Catalog Stickers Pack
A variety of stickers to put in your catalogs to boost sales!

Do you get excited when your company releases a NEW Catalog? 

New catalogs are fun and great for business because customers are excited to see the new products you have to offer.

New catalogs also offer you several ways to promote your business.   Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send a NEW CATALOG postcard to customers letting them know your new catalog is now available(or will be available ???) (Use PP40572CT with the text already on it—just fill in the blanks, or print your OWN information on PP40572C using our easy, FREE, templates.  Better yet- have US print your info on the postcards for you!  See PR40572CTPR.   Postcards are “Cheap” to send compared to sending the actual catalog.   Then if the customer is interested they can call you.    Be sure to follow up with phone calls once you’ve mailed the postcards. 
  • Use the BRAND NEW CATALOG POSTCARD PP40572C without text to invite people to an OPEN HOUSE to see the catalog and new products.   (Use the easy FREE templates to write your own text and print them yourself onto these eye-catching postcards.)
  • Need an “Open House Invitation? ” You could also use the “Treat yourself – You Deserve it ” (PP40617),   “From your candle lady” (PP50303), “Jewelry makes the difference ” (PP40566) “Wild about Jewelry” (PP40616) or “Keeping in touch” (PP50377) the same way and several others the same way!  Think outside the box… use  “I’m so excited to work with you” (PP20276)
  • Put “Call me for a catalog” stickers (S40200) on things you mail to previous customers.   (Use the postcards mentioned above and put this sticker on the FRONT of the postcard to draw more attention and remind them of what you want them to do.)
  • Put the NEW CATALOG stickers (S33122) on your invitations to get them excited.
  • Get your customers more excited about your products by putting the “It’s even more impressive in person” stickers (S43478) on invitations so they’ll want to come to the party to see your products.
  • NOW- when a new catalog comes out that means you may have OLD catalogs left.   Use them to get your name out there.   Put the  “Old Catalog” sticker (LS4110) on the front of those old catalogs and leave them in Doctor’s waiting rooms, Beauty Salons, any kind of waiting room, etc. where people can take them if they are interested.   The poem on the Old Catalog sticker reads, “Though the date on the catalog may be old, just look inside and you’ll be sold.   Many great products you will see, call me to learn how to get some FREE!”   (LS4110)
  • We have another sticker you can put on old catalogs: , it reads. “Like what you see?   You will love our latest catalog! Call me to learn how to get some free!” (LS4263 – 16/sheet)
  • Be sure to have your information on the back of the catalog with an invitation to call you.   Make it look really professional by using the Printable Sticker “Call me anytime to place an order” PSA4204.   You can download the FREE template or have us print them for you (PSA4204PR)
  • If you are ready to start promoting Christmas  use our “New Holiday Catalog” postcards and stickers!
  • Some companies are just introducing your new catalog but you have to use your old catalogs a little while longer .   The problem is, some of the items have been discontinued.   Use these stickers by those products so customers don’t get their mind made up to purchase something and find out it is gone. “Sorry, no longer available” (S40280) or “Temporarily out of stock” (S43162) if something similar is being introduced in your new catalog.
  • If you have a BUNCH of products that are being discontinued prepare a few “MASTER” copies of your catalog with the “Sorry no longer available” sticker over the gone products and pass that master copy around for people to look at before they order.

Remember to PREPARE your NEW catalogs to help you in EVERY “Key area” of your business!

Many of my customers that are seeing a tremendous difference in their businesses from using Booster products!  They tell me they put a sticker on every TWO pages in their catalogs.  They’ve said it is so interestesting to watch people look at the catalogs at the party.

Here’s what they do:  When they turn the page they will immediately notice the sticker, look at the product the sticker is near, glance at the rest of the pages, then flip the page and they immediately are drawn to the sticker and the whole process starts all over again.  They’ve told me they watch this happen over and over again and it convinces them all the more of how effective our stickers are in planting the seeds.  Remember if you use a sticker like “Monthly special” and then it goes off sale, you can then just cover it up with a recruiting or booking sticker of the same size.

 Here are some ideas of stickers to use in your catalogs:

  • COMBO sheets of stickers are great to use when putting stickers in your catalogs because they have a great variety and you can do 7 different stickers in 10 catalogs with just ONE sheet!  We have TWO combo sheets available for each of Keys 1-6.  See them in the website under All Products>Stickers>SC-Combo Sheets.   When you go to the FREE TRAINING category then T4-Sales you’ll find the Training that matches this blog post and I’ve put full sheets  of some of our most popular stickers there.  Start planting those booking and recruiting seeds and you’ll really see a difference in your business.  Remember the “Law of Attraction”  you must put out there what you want to attract back.
  • Our new Post It notes are also great to use when preparing your new catalogs, or mailing them.  You can write a note and stick it to the front of the catalog, They’ll read the “graphic message” over and over again!
  • Do you know WHY our stickers are so effective?  It is because they are GRAPHICALLY designed so they work with both sides of the brain.  They look like little logos.  Almost every company uses a logo because they realize how effective they are in getting their message across.  Booster stickers do the same thing!  The color and movement of the designs draw people in so they will read them consciously the first time, then as they just glance at them, their subconscious mind will read them over and over again so they get into their long term memory.  That is why it is so important to “sticker” your catalogs so you’ll be planting booking, recruiting and sales seeds as they look at your catalogs.  It is important to “sticker’ BOTH your old and new catalogs.

Order some of the stickers NOW and get started NOW to see a jump in your business.

Here is the direct link to the K-CAT Pack:


  1. Donna

    GREAT information, Jenny! Is there a place / link I can find Key 4C: Get Sales Soaring by Preparing Catalogs? Or is this an excerpt?

    • Donna

      Never mind . . . sorry about this! I just read your email about how the training is now set up. This is FANTASTIC and well organized! I’ll look forward to more blog postings!


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