Christmas in July ideas

Start promoting Christmas early with “It’s Christmas in July!”
“Here’s an idea so you won’t be surly, do your Christmas Shopping EARLY!”

Yes, you can start promoting Christmas right NOW! Here are just a few reasons:

1- You want your customers to understand how YOUR products can help make their Christmas shopping easier! By relating your products to “gifts” it plants the ideas in their minds.

2- You want your customers to know how easy it is to shop with you and that you want to make their Christmas shopping a pleasure. Get them to start working on their list in July and that you can help them clear through the fall.

3- The sooner you plant an idea for a gift for someone on their gift list, the more likely they are to buy it from you.

4- The sooner they have the idea in their mind, the more likely they are to stop shopping elsewhere and purchase it from you!

HOW do you start?

Encourage Hostesses to book “Christmas in July” parties. Tell them that you’ll help them have a fun, COOL, oasis in the middle of the summer. The easiest way to promote this is to tell them that these parties are IDEA parties so you’ll be giving gift suggestions. Make this a BIG DEAL. Offer to bring some decorations, and Christmas music. Use the  NEW “Christmas in July” Postcard (PP91170C or PP91170CT) to invite prevouse customers or hosts to have a “Christmas in July” Party.   Use the “Here’s a tip …” PR94488 stickers on the front  to introduce the concept to your hosts. Of course you can use our NEW “Star Border” postcards and  our easy to use FREE TEMPLATES to make it a snap to print your own  message on multiple cards and send them to potential hostesses.

Also put some of the cards in customer packets inviting them to have a “Christmas in July” party too!

Now, for ideas to implement at and for the parties:

Put a “Christmas in July” sticker PR94354 on every invitation to let the customers know the theme of the party.  Or, use our NEW “Christmas in July” Invitations PP93171CT!  Just fill in the  info and mail.  Or, you can have US print your info on them so all you have to fill in is the host info.  (you can use a sticker for that too!)

Use the “Christmas Gift List” PR93174 stickers on the front of the  invitation to encourage them to bring their gift list to the party. 

Use the Christmas stickers in your catalogs to get to let them know you can make their Christmas shopping easy!
Think about how you can set up a plan to help them do their shopping over the next few months with you. Of course they won’t buy everything they need at one party so develop a plan for their sales to work for several parties. You know your company’s plan far better than I do but I’ve been thinking about a few creative ways to do this. Here are a few, of course you’ll need to adapt them to your particular party plan.

The Christmas Club: Start advertiseing in JUNE to find members because it starts in July!)  (PR94489 )  Everyone who joins agrees to spend $60 per month for the next 5 months. (That’s $300 but you can use whatever $$ amount you choose). You’ll need at least 5 members. Those 5 draw names to see which month they are the host. Then, they actually host a party that month, (inviting their friends, etc.) but they know they have a least $300 in sales for their party. You could lower the dollar amount but they wouldn’t be guaranteed that $300 party.) At each party you’ll of course meet new people and new parties will generate from that. You can have SEVERAL different clubs- this alone could fill your datebook from now through November!

Start a Lay-Away program: (See the new sticker PR94909)   If people want to figure out their gift list they can then put it all on one order and begin making payments. Divide the amount of their order by however many months left and they pay some each month. They could get the host credits for the entire amount, do a party to add to it, etc. If they join your lay-away program at someone’s party you’d need to give 1/5 (if doing it for 5 months.) of the order amount to that host and the rest could count toward their own hostess credits. A benefit of this to them could be that you will watch for the items they want to go on sale and you will order it for them while on sale to give them the best price. (Of course they would have to have enough money in their account to cover the order.) The benefit to you is that it gives you some flexibility if you need a little more sales in a specific month to meet a goal, or can add to a hostesses order and YOU get the extra hostess benefits, etc.

Do a neighborhood “Mystery Hostess” each month in specific neighborhoods. (PR31011A or PR31011B) Let everyone be involved and the more they do for the party, the more chances they have to win the “hostess credits” or you can even divide up the credits and draw out several names. Give them more chances if they host the party at their home, bring refreshments, bring friends, etc. This concept could really work well for those who live in neighborhoods where there is a “club house” and advertisement could be put up for anyone and everyone to come.

Jumpstart these concepts by advertising them at your parties, fairs, bulletin boards, etc.  You could put up the Book Earn Christmas Free Business Card Posters around town (BCP9208PR) or put the “Christmas in July” invitation Business Card Poster up so they can take the details of the party home with them.  It also would have your contact info!  (BCP9309PR)

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  1. Requesting to work with you on a little basket sticker. Is that possible by September or do you have some already with the basket theme?

    We have some basket items, what is it that you want?


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