You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training discusses the importance of BOTH

Dreams!  Why all this talk about dreams?  You hear and see it everywhere! In fact “Dreams in Action” is our annual theme!  We are using lots of other “Dream” slogans:  What is your dream? Go after your dream! Your dream is alive! Dreams create futures!  And on and on and on…

But, what REALLY is your dream?   Why is it so important to have dreams?  Aren’t dreams what you have when you are asleep and most times you can’t even remember them?

Why should we even discuss or focus on dreams?  We call them dreams, but goals is really what we’re discussing.  However, when you attach emotion to a goal, it becomes a dream.

Dreams are the first step to creating your reality.  The dream is what you have to have before the goal.  Dreams are things in the future.  Goals bring those dreams into focus on a daily basis.  If you don’t have the dream, it is hard to decide what your goals are.  The dream is what you want and who you want to be.  The goal is the method that takes you toward your dream.  Your dream is like the north star.  It is what guides you.  By focusing on your dream, you are able to develop goals that take you there.

Now, some like to just set a major goal.  They don’t even mention the word dream and I guess that is OK, however; I believe the “Dream” is what drives us in our heart.  Without the dream, it is just a goal.  You reach the goal and go on.

The dream is more integrated into your life.  Your dream has a piece of you in it beyond the goal.    Some have a dream of a better world where people care more about each other.  Some have a dream of a clean environment.  Others have more personal dreams such as sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, or relaxing with someone they love.  Your dream could be building a business that is beneficial to you and your family.  Your dream might be to build a team of people that have fun while working and making money.  Maybe you want to see yourself in that red sports car.  Or it might be more important to you to have time to spend with your children and grandchildren.  Whatever your dream, you must first recognize it and define it.  They may be small dreams, or they may be BIG dreams that are the dreams for your life.  Whatever level, you need to decide what it is you really want to accomplish.

However- there are TWO important elements that have to occur to achieve your dreams.
ONE:  You must BELIEVE!  We talked about the dream (instead of goal) involves your heart.  But BELIEVING involves your HEAD!  You MUST have believable dreams!  You have to be able to SEE yourself in the realization of your dreams!  That is why last month we created VISION Boards!  This is to help you visualize your dream so it becomes believable.  So, practice visualizing your dream as reality!  SEE yourself achieving it!
TWO: Do the work, Do the work, Do the work!  Believing is extremely important but ACTION is equally, if not MORE important!  In fact, I’m a believer in “Fake it till you make it!”  Sometimes, you have to take action and SEE some success for the belief to kick in!
We’ve been discussing all year how important it is to take ACTION!  As you take consistent ACTION to apply the principles to boost your business, you WILL see changes, you will see RESULTS!

Remember, WORK will win when Wishing Won’t!

Business Basics:
This month’s Consultant Level training on Key 3: Attendance is one of the BEST concepts to realize the
importance of “Working” the business because as you put the FOUR stickers on your invitations, and actually mail them yourself, you will see a measurable difference!  You’ll have people bringing friends, booking parties and wanting to know more about your opportunity!
Be sure to share the ABCD formula and apply it to your business!

Included in this Leadership Key Pack is a NEW, To Do Erase Board.  It is a new concept to make it easy to track what needs to be done and SEE where you are in your process.  As your activity, give everyone a board and explain how to use it to help them stay focused and DO THE WORK in their businesses!

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job ChartsHere’s how it works:
It is a DOUBLE size board with 5 sections.  Each section has a header.  I will go through and explain how each section is used.  The idea is to use those SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.  You will MOVE the notes with a TASK written on it from section to section of the board.  The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons.  1- the sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface & 2, if you want to actually write on the board with a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) you can, and then easily erase it.

Now, here’s the concept.  check out the complete idea on this in the POST:

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job Charts

In previous theme meetings we’ve helped you get your dreams in front of you.  Now, with this new TO DO chart, you have something tangible to help focus on the work you need to do to achieve them?  Remember, dreams are your north star.  They are intended to give you direction.  “If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we are heading.” –Chinese proverb.

The emotion of WHY you want these items is an even greater motivation than the item itself.  What is going to be so great about the cruise?  When you have the dream and the reason written down, it provides motivation to work toward achieving the goals that take you toward your dream.

You often hear of opportunities where people tell you that you can make lots and lots of money.  They make it sound so easy.  They lay it in front of you and tell you “all you have to do is ______ and I will help you be rich!”  I and others tend to call these “get rich quick schemes” and a scheme is just what it is.  Occasionally someone will fall into something and they will make tons of money.  This is RARELY, if ever, true.  In most cases it takes lots of hard work!
Give everyone this Bookmark (BM70469) and suggest they put it in their datebook, or an inspirational book they are reading to remind themselves to DO THE WORK!

You’ve seen new celebrities on TV who all of a sudden are in the lime light.  They are an overnight sensation!  In most cases the climb to fame is far from overnight.  How many tables did they wait? How many dogs did they walk? How many dishes did they wash?  Many have spent years going from audition to audition, then they get a job on a show that becomes a hit and they are an overnight sensation!  Anything that is of value takes WORK!

Start TODAY to use the Believe “To Do” Board! (EB7142)  to make it EASY
to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you without re-writing over and over again!

Inspiration: Download the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!

To Believe in your dreams is not enough! You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training introduces a new TO DO Board & System

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