Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

We had such fabulous response to the “Turkey Trot” idea that we thought it would be fun to kick off spring with a “Bunny Hop!” 

The idea is very similar to the Turkey Trot (listen to that idea below and just substitute Bunny Hop for Turkey Trot in your thinking!)

  Of course we realize this is not a time where people are generally buying gifts as they are for Christmas- but you can get them thinking about “Mother’s Day and other holidays such as birthdays, etc.


This is the Turkey Trot audio in MP3 format: 


You can listen on your computer.  Just Download it and listen anywhere on your Ipod.  Share it with your team or friends in the business!  You can be browsing the site while listening too!

What is a Bunny Hop?

Essentially it is an EASY type of BOOK PARTY! Why is it easy? Because your “Hostess” takes her “Bunny Hop” Hostess Bag to the family get together for Easter.

Easter is generally a relaxed Holiday were family gets together.  What is more fun than shopping in the comfort of your home?      Well, why not provide catalogs so they can be looking at YOUR products and decide what to get for gifts for their friends and family? (This would even be great for the MOMS to find what they’d like for  Mother’s  and the daughters can pass on the info to DADS and husbands!  They’ll love getting the shopping done without any hassle!

The steps are EASY, and the time is NOW to start promoting Bunny Hops!

1- Start advertising NOW that your guests and customers can book a Bunny Hop. Create interest by putting the “Ask me about my Bunny Hop” (S91620)  on your invitations. Put the “Have a Spring Fling, Book your Bunny Hop NOW” (S91621) stickers on your catalogs and folders. (They’re even great on their copy of your order forms  because EVERYONE can have a Bunny Hop because you don’t need to worry about calendared events!)

HC91621-6 Bunny Hop Bags
HC91621-6 Bunny Hop Bags to offer Book Parties for your guests to have at their Easter get-together.

2- Take your “Bunny Hop” (HC91621-6) bags to each party. Talk about it during the demo and tell everyone how easy it is. Use the example above that everyone is looking at the ads, why not make a party of it! No waiting in lines, no having to get up early to take advantage of a sale because you’ll be offering incentives, discounts, and rewards too!  Briefly discuss the rules and incentive you offer (see ideas below.)

The Bunny Hop bags are made to order.  Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Since they are made to order, sorry, no returns.  They are so cute- be sure to get yours now!

3- Prepare your “Bunny Hop” bags  (HC91621-6) with your hostess packet, some catalogs, and your “Bunny Hop Rules.”

· Be sure to “sticker” the catalogs that will go in the bags (and ALL your catalogs for that matter) with “gift reminder” type of stickers to draw attention to your products that make great gifts. You may even want to “TAB” a few pages where you want to draw attention to specials. Be sure use the  S43579 “Customer Favorite” and  S43582 “Love, Need, Want” stickers. Remember, you won’t be there to “Sell” your products so let the stickers do the work for you.

· Use the “Add some zing, Get some new things” (S43625)  Sticker to attach “Bunny Hop Gifts” tag (that is included in the PDF) to the front of each catalog so each guest knows what rewards he or she will receive with her order.

· You may want to include a “Holiday Gift List” sheet in each catalog so they can make a list of people they need to buy for and then list your products that would make great gifts. (Included in the WORD document when you purchase it.)

· Use the “It’s Spring, Book a fling!” (S91626)  stickers on each of the order forms to remind guests that they could book a party themselves.

· Fill in the CLOSE DATE and DELIVERY DATE of the party on the  Bunny Hop  sticker (S92622)  and put it on the front of the bag or the hostess envelope. This reminds her family of this important information. (Be sure to let the hostess know how to handle orders that will need to be shipped directly to the customer if they don’t live close.)

E-Include your “Bunny Hop Rules and Rewards” sheet in the bag. (See the WORD document with suggestions that you can personalize and print on colored paper.)

4- Decide your “Bunny Hop Rules & Rewards” and get it ready to print.

5- Select a date that they can stop by your house and pick up a sample or two. (This can be a great incentive- the hostess can choose items from your kit on a first come first serve basis to take to their “Bunny Hop” to show her family and friends.
For example if you sell Cooking Items that you demo, a hostess can check out an item that she can use in preparing the meal or demo for her family. Or, if you sell games, they can check out a game. If you sell scrap booking items let them take a stamp or two so they can make a project. If you sell make-up let them take some samples. If you sell candles, let them take some samples so they can burn them and the family get to enjoy them. If you sell jewelry, let them check out a few samples.

Now, notice that I said CHECK OUT. When they come to pick up the item they will need to sign a check out slip with their credit card number and the understanding that they return it by the specified date in sellable or similar condition as they received it or they will be charged. Explain to them that you need these items back for your upcoming parties. Let them know upfront what that date is and preferably this will also be the close date and they can set an appointment to come to your home to bring the orders and close the party.

(Remember to have the “Bunny Hop bags”  (HC91621-6) all ready at the time they book their “Bunny Hop” so if they don’t want to check something out they will already have everything they need and you won’t have to chase around to get them catalogs, etc.)

6- Prior to the date send a “Bunny Hop” reminder postcard with the pick up date, close date, etc. (Use the FREE TEMPLATE we’ve designed to be used with our  PP10657BG – Spring Flowers BACKGROUND POSTCARDS!)  Or purchase them with the  text already printed and all you have to do is fill in the blanks  PP92138T  (Or, we even offer them personalized with YOUR info and then just fill in a few blanks.)   If you have their email address, send a reminder the day before. Also send an email reminder about the “Close Date.”

7- Once you’ve got all the orders in, finalize and close the parties. Then reward the incentives you offered and be sure to follow up with a Thank You card.

8- Here are some suggestions for your rules and rewards: (You can of course adjust the Qualifying Party to be whatever YOUR company requires Then set additional rewards based on what YOU want to do. These are just some suggestions.)

A- All “Bunny Hop” hosts with a “Qualified” party receive a TICKET to be entered in a drawing for $25 (or whatever you choose) in Free Products. A qualified party is one with at least 3 orders besides your own and total sales of $150 or more.

B- Hosts that turn in a “guest list” will receive a TICKET for each 10 names. The guest list must include names, address, phone and email if available. (A FREE PDF of the “Bunny Hop” guest list is included.”)

C- Each customer will receive a ticket for every $10 of their order for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

D- Each customer who places an order over $50 will receive a 5% discount on their order in addition to their tickets.

E- Once the party total is over $150 in orders besides her own- she will receive 10% off her personal order that is NOT part of her regular host rewards.

F- When party totals are over $300 the host may choose ONE half price item. Over $600 receive TWO half price items. Over $1000 = THREE half price items.

G- Hosts will receive a ___________ as a Thank You gift when she turns in her qualified party.

H- All these gifts or discounts are in ADDITION to the regular host gifts you qualify for depending on the amount of your party.

I- Hosts will receive ________ for each party booked from the “Bunny Hop” (either regular party or book party will qualify. Gifts will be rewarded at the time the party’s are held and closed.) (These can be your normal host reward for booking a party)

J- Hosts may come to my home to “Check Out” some items to take as samples for their “Bunny Hop” on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you book, the more there is to choose from. The check out day will be ________. All checked out items must be returned by ______ or you will be charged for them.

This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously! Wouldn’t it be great to have 10, 20, or MORE “Bunny Hops” going on Easter Weekend?

Just think of the sales this can generate for your business.  If you had 20 “Hops” at only $150 each you would have $3000 in sales! 30 would be $4500!  What would this do  for your business!  Think about what all these new names could mean to building your business into new neighborhoods and starting new party chains. You don’t have to send invitations, you don’t have to drive, you just need to send some reminders and let them come to you (That’s why you can offer some of the extra benefits mentioned in the rules.)

One more hint, use PP91139T to send an invitation to do a “Bunny Hop” to previous hosts. The more the merrier and they ALL need gifts! Why not encourage those hosts and their friends buy them from you instead of the local stores?

We’ve done all the work for you. Download this WORD file from our website.

Order the Bunny Hop Word Documents that give ALL the information discussed above as well as the information pages including Advertising Pages to put in your guest folders.  They include all the details on how it works.  There is also the Bunny Hop Rules and Rewards instruction page for your host packets, Customer Benefits and Rewards sheet to attach to your catalogs, The Gift list and guest lists mentioned above.  I’ve done all the thinking and layout work for you.  All you’ll need to do is personalize it with your information.  Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included.    You will need to actually ORDER the item and you’ll be able to download the document once your order is finalized.  You can order the products at the same time and while you are waiting for your products to be delivered, you can be getting the documents ready to go.  Order your products NOW.


Please, put this concept into action NOW Boost your spring season!    This is such a money making idea be sure to forward this link to everyone on your team immediately so they can take advantage of the sale!

We’ve also developed a whole bunch of new “Spring Products” such as “You’re wanted at our Chicks night out” and so much more for recruiting, booking, sales, etc.

Here are the links to all the items mentioned above:

Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

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