LMP-02-Your Phone rings in the cash
Ideas on how your phone can ring in the cash!

In this day of technology — the internet, cell phones, email and texting, websites, Facebook, twitter or blogs, we tend to think the telephone is not that important anymore.  This lesson is to remind you that YOUR PHONE STILL RINGS IN THE CASH!  Why?

Because, even with all this technology that is available, it is STILL the personal contact, connections and relationships that build your business.

In this training we are going to touch on LOTS of different areas of your business where the “Phone” is critical to your success.  The GOAL is to get you thinking of how you can use the phone to boost your business.

Let’s start with this question:  What is the big rush to move toward technology instead of the phone?

CALL RELUCTANCE!  For many it is “Call Reluctance!”  WHY don’t people want to pick up the phone?  For some it is plain old FEAR.  What ARE people afraid of?  FEAR tends to be the reason for call reluctance but fear of what?  Do you come up with all kinds of negative things people are going to respond, so you’d rather not make the call?   Do you make lots of excuses NOT to make the calls?  Is your lack of phone skills holding back your success?  An acronym for F.E.A.R. is Fantasized Events Appear Real!  These are some of the symptoms of call reluctance and this can be overcome!  But, just as an alcoholic must admit that they have a drinking problem, you must recognize you have call reluctance.  Then, you can begin to overcome the FEAR and start making money!

OVERCOMING CALL RELUCTANCE – You  can “Ring up success!” It is possible, but you have to have the desire and then take control!

One step is “positive self talk” and getting yourself ready to make those calls.  Give everyone a copy the ACTIVITY page (This worksheet is part of the FREE TRAINING you have access to when you are a member of the KEY PACK CLUB, or you can purchase access to the complete training on our website.)  Take a moment and have everyone write their own positive message.  Then, invite some to shareheir message.  A suggested message could be:

 “I love my products and I know they are of benefit to my customers.  I want to meet the needs of my customers by offering them products that will help them.  I will be enthused and caring with all I talk to. I will remember that NOs are the rain that makes my sales grow”

Now you’re ready (or even if your not) you must:
“Begin calling,

OK, maybe you’ll make a few mistakes and not be as smooth as you want to be, but you’ll be gaining experience and getting better!  You’ll learn how to turn those NO responses into YES responses by learning to ask questions in the right way!

THE SALES CALL– Learn to push the right buttons.  Yes, knowing what to say and how to say it is important, but it is helpful to understand the ORDER of the call to make it most efficient and effective for both of you.  Put these stickers on your phone to remind yourself WHY you are making the calls.  Remember to W.A.I.T.  and LISTEN!

OPENING — introduce yourself.  
WARM UP — get permission to talk to them. (Give them a reference of how they should know you.)  Warm up to them with a few personal comments.  Then ask questions that will get a YES response. 
The REASON — Understand your reason for the call before you make it, but be open to change depending on their response.  (Your reason may be to see if they are interested in learning more about your opportunity.  If they are not, be sure to ask if they have friends that would be, or if they are in need of your products.)
THE QUESTION — Get to the point, don’t keep them on the phone forever with chitchat.   Ask OPEN-ENDED questions that require more than just a yes or no.   Ask questions in a way that will generate a YES response. Once you get them saying YES, it is easier to get a YES to an appointment, booking, or sale!
THE CLOSE — confirm the appointment or booking, review the order, let them know what they can expect next from you.  Then be sure to THANK THEM.

TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES- Learn to push the right buttons.  The most important is to SMILE — it can be heard in your voice.   Challenge your team to get mirrors and keep them by the phones.  Have them position the mirror so they can see themselves.  Encourage them to watch to see if they are smiling.  Put the “Smile” sticker near where you make your calls!

TICKLER FILE HINT —  If you’re leaving messages, make a note on the card (We suggest using the “Customer Care Card” System (V4124)) and put the card in a LM slot in your file.  Then they’re easy to find when they call back, and if they haven’t called in a day or so, you can call them back.

Refer to the “Phone Rules” TEAM CARD CAN WRAP (TC4525CW) included in your key pack.  Give one to each of your team members and discuss the rules and how to implement them in your homes.  (For a fun meeting favor, have everyone bring a clean soup can to the meeting and let everyone make pencil cans to put by the phone where the family takes messages.  Just wrap it around the can and tape.)  Challenge them to take them home and discuss them with their family.  This will help them to remind their children that the phone is their cash register and to develop a family policy of how to handle it if a customer calls while they are on the phone.

PROBLEM CALLS — Books have been written about this but here are just a few suggestions:

— Have an excuse ready to politely close a call with a “long winded” caller. 
— If you’ve made a mistake, take responsibility and apologize.
— If a customer wants what you can not do, offer what you CAN DO and be quite and let them make the next comment. 
— See the “One of Those” PDF download. 
— Remember to keep your conversations friendly but keep in mind that you are trying to do your business not “chitchat” with friends.

BOOKING CALLS  You hear it all the time … if you are low on bookings, make some calls!  You’ve heard the testimonials, you know it works but you just can’t seem to do it.  May I suggest you need to GET READY to make those calls or do a Booking Blitz.  Here are a few hints:

–Many people find themselves “fixin’ to do it!”   They spend all the time preparing and never actually make the calls.  Make a commitment to actually MAKE the calls.
— Prepare a list.  QUICKLY go through your customer files and pull out 25 people to call!
— Jot down a SCRIPT of what you want to say.  Review what we discussed earlier – the Warm Up, Reason, Question & Close and write something down.  This should take no more than 10 minutes and once it is done, it is done for the next time.  Keep it open to jot notes and make adjustments as you go to refine your script.  KEEP it PERSONAL, jot notes on your customer care cards about them when you meet them at the party (or where ever) so you have something to refer to so you can build the relationship.
—  Read through your script a few times and get comfortable.  You don’t want to sound like you are reading a script when you talk to your customers.  Be prepared for objections and offer solutions.  Use the worksheet to be ready for what comes at you.
— Prepare a script for a message.  You want them to call you back so don’t tell them up front that you need a booking.  Say something like, “I was thinking of you and I wanted to tell you Thank You for how you inspired me.  Give me a quick call at ____ as soon as you can. 
—  Then when they call back say something PERSONAL about them that inspired you (their enthusiasm about your product, the way they interacted with their friends at the party where you met, the ideas they shared at the party, etc.) and Thank them and tell them how it touched you.  Then suggest that this is why you thought they might be interested in hosting a party where they could earn free products.
— Make the calls!  Make your goal to call ALL 25!  If you set the goal to just get ___ bookings, you might quit after you get them.  If you get them quick then you are on a roll- keep going to exceed your goal!  If you don’t meet a goal, find another 25 names and keep calling.
— See the BONUS “Booking Blitz” training included with this Leadership Training.  There are ideas, scripts and a motivational mp3 of Jenny B to listen to before you start calling!  (This is FREE as a member of the Key Pack club.)

ENCOURAGE HOSTS TO MAKE REMINDER CALLS– Have you ever thought about it that your hosts might have “Call Reluctance” too?  So what can you do?  Give them REASONS to make the calls that will overcome their fears.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

— Find the 5 stickers.  Use the LS2259 Sticker on the host “Phone Reminder” postcard. (See KEY 2 Postcards) Put a unique sticker on 5 invitations and challenge your host to find the 5 guests.  (See more instructions under LS2259 online.)
— Give your host our new “Your Calling Card to Success” .  Fill it out and review it when giving your host packets.  Explain that it is some extra incentive to make the reminder calls.  It actually has a sample script of what to say when they are making the calls.  (If they don’t know what to say this will give them confidence.)  Share with them what prizes they can win!
— Prizes:  This can be done as your own individual challenge, giving prizes to the hosts in a month or quarter that had the greatest sales and made the most calls.  (If there is a tie, draw a winner. ) 
 Or BIGGER prizes can be offered if you do it as a TEAM challenge.  Everyone on the team that wants to participate would put a sum of money into the “prize pot” for each party they hold or a set amount.  Then at the end of the month, all cards would be brought to your meeting and winners determined.  At the time you do your host coaching you’ll let them know what the prizes might be and fill it in on the card.  Of course you get the cards back from your hosts when you close their party.
 You could offer a BONUS for the person who fills all the boxes on her card (45).

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