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Make a Difference Theme Meeting Plan

The concept of “Make a Difference!” This has so many different applications. Of course it has to do with making an income, but it is so much more!

As I think of making a difference I think of all the little things we do everyday in our lives that have a ripple effect on us, our families, our communities and ultimately the world.

As you present this them for the year you will be sharing with your team that individually and as a team you have the opportunity to “Make a Difference” and to encourage them to look at what they do with that perspective.

Let’s discuss some areas you can make a difference:

1 — Individually.

As you seek success in your business you learn to depend upon yourself. You’ll find as you strive to learn and apply success principles that your self esteem grows and you become stronger and even more committed to the things that are important to you.

2 — Family.

Your business has the potential to have MANY positive impacts on your family. First, I’ll mention income and the difference even a few extra dollars can make to the family budget. Then, as you become more successful you’ll find that the income you make can lift financial burdens and make life easier. There is also a satisfaction that comes from earning an income. But money is just the start of the ripple effect on your family.

As you build your business you’ll find the advantages of being able to work your business around your family events. You’ll find the value to your children of teaching them to work, by involving them and letting them reap the rewards with you. They’ll learn some life lessons by watching you learn and grow. The list goes on and on, these are just to get you thinking.

3 — Your customers.

In effectively running your business you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the customers you serve. You’ll be bringing them a product that will enhance their lives as well as your SERVICE that will touch them. You’ll build friendships and relationships that you will cherish.

4 — Your hosts.

You will take that customer relationship a step further by helping your host to be successful. They will achieve their goals and learn lessons from their hard work. You’ll be helping some to branch out of their comfort zones by entertaining their friends, learning to share your product, and reaching for and achieving goals that they set.

5 — Your team members.

When you invite people to join your team and help them find their own success you will be rewarded financially, but the reward of helping them to grow far outweighs that. It is so exciting to help people become butterflies and fly! As a member of a team, you have the chance to learn and be involved in team success. You become a cheerleader for your friends and are thrilled with their successes. You learn to learn from others and how to work in a give and take experience.

6 — Your community.

You’ll find many opportunities to contribute to your community. Whether it is offering fund raisers, teaching a class, volunteering in an organization (because you can work your business around the other things you want to do) or helping out at your kids school, you’ll find you are in a position to “Make a Difference!’

This list is just to get you thinking of all the ways you and your business can make a difference! Often, when thinking of business things we just look at the monetary benefits, but in the party plan / direct sales profession you have the chance to do so much more! This concept is to open your eyes to the HUGE impact you can have and encourage you to envision what you can do!

Coming to this realization and then having a vision of what can be done are the first steps in setting goals! We have a sticker that says, “Dreams create futures! You have to have a dream to make a dream come true!” That is SO TRUE! Another one is “If you don’t have a destination, any road will get you there!” It is important that you set goals so you know where you are headed. We hope one of your goals for this year is to “Make a Difference” and then, break that goal down into specific things you want to achieve.

Here is the list of product and how to use them in the order you will present them during your meeting:

 PP20692C – 2012 Make a Difference Postcard.  This can be use as an invitation to your 2012 kick-off meeting.  You can then use it during the year to follow up with notes, reminders, etc.  There is a FREE TEMPLATE which shows you exactly where to print YOUR information onto the cards.  This makes it so easy for you to print up invitations.  We can also print them for you  see the PP20692CPR item to have us print YOUR contact info along the bottom.  Or we also have one set up as an invitation we can print for you or you can order and just fill in the blanks.  It is the same item number followed by a T or TPR.

PR70143-SET sheet of stickers.  These are printed on our combo sheet, but each of the designs are available separately.  You’ll be using these stickers throughout the year on everything you send to your team, reminding them to “Make a Difference.” (PR70140, 41 or42)
 We highly recommend that you encourage your team to bring a notebook to your meetings where they will keep notes on your training.  We’ve discussed before the importance of putting things in front of them that will remind them of your meeting over and over again, thus getting more “bang for your buck!”  Every time they see the slogan, your meeting concepts and challenges will filter through their mind.  So, as you begin your meeting, pass around the stickers and invite them to put them in TWO to THREE places. (You’ll do this each month with the different “theme” stickers.)
1) On the FRONT or back of their notebook.
2) One on the TOP of the page where they begin their notes for that meeting. 
3) TAB the page where those notes begin by putting one sticker on the front of the page an another on the back, overlapping the page and letting half the sticker stand out to make a tab.
(2 & 3 make it EASY for them to find those specific notes and refresh what they are to do.  #1 reminds them of the theme every time they look at the notebook.)

TC70150 — Make a Difference Poem Team Card.  Give everyone a copy of the poem before you read it to them.  Invite them to take it home and put is somewhere where they will read it everyday to motivate and encourage them.  (Tell them you’ll reward those who do it at your next meeting!)
B70492 —  Make a Difference Button.  Give this as a prize while playing the Bingo game until everyone receives one.  Talk about the power of a “Mantra” or thing they say over and over again to train their brains to accept and work toward a goal.  Ask them to put this button on the visor in their car and encourage them to look at it every time they get in their car.  Then to challenge themselves to “Make a Difference” as they are driving or get out of the car.  When they get back in, suggest they ask themselves, “What did I do that made a difference?”  This accountability will create an awareness!  Maybe they just smiled at someone, or held the door open, or let someone in traffic, or waved to a neighbor.  All these little things have a ripple effect in the lives of others.  You may not know the difference you make, but if you actively TRY, chances are they will be good differences.

EB7135 — 2012 Make a Difference ERASEBOARD. (Or EB7136 without the 2012)
This Board has 3 different sections.  First, a place to write your goal for the year.  What do you want to see happen?  You may want to include goals for self, family and business.  Setting goals that you will see everyday helps you to stay focused and envision what you want to have happen.

 The next section is “What I will do NOW:”  We put this on the erase board because no matter what you teach them, if they don’t go home and TAKE ACTION and begin to apply the things they’ve learned, there will be little benefit.  So, what we want to do is create a way for you to implement an ACTION step into every meeting. 
We’ve developed a postcard PP70693C I’ll make a difference.  What we suggest is that at the end of every meeting you give them this card.

Ask them to write on the card what concepts that they have just learned during your meeting that they will begin to implement immediately.  Actually give them a few minutes to fill in the card AT your meeting.  This will help them cement those concepts in their minds.  Then ask them to take the card home and transfer their list onto the Erase Board.  Once they have done this, ask them to mail the card back to you. (You may want to put your address sticker on the reverse side before you give it to them or have them all put your address on it at the same time.)  WHY?  First, they are consciously thinking about what you’ve taught them and how it will apply to them as they fill out the card.  When they transfer the info onto the EB they commit again.  When they mail it back to you, they are making yet another commitment.  Now, what are YOU going to do with those cards?

That’s where the HC1036 — Make A Difference Bag comes in.  First use it as a decoration at your meeting.  Then, during the meeting explain how the bag will be used throughout the year: 

When you get those cards in the mail each month, keep them all together. 
When you get to your meeting, refer to the cards as you refresh what you taught and discussed the previous month.  Invite your team members to share their achievements and challenges.  Then, put the cards in the bag and use them for your drawings that you do throughout the meeting!  You’ll KEEP those cards in the bag and the next month bring the bag back again for more cards to be entered. 
(NOTE:  This is why the BAG is perfect.  It folds down, with the cards inside and next month, just open it up again and put it on the table.  Small and compact — easy to transport!) 

Knowing they have more chances to win will not only encourage them to mail in the card (And it MUST BE MAILED IN TO QUALIFY) but it will keep them attending meetings and following up on the concepts because they MUST be in attendance to win and the more meetings they attend and the more cards they send back, the more chances to win they will have!

Now, the third section of the erase board: What I will KEEP doing.  At your meeting you’ll discuss what worked from the previous challenges they took upon themselves and you’ll ask the to think about which things they are for sure going to KEEP DOING!  When they get home, ask them to move an item or two they are going to keep doing onto that part of the board and erase the bottom section and fill it in with the new information.  This keeps the board fresh and interactive and it is used all year long. 

Too many time we incorporate something new into our business and then in the excitement of trying yet another NEW concept we stop doing what brought us success.  This board is to keep these new habits fresh and right in front of us until they become an automatic part of doing business.

BC7702 — Make a Difference Reward Card.  These Team REWARD cards are another way to encourage members to work toward a greater goal.  You can set these up to be anything you want them to be.  See the download under the DOWNLOAD TAB of this product on the website for more instructions and ideas on using these for a “quick start” or for existing team members.

BM70412 2012 Make a Difference Bookmark  As you close your meeting give everyone the bookmark  (also available without the 2012 if using at a later time BM70413.) and tell them that you believe in them and have faith that they WILL make a difference during the coming year.  Give everyone the bookmark and ask them to put it in their day planner and every time they look at it to ask themselves the question, What am I doing NOW?

TC70150CD Make a Difference Poem CARD  These cards are great to send to team members during the year.  The inside is blank so you can write a personal note.  Send it to those you want to recognize for making a difference.

Make the Difference AWARDS  These will be coming.  Fun awards you can give to those you want to recognize each month for making a difference.  Be watching. 

Make aDifference Team Pack
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  1. I have adopted the theme and am not sure what and how to order. I would like to have it for my personal team, and others in my zone. Therefore, I am not really interested in the whole package here for each. Am I able to order the poem, postcards, stickers separately? thanx


    • Hi Donita, I’m glad you like the theme. Sure, you can order the items seperately. If you follow the link at the bottom of the idea it takes you to the CATEGORY where all the products are shown individually. Here is the direct link: http://www.thebooster.com/337-lmp-05-make-a-difference Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Jenny B


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