LMP-25- Live your Dreams!

Use this Theme Meeting to motivate your team to identify and LIVE their dreams and help others to do the same.

Use this Theme Meeting to motivate your team to identify and LIVE their dreams and help others to do the same.

Do you realize how many people DREAM of having their own business? Studies have shown that this is the dream of thousands of people! They want to be their own boss! They want flexibility! They want to be able to be paid what they are worth! They want to work from home with all the benefits that come from that.
YOU already have that dream job but are you living it?

Concept/ Story:
“Dreams create futures … You have to have a dream to make a dream come true!”

You probably got into this business thinking that it is a dream job. And you are right! But as time goes on we tend to take things for granted. We get busy with the everyday, mundane, and often hectic things of life and we tend to put the business on the back burner.
Then, we wonder why we aren’t getting from our business what we thought we would.
Well, are you putting forth the same effort you did at the beginning? Are you working your business? Are you making the most of every opportunity?
Achieving your dreams TAKES EFFORT! If you joined your company expecting everything to just be handed to you, then you are probably disappointed and ready to give up.
You have to be working TOWARD something! In order to attract sales and people to you and your business, your attitude about your business has to be positive. You have to be actually LIVING your dream and show it ! (Give one of these Magnets MS63075B to each of your team members.)

Discussion: Ask your team to think about what their lives would be like if they worked a regular 9-5 type of job. Discuss some of these questions:
1) Could you take time off for your 5-year old’s birthday party?
2) How much would it cost you to take a day off and take the kids swimming? Would your boss allow it?
3) Could you take off for every baseball or soccer game?
4) Would your kids be bored during the summer because they would have to be home taking care of themselves?
5) How much would it cost for day-care for ALL your kids for the entire summer? I’m sure you can come up with lots more questions to discuss with your team based upon their individual situations.
What you are trying to help them realize is, that they ARE LIVING THEIR DREAMS everyday with this job. The American Dream is to have your own business because of the flexibility and all the other benefits it offers. Your business IS the American Dream! (Put this sticker in your catalogs by the opportunity information your company has already printed. It will draw attention to the dream they may have and prompt questions.)

Purchase the PDF with Activity, worksheet and more.

Purchase the PDF with Activity, worksheet and more.

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