LMP-12 Choose to Win- Let the Journey Begin Theme Meeting
Make the conscious choice to make life and your business a WINNING journey

I changed this training a little from what I originally planned… 

The original plan was to call it “Crusin’ to a Girls Night Out” tied to the journey and we will still discuss that concept- but I decided to tie the concept first to Choose to Win! 

Why?  Because as I was thinking about this I realized that we are all on a journey, but it is making the conscious choice to make it a WINNING journey that sets the tone to our life.  Everything we do each and every day is part of our journey.  We need to have a goal so we know where we are going, but what is our purpose?  Where are we headed and are we enjoying the journey?  I’ve created a variety of products that go with this theme so as your team looks at them during the upcoming weeks and months that they will remember what you’ve discussed and be inspired to “Choose to Win” in their daily journey. 

 Start this “memory connection” by passing around the stickers for them to put in and on their notebooks.  PR71066SET or PR71066A.
 Concept & Activity: 

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie “The Sound Of Music.”  I know when I think of that movie I picture Maria in the meadow of the mountain spinning around, appreciating the beauty around her and singing, “The Hills are alive with the sound of music” .  She was a nun, and the other nuns couldn’t quite figure Maria out.  She was happy, excited, and enthused about life.  The nuns in the story thought this was frivolous.  But think of how HAPPY Maria was.

Many equate SUCCESS with money and prestige.  Do you?  Are money and prestige the reasons WHY you joined your company?  We are prone to apply the term successful to those who look prosperous or wealthy, or appear to have scaled the pinnacle of accomplishment in their own particular profession. Whether a man or woman be a doctor, lawyer, leader, manager, financier, builder, politician, admiral, general, actor, airline pilot, director, or  athlete, their title is often associated with success. But is that really success to everyone?

Have your team members write down WHY they joined the company.  Then, ask them to write down what they consider to be SUCCESS.  Take a moment and invite them to share their reasons.

I have to admit that I have been poor, and, I have had enough money to meet my needs … having money is better than being poor.  But is money the answer to enjoyment in life?  In my opinion, SUCCESS is to be HAPPY.  Having enough money to meet my needs makes life easier, less stressful, and brings a level of comfort.  But, money in itself is NOT what brings happiness.  There is no real joy or happiness in the accumulation of material possessions.

There are too many people today who are so miserable in this life that they cannot stand themselves. They are seeking any avenue of escape—to get out of this life, even to taking their own lives. Many of these people have material possessions heaped up in piles all around them—and many of their associates would say they were successful. But material possessions have not made them happy.  There are others who are struggling financially yet still seem to be “Happy!”  Success in its practical application seems to be more a state of mind than anything else. 

In order to be happy, it is particularly important that we learn that everything has it’s price and not expect something for nothing. This seems to be what life is all about—to teach us the lesson that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  We cannot receive something for nothing.  It comes down to our ATTITUDE!  I really believe that HAPPINESS is a choice!

 Let’s get back to the journey.  Where are you going?  Earlier you asked your team to write down why they joined the company and what they consider to be success.  Now have them write down where they are going.  What are their long term (or maybe mid-length) goals?  Invite a few to share their thoughts.

 Explain how important it is to know where you are going.  We have a postcard and sticker that says, “You can’t hit the bulls-eye if your don’t have a target.”  You have to know where your journey is taking you or you will wander aimlessly, never quite accomplishing anything.

 Now, that you’ve decided where you are going, let’s discuss the actual journey.  How many times do we get so caught up in the journey, or the preparation for the journey, that we become miserable and make everyone else miserable in the process.  I can remember all the preparation involved in leaving on a family vacation back when my children were young.  I was usually so stressed before we were leaving that I was yelling at everyone.  Tensions would run so high that it was uncomfortable in the car.  Things were especially bad if I had a time deadline.  I finally came to the realization, that I was making life miserable for everyone, and a trip that was supposed to be fun was a chore.  I decided I needed to “chill” as my kids put it, and relax and enjoy the process.  I decided I wanted to RAVE about life rather than RANT about it!

Let’s talk about the RAVE concept.
R= Responsibility.  Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions.
A= Accept.  Accept that others are responsible for themselves.  (If the kids forget to pack a swim suit, they won’t be able to go swimming!)
V= Value. Value each person for their contribution to your family, team, and life!
E= Enthusiasm & Energy. Tackle each thing that happens in your life with enthusiasm and energy and your attitude will improve.  Since first developing this RAVE concept years ago, I’d like to add one more E word- EMPATHY.  To understand where others are coming from and not judge  or prejudge them.

LIFE is something to RAVE about.  There are wonderful things to be found in every part of every day.  But, unfortunately, some of us get into RUTS  and before long the ruts are controlling us.

The great French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre once conducted a fascinating experiment with processionary caterpillars, so called because they tend to march in unison.  He lined them around the inner edge of a flowerpot and then monitored them carefully as they marched in a circle.  At the end of the third day, he placed some pine needles, which is the favorite food of caterpillars, in the center of the pot.  They continued walking for four more days without breaking rank.  Finally, one at a time, they rolled over and died of starvation, just inches from their ideal food source.

Does this make you think of today’s moms.  Most are trudging around in circles from morning to night, exhausted and harried, wondering how in the world they can get everything done.  Many are employed full-time while also taking care of families, chauffeuring kids, fixing meals, cleaning the house, and trying desperately to maintain their marriages, friendships, family relationships, and spiritual commitments and have enough money to meet their family’s needs.  It is a backbreaking load.  Are you one of these harried women running in endless circles?  Have you found yourself too busy to read a good book, take a long walk with your spouse, or hold your child on your lap and tell him or her a story?

I was talking with a friend a while ago.  She is a young mother with several small children.  I, on the other hand, have raised my kids and I’m now enjoying the benefits of grandchildren.  She commented, “I was at my mom’s and she kept telling me to “be patient” and “enjoy the kids” and I wanted to say to her, “Don’t you remember!  Life is crazy and there is just too much to do!”  I replied, “Yes, I think she does remember and that is why she is giving you the advice to “be patient.”  Have you ever heard the successful business man say in his old age, “I wish I had spent more time at work, or I wish I had spent more time away from my family?”  I have usually heard just the opposite.

When you choose a way of life, remember this:  A man traveled along a paved highway.  Finally the pavement ended and ahead stretched a dirt road in poor condition as far as the eye could see over the level prairie to the horizon.   Where the dirt road began there stood a weathered sign which read: “Choose your rut now because you’ll be in it for the next twenty miles.”

 What RUT have you chosen?  Why did you get into this business?  Is it because you wanted to have more time to spend with your family and friends?  You have all heard the adage, “Take the time to smell the roses.”  Sometimes life can be so hectic that we don’t even SEE the rose, let alone take time to smell it.  So, HOW can we make things better?

 1)  Understand, that there will be times when commitments make it difficult to take the extra time we would like.  But, we need to remember to have a plan for our journey and don’t take on commitments that will lead us away the path that is our primary goal.  Learn to say no, but also be willing to serve as needed. (For what goes around comes around and you will be blessed.)  Give everyone the Choose to Win Erase Board (EB7132) for them to write their goals and a PLAN.  It reminds them “I CHOOSE TO WIN!”

2)  LOOK for the roses along the way.  I was driving along a new freeway that cuts across the upper bench in Salt Lake City.  It is a beautiful stretch of freeway and you can look out across the entire valley.  I’ve often decided to take that route as it is so scenic.  I noticed that they were putting up sound walls to keep the traffic noise from disturbing the people in the homes in the area.  At first, I felt very sad for the people who had to travel this road every day as their view was being cut off.  All they would be able to see was the sides of their “rut.”  Then, I realized there were other things to view.   They could still see up the mountain on the other side of the road.  They could still glance up to the sky and let their imaginations run wild by making things out of the clouds.  They could still appreciate the sun or the stars.  They could even try glancing at people in other cars and smiling at them.  There are many opportunities to make a “positive” out of the drive – our ATTITUDES make the difference.  Our desire to move from the “rut,” to see beyond it, and try to change depends upon our attitude.  Be like Maria and find the beauty and the music around you.  Give everyone the “Choose to Win” Button.  Suggest they put it in their car, on the visor or a ribbon hanging from the mirror.  Challenge them to ask themselves, “What am I doing that shows I am choosing to win today?” each time they see it.

So, how do we apply this to our business?  I am NOT suggesting to stop doing parties or shows.  What I am suggesting is that you find the positives in your business which will enable you to be HAPPY in what you are doing. When you set your goals and are at least moving in the right direction, then you ARE successful.  

Here are just a few of the positives:

1: This is where we bring in the “Girls Night Out” part of the theme: YOU GET TO ENJOY the people you meet.  Use your business as an opportunity to develop relationships and make friends!  Find satisfaction in doing a good job and meeting the needs of your customers. 

 Business Basics:  
 This is a good time to talk about this month’s consultant training- Key 6A: Planting Seeds!  This is how your attract people to YOU and your business!  Remind your team of the joys of working with people you like.

2: Build your team. It is so exciting to help others grow.  Share your opportunity with others and be a “gardener” in helping them to mature in the business.  There are two ways to make yourself feel better – you can either tear others down, or build them up. When you build them up, you are all going up together and it is a wonderful experience.  Praise them, let them know they are absolutely AWESOME!

3: Plan your parties around your family activities and plan your family activities around your parties.  Consistent Activity = Consistent Income.  If you have a plan, and include your family in the reasons and rewards, they will be as excited as you are, and they’ll be willing to help.  Your business will become a positive in your life and theirs.

4: Give everyone one of the “Choose to Win” postcards (PP70734) and have them write 3 things they will do during this month.  Remind them to mail the postcard back to you once they’ve transferred the info to their “Make a Difference” Erase Board.

 Make a decision today that you want to do more than “Chase the caterpillar!”  Realize that there are beautiful things that can inspire you and make your journey more pleasurable.  “Choose to Win- Let the Journey Begin!  

Share the poem on the team card and give one to everyone. (TC70162)  When you are doing the right things for the right reasons, things begin to fall into place.  That does not mean the road will always be smooth.  We are meant to have challenges and learn to overcome them.  But, change your attitude to be grateful for all that you DO have.  Be thankful for the business you have and the opportunity you have to help others.  Be grateful for your family, and that this business allows you to have the flexibility you need.  You truly have the best of both worlds!  You can excel in your profession and you can excel in your family life!  Go easy on yourself.  You don’t have to be super-mom.  You just have to be consistent, and continue working toward your goals. 

Remember, it is the JOURNEY that is important.  Are you waiting until you reach a ripe old age when you can look at your accumulated wealth to finally feel good about yourself?  Or, do you want to feel good about yourself every day?  Look at your accomplishments on a daily basis (or maybe even an hourly basis.)  Find something to feel good about.  This will build a habit that will help you through the rough times.

 Follow-up & Motivation:  Send your team cards and notes letting them know you think they are Awesome!  Praise them.  Help them to feel good about themselves.  Remember, the way to greater achievement is through POSITIVE reinforcement.  Help your team to see all the benefits.  Help them to FOCUS on what they are doing right!  “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it.”

 Follow up by sending the “Choose to Win Bookmark!’ (BM71419)  Put the stickers on anything you mail to them.  Use the Choose to Win Postcards too!  The more often they see the graphics they more they’ll be reminded of your meeting and their goals.

 Preparation List:
______  Send an invitation to your meeting.  Use the  “Choose to Win” Postcard with TEXT- we can even personalize it for you!

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