This idea is all about encouraging “hosts” to do a catalog party where they go out and gather Valentine Gift (or other) orders.  The Challenge idea is that for each $100 in orders they get, they get their name on a coordinate of your “Challenge” board.  This encourages them as the more orders they get, the more chances to win.  Again, we’ve done all the work for you in preparing the adversising, sack, follow up postcards, etc.  They can get orders from people at work, friends family etc.  This is a great way to boost your January- February sales.  You’ll give a specific close date so they know when to have the orders in to receive them in time to get them delivered for Valentines.

Sweetheart Challenge!
This is similar to the “12 Days of Christmas” concept we did.  All the Sweetheart Challenge parties are put in as part of a GROUP party.  It’s done similar to a “Mystery Hostess!” in that all their orders go in as ONE party and the gifts are divided up amongst those who participate. 

Here’s how it works:

You challenge people to sign up to do a “Sweetheart Book Party” encouraging them to help their friends get the gifts they need for their “Sweethearts!” Of course show them your “Sweetheart Deals” and tell them that if they book a party they can take the flyers around to where their husband works, where they work, their neighborhood, etc. to generate sales for their “Sweetheart Challenge Party”.

Have some of the LARGE “Sweetheart Sacks” (HC1033) all ready with your  catalogs, Sweetheart deals flyers, Complete Instructions (SEE PAGES 5-7 of this PDF), order forms, etc. so they can take the bag home with them and get started right away.

But here’s the part that makes it a “Challenge!”

Purchase the “Sweetheart Erase Board” EB1126 and in the blank space put the word “Challenge!” Then during your party promote the “Challenge” concept. What this means is that they get to choose a square when they book.  Then for each $100, or $200 in orders they get, they need to email you  (or call you) and you’ll give them additional squares. So, the more sales, the more squares they’ll get. Let them know that once the board is filled you will draw a winner and start a new board! This encourages them to keep it going and boost their chances to win.

Remember, how you decide to put the orders in and how they receive hostess gifts is up to you.  (Depending on your company, you may want to break up the orders into different parties to qualify for more gifts- you’’ need to figure out what is best for you and your hosts.  This will also determine how the orders are shipped (all to you- to separate hosts, etc.)   We suggest that you draw winners from the board for the gifts. This way, the more they do, the more chances they will have to win! You may also want to have some prizes for greatest overall sales, most number of orders, most number of names turned in (from Guest Tracker or Guest List.)   This rewards those who work really hard but the additional gifts are given away to the group. (For example, the “Thank You Gift,” “Half price items,” etc. that your company offers.)

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies and put into your Host Packets. 

The GUEST LIST TRACKER  is for each of the hosts to keep track of WHO they’ve given catalogs to.  This makes it easy for them to follow up and get the orders.  

The SWEETHEART GUEST LIST  is for hosts to get filled out by people who are looking at the catalogs in a group situation (like the break room at someone’s place of work) where everyone looking at the catalogs fills in their info which gives them chances to win a prize!  

The HOLIDAY GIFT LIST  is to be included in each catalog to help the guests create their list of who they need to buy for and then a place is provided for which of your products to get for those people.  Using this helps to get them thinking and buying!

Remind your hosts to encourage people to “Think Ahead” and make a list of the people for whom they need to purchase gifts not only for Valentines but upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

You may want to include some extras in the host pack so they can put new ones into catalogs that they pass on to someone else.  This will also help you get more names of people to add to your data base.

Be sure to ADVERTISE your “Sweetheart Challenge!” Put the “Book a “Sweetheart Challenge” (PR91848) sticker on your catalogs.
Use the Invited ot participate in my “Sweetheart Challenge” Postcards (P91710C) to encourage previous hosts and customers to book a challenge.  You can use the blank card to print your own information, or use the care that comes with TEXT and all you do is add your info.  We can also personalize BOTH.
FOLLOW UP with your “Sweetheart Challenge” hosts. This is SO IMPORTANT, so here’s a few suggestions:

A. Be sure to get their email addresses and keep them informed as people turn in sales. You want to keep the competition going. You may want to set up a YAHOO group they can go to.

B. Because you want to get the orders back in time to place your order and get the gifts to everyone before the holiday you need to get this going IMMEDIATELY plus, you need to have a FIRM close date. Use the “Sweetheart Challenge Close Date” stickers (PR92849) on the front of the bag. Draw their attention to it as you remind them to remind people as they are leaving information. Put the stickers on the catalogs too so everyone know when they need to have their orders in.

C. Send a “Sweetheart Challenge Important info” postcard (P92711C or P92711C) to all the hosts as a reminder of when they need to have their orders gathered up. You’ll want to set an appointment to close their party. On the postcard, remind them of that appointment.
You could also include “Wish List Cards” with your catalogs in the sacks.  Your hostesses could have her friends fill out  their “wish lists” of what they want and who could be contacted to buy it for her as a gift. 

Or, we’ve created a “Sweetheart Deal” Postcard (P94712C).  Just  list your “Sweetheart Deals” and then provide a place for them to put the NAME of the person to contact to purchase the item for them. This way, they know they are getting something they want! 

(You can actually have US do the printing of YOUR specials for you.   Order P94712CTPR to get the and then let us know what your specials are.)   (This is a sample of what it would look like and the format to use!)

Use the Sweetheart MINI Boxes (HC1040-set of 3)  for people booking a Sweetheart Challenge Book Party. Just put some tissue in the box and add some candy.  Then on a small post it note write the “thank you” gift they will receive when they turn in a “qualified” book party. (Minimum $150 in sales from at least 2 guests not counting themselves, or whatever is “qualified” to you.) Write the gift on the STICKY SIDE of the note and stick it to the inside the mini box so they’ll see it when they pull out the tissue. This way they won’t be able to see it, but it make it easy for you to change what they get as your inventory changes, etc.

Now, I want to share with you the success story from Teresa King, one of our customers that did the “12 Days of Christmas” program that is similar to this.

“Wow! What a successful 12 Days of Christmas catalog show I had!  Almost $2,000 in sales! Thanks to you and the ideas that you give us direct selling girls!
I asked Teresa for more details of what worked for her, here is her response:
“I think the whole concept was awesome! I would have never had a $1750 catalog show from 6 catalog hostesses! I did recruit 12 catalog hostesses, but only half participated, which was okay! I gave a $200 gift certificate away for FREE jewelry to the highest Catalog hostess with the most sales!
Of course, competition is always good! I kept them updated on ‘5 Golden Rings’ was in the running over the ‘8 Maids a Milking!’ It was good to see the competition and it yielded me quite a few bucks! Umm…something different? I believe it was perfect! I like the dry erase board, stickers and the postcards that went all together! I wish that we could have contests like that quarterly, but with a different theme! I am not very creative at all, so your ideas and the ideas of others always works for me!
Thanks for everything! Teresa )

Teresa comment inspired me to develop the “Sweetheart Sack” idea and the Super Bowl Catalog party! Enjoy!

I know this is a lot to take in so to make it EASY I’ve put together TWO “Sweetheart Sack” Packs.    The larger one (K-HC1034) has enough to do FIVE parties so you can implement them immediately.  (K-HC1035) is the smaller pack, it has enough to do just ONE party, so you’ll need to order additional bags, etc.

These ideas are also posted on our BLOG, please give us your feedback.

To Download the FREE PDF and see all the products mentioned in this training click this link:

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