This idea is all about encouraging “hosts” to do a catalog party where they gather Valentine Gift (or other) orders while friends and family are already gathered at their “Super Bowl” party.  The way to promote it is that “Football is on the minds of guys and Shopping is something they despise!”  So why not help them and you (the host) at the same time.  He has a chance to shop during the game without having to go to a store and the Host earns FREE GIFTS (all the host rewards.) We’ve done all the work for you in preparing the advertising, sack, follow up postcards, etc.  They can get orders from people at their party but also at work, friends family etc.  This is a great way to boost your January- February sales.  You’ll give a specific close date so they know when to have the orders in to receive them in time to get them delivered for Valentines.

Super Bowl Catalog Party
Here’s how it works: You invite people to sign up to do a “Super Bowl Sack” encouraging them to help their friends get the gifts they need for their “Sweethearts!” Of course  show them your “Sweetheart Deals” (as previously discussed in the Valentine training  2 and tell them that if they book a party they can also take the flyers around to where their husband works, where they work, their neighborhood, etc. to generate sales for their “Super Bowl Sack”.
Have some of the LARGE “Super Bowl Sack” (HC1039) all ready with your  catalogs, Sweetheart deals flyers, Complete Instructions (SEE PAGES 6-7 of this PDF), order forms, etc. so they can take the bag home with them and get started right away.
They would receive the normal host benefits as if they had done a regular catalog party. 

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies and put into your Host Packets. 

The GUEST LIST TRACKER  is for each of the hosts to keep track of WHO they’ve given catalogs to.  This makes it easy for them to follow up and get the orders.  

The SUPER BOWL GUEST LIST  is for hosts to get filled out by people who are looking at the catalogs at their party or in a group situation (like the break room at someone’s place of work) where everyone looking at the catalogs fills in their info which gives them chances to win a prize!  

The HOLIDAY GIFT LIST  is to be included in each catalog to help the guests create their list of who they need to buy for and then a place is provided for which of your products to get for those people.  Using this helps to get them thinking and buying!

Remind your hosts to encourage people to “Think Ahead” and make a list of the people for whom they need to purchase gifts not only for Valentines but upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, etc.

You may want to include some extras in the host pack so they can put new ones into catalogs that they pass on to someone else.  This will also help you get more names of people to add to your data base.

Be sure to ADVERTISE your “Super Bowl Sack!” Put the “Book a “Score a Touchdown” (PR91045) sticker on your catalogs.
Use the Invited to participate in my “Host a Super Bowl Party” Postcards (PP91701CT) to encourage previous hosts and customers to have a party.  You can use the blank card to print your own information, or use the care that comes with TEXT and all you do is add your info.  We can also personalize BOTH.  I think they’ll enjoy the poem on the card.

To make it easy on your hosts we’ve made up an invitation for you to include in your sack.  We recommend you put 8-12 in each sack so they can over invite.  If they all come then great!  The more the merrier.  We have the invitation so you can print the information your self or all ready to go and they just need to fill in their information.

FOLLOW UP with your “Super Bowl Sack!” hosts. This is SO IMPORTANT, so here’s a few suggestions:

A. Because you want to get the orders back in time to place your order and get the gifts to everyone before the holiday you need to get this going IMMEDIATELY plus, you need to have a FIRM close date. Let them know that their orders MUST be turned in and paid for the Monday following the game so you can get them turned in.

B. Send a “Super Bowl Party Close Reminder” postcard (PP92702C or PP92702CT) to all the hosts as a reminder to send invitations, make phone calls, of when they need to have their orders gathered up , etc. You’ll want to set an appointment to close their party. On the postcard, remind them of that appointment.

HINT:   We’ve created a “Sweetheart Deal” Postcard (P94712C).  Just  list your “Sweetheart Deals” as discussed in the Valentine Training 2.  You could get this ahead of time to the wives or girl-friends of those invited and then at the party they would know what their gals might be interested in.  This way, they know they are getting something they want! 

To make it EASY I’ve put together TWO “Super Bowl Sack” Packs.    The larger one (K-HC1043) has enough to do FIVE parties so you can implement them immediately.  (K-HC1044) is the smaller pack, it has enough to do just ONE party, so you’ll need to order additional bags, etc.
These ideas are also posted on our BLOG, please give us your feedback.

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