great to see that when those contestants came back, the others were GLAD for their success.  Some even gave up themselves on a challenge specifically to help another team member.  Discuss how you are happy for the accomplishments of your team members and how you  want EVERYONE to be successful.  (This is one of the reasons we recommend that you give challenges that EVERYONE can WIN and be recognized for achieving LEVELS rather that just the top winning.)

7)  In the show, contestants received different SURVIVAL items.
Discuss what the SURVIVAL items you have as members of your team and in your company.  Your company provides catalogs, invitations, training manuals, etc. so each member of your team has what is necessary to be successful.  We, at The Booster, provide items that many consider to be SURVIVAL items such as stickers, postcards, buttons, etc.

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