If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything. This is all about HOW to identify your dreams and help others to identify theirs!

Dreams In Action!   WHY dreams are so important?  Because: Dreams Create Futures!  You have to HAVE a dream to MAKE a dream come true!  If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything.  You are just taking what comes, you have nothing in front of you to encourage you to move forward.

HINT for Leaders:
Many leaders think they need to be PUSHING their team to achieve.  But GREAT LEADERS find out what is important to their team members and encourage THEM to strive to achieve their dreams and goals.  Leaders should of course TEACH their team HOW to be effective in working their business … that is why we offer the TEAM THEME MEETING PLANS!  The other responsibility of a leader is to encourage, motivate and inspire their team to believe in themselves and aspire to achieve their dreams.  Leaders can’t and shouldn’t even try to do the work for them.  Leaders should be an example and “coach” their team to use their talents to achieve!  You as a leader are there to observe, give advice, point them in the right direction to find their own answers and then be their cheerleader!

Concept cont:
What does “Dreams Create Futures!” mean to you?  (Give everyone the “Dreams Create Futures Sticker (S65083) to put in their notebooks.   How can this be applied to your business?  How do you think having a dream will help you in your business?
(Discuss this concept with your team.)

Now, think about how this slogan can be used in your businesses.  How much more (and more effectively) do hosts work when they KNOW what they are working toward?  How can asking this question of “What’s your dream?”  impact your business?  Do you think that if you actually ASK your guests what their dream is that you would learn more about them?  Once you know what it is that they are looking for…. how could you then help them?

Discuss this concept and then ask how you could use these stickers in your catalogs and order forms to get people thinking about what it is that they want! Give everyone a strip of the “What’s Your Dream? stickers S65258 to use in their catalogs. What kind of impact might this slogan have if you wear the Button B65258 around town?

PDF-Key1-Boost your Bookings

Business Basics:
These concepts of dreams lead directly to Key Area Training- Key 1: Booking! There are so many aspects that it can be applied to. Do you have a dream for your business? What is it? How many parties to you need to have in order to achieve your dream?
Understand that as you set that goal – it WILL create your future as you work towards achieving it!



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