Dreams in Action… The more action you take the more progress
you make!
Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!

What are “Dreams in Action?” We all know how important it is to have a dream or goal. I’m sure you’ve already learned it is necessary for you to identify your dreams and goal… to actually WRITE THEM DOWN, but really, how many of you have actually done it?

Identifying your dreams and aspirations is actually the FIRST step to making them come true. Then you need to look at your “dream” and break it down into achievable and believable goals. Yes, we have to BELIEVE that our dreams can come true. As the Disney song goes, “Get your head in the game!” Believing is a factor of success but not the only one! You must decide on ACTION STEPS that will enable you to achieve your dream. But then you must TAKE ACTION! “Dreams in Action” occur when you are actually DOING what is necessary to make the dreams come true!

Understand that making dreams come true usually encompass a process! Unfortunately, many envision their dream as an accomplished fact but neglect to determine what actions are going to take them from where they are to the realization of their dream! Rarely is it an instant jump! Even those who have the dream of winning the lottery must a least go out and buy a lottery ticket!
So, let’s break this concept down into the simple steps we’ve just discussed. 1) Identify the dream, 2) Break the dream into achievable goals, 3) Belief, 4) Plan, and 5 Action.

1) Identify the dream! Make it real! Write it down! Some do vision boards to help them to actually SEE the results. You have to actually HAVE a dream to to make it come true. You can actually have dreams for different parts of your life. When I was younger and had kids as home, I had a dream of being a grandma, surrounded by a loving family and I also had a dream of building my business to help hundreds of thousand to not only boost their businesses, but to make more money in less time so they would have more time to spend with their families. With a lot of hard work and focus I’ve been blessed to be able to fulfill BOTH those dreams. So, what are YOUR dreams? Just picture them and write them down. In the rest of this training we are going to discuss primarily your business dreams, but keep in mind that they must coincide with your personal dreams as well.

2) Break the dream into achievable goals. Realistically look at your dream and take it in a step by step process to divide it into achievable goals. If it is your dream to walk across the stage at your next conference, you’ll need to have parties booked and generate sales. You must put the horse in front of the cart. First things first.

In each of our 12 training themes (that go with the Dreams in Action theme) we are going to take your business and break it into the 12 Key Pack Themes and each month we will discuss specific concepts and ideas to create greater success in each key area.

3) Belief! We hear all the time about the importance of BELIEF and I agree that believing is very important. But, it is only part of the formula to achieve your dreams.

Think about this: If you are in a room that is getting dark and you want more light, what would you do?

Is it enough to BELIEVE that the light will turn on? I would bet that no matter how much you visualize the light turning on, and believe with all your might that the light will turn on, that that alone will not turn the light on. What will? Actually going to the switch and flipping it will usually turn the light on! (Now I say usually, because the electricity must be flowing and the wires must be connected properly and it must be a working fixture and bulb, but if all those elements are in place, you should get light.)
But, the next question is WHY would you flip the switch? As an adult, your experience has taught you that that is the action you need to take to make it happen. You BELIEVE that if you flip the switch, the light will come on. But as a child that has never seen a light turned on, would they even know to walk over to the switch?

So, I contend, that we must first BELIEVE, but we have to have something to believe in! When it comes to your business, you must learn, then believe in the concepts and principles that will work to achieve your goals. Too many think belief alone will be enough, and though I wholeheartedly agree that your mental position and belief in your own success is a vital part of the equation, the actual DOING something, putting yourself in a position that the universe can help you, will enable your dreams to come true at a much faster pace. I love this quote: “Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!” as it is a combination of the believe and visualization of your dream and the DOING to make it reality!
(Leaders, pass this sticker S71082 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.)

4) Plan. You have to have a plan! Yes, some people achieve a level of success without one, but the quickest way to your dreams is to have a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Remember the slogan, “Without a destination, any road will get you there!” The same is true in without a plan, you are bound to end up off track at times. Decide now to take the time to have a plan of ACTION. In each of our Key Pack training (consultant level) we have always given an ACTION PLAN. It consists of the things to DO immediately to begin implementing the training we offer. You may want to incorporate some of those action steps into your plan for each month (Leaders: print off the Action Steps each month for your team to help them in developing their own plan of action! They are in the full PDF training you can download and then just print multiples of that page and cut in half.)

5 Action! Yes ACTION is necessary. You must put one foot in front of the other, moving in the right direction. If you go home from this meeting and just continue to do what you are already doing, you will not progress to a different level. Dreams in Action is a process! It is a process of taking action! “The more Action you take, the more Progress you make!” (Leaders, pass this sticker S71081 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.) So this is our theme for the coming months. Dreams in Action! The more Action you take, the more Progress you make! Each month we will discuss different things you can do to achieve your dreams for your business.

for Leaders:
This theme is intended to be your theme for the year. It of course could be used for just one meeting but we have plans for it to be used throughout the year.
Included in this pack are products to make it easy to use this as a basic theme that you can refer to each month.

It is essential that you make your meeting not only motivational but that they actually LEARN some specific things to do to boost their business! The actual theme part of each month’s training will go along with the “Dreams in Action” but we encourage you to spend MORE time actually discussing the topic from the basic Key Pack Training. Yes, it is important to motivate your team and keep them believing, but as we discussed it is the ACTION they take that will make the difference for them. Remember, when we talked about BELIEVING that when you flip the switch the light will come on? Teaching your team and sharing your testimonials of how they will work in their businesses is like teaching the child about the light switch. As you share your experiences of how a simple 2¢ sticker impacted your business they will begin to believe as well. As they BELIEVE, then they will DO! As you discuss the different techniques and concepts we offer, share your direct knowledge of their impact (or share some of the testimonials from our website.) WE KNOW IT WORKS based on the thousands of customers who have taken the time to let us know of the impact. Your team needs to believe it so they will come to KNOW it too!

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

Meeting invitation reads:  We will discuss all this as we meet, We’re saving you a seat!
“Dreams in Action” is our theme
& You’re an important part of our team!
Please plan to be there… because we care!

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