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So you want to have a Fabulous Fall?    Fill your datebooks with Bookings NOW!

Yes, I know, summer is busy!  But you can look beyond a problem or crisis  and see it as an opportunity!

I remember going to a “Positive Thinking Rally” way back in 1982 and heard Dennis Waitley. He said something in his talk that I have remembered for years.   He was talking about the Mt. Saint Helen’s volcano eruption.   People were so upset about the disaster and how it was going to effect them.   They said “It is a Crisis!   A Dangerous wind that would destroy the economy. It would kill the fish, ruin the farmers land, finish the tourist traffic, ruin the northwest, and pollute the lakes.

But, the fish didn’t die. The farmers had the richest mineral deposits in their soil.   The lakes are full of minerals. We’re predicting earthquakes because of Mt. Saint Helens . The tourist industry was up because people wanted to see a live volcano.     Wyerhouser Corp. reported at their annual meeting, “We’re having our biggest year in history!   Mt. Saint Helen blew our trees down, striped the bark and sent them to the mill all with no labor in between.”

YOU can take every CRISIS and make an OPPORTUNITY out of it. Start NOW!   Winners are never winers. Winners are people who adapt and they adapt to change. Set your goals just out of reach but not out of sight. Don’t look too far in the future and live on “someday isle!” Live in the moment – NOW!   Make every day an opportunity.

Help your customers to see how YOU can help them solve their problem by sharing your opportunity. How can they open the door to opportunity if YOU don’t do the knocking? When they are ready, they will be looking. If you don’t OFFER to tell them about your opportunity, how to you expect to have them on your team?

Let the people you meet know you have opportunity to offer them.   Wear buttons around town. Put stickers on your invitations, catalogs, and other literature and envelopes to get their attention and plant the seeds of opportunity.   Then watch them grow!

People are looking for ways to solve their problems.  If you want to have a Fabulous Fall you need to start filling your datebook RIGHT NOW!  Help people see the benefits of booking with you all the FREE stuff they can get, getting friends together and on and on and on.  Be creative!

We have LOTS of ideas already posted.  Just look under FREE TRAINING and then KEY 1: BOOKING!

Go out and tell your friends how THEIR dreams can come true as a member of your team or as a hostess!   We can hardly wait to hear of YOUR SUCCESS!

You can have “Catalog Parties” or “Sizzlin’ Summer Fun Events”   We have all kinds of ideas to have “Sizzlin’ summer sales and events” that will take you into a fabulous fall!

Below are a BUNCH of ideas:  (Some are my own, some are from a lot of different sources and some are from another source and then I’ve tweaked it a little to give you more suggestions. Of course, you may need to twist them a little more to fit your products or company. Brain storm with your friends and see what you can come up with!)

PDF of Summer Fun Events
Download this PDF of Summer Fun Events

Here is the LINK to get the PDF of the Summer Fun Events for FREE.  Just RIGHT click it and save it to your own computer!  We welcome your comments!  (It may take a minute to load so be patient.)

Whatever you choose to offer, these new stickers can help you advertise! Use the larger one (PR10913) on the front of your catalogs, packages you mail, envelopes, folders or anything! Use the smaller one PR10914 on invitations, within your catalogs, to seal envelopes, etc. These will help you get the word out about your events. With our “Background” postcards you can make up invitations for any of these types of parties! (We would do them for you – and have done some but there are just too many variations of things you can do. That is why we offer FREE TEMPLATES so you can print whatever you want onto the colorful backgrounds! Once it’s set up you can print as many as you need! Just order more backgrounds!

I have developed a “You’re invited to our Summer Fun Event” graphic. You can personalize it with your specific type of party info and mail. We also have “Summer Fun Invitation” stickers two sizes! PR30915A and PR30915B!

The Summer Fun ERASE BOARD (EB1131) can be used to boost sales, encourage bookings, or whatever YOU want. See all the details under item EB1131.
Remember, many of these ideas can be done with YOU as the host and offer the host gifts to be given to the “Mystery Host” or you can even raffle off the Host Gifts if you are doing it as a fund raiser. Or, you can offer to do these different THEME parties for your hosts to choose.

So, here goes with a BUNCH of ideas:

1) Summer Sacks! You know you’ve heard the excuse, “I’d love to have a party but I’m going to gone so much this summer I just don’t have time!” Well, here is your chance to respond, “Where are you going?” and then give them the opportunity to have a “Book” or “Catalog” party whenever they are going. Use our cute theme “Summer Sacks” to put up at your parties. Have them filled with catalogs, guest lists to fill out (At the end of the PDF with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131) order forms, etc. so they are all ready to go. Then, when people choose to have a party you can just give them their bag and they’ll have everything they need. You can make this even more fun by letting them have more chances to win your Summer Fun Event Prizes. Show them the erase board and tell them that for every $100 in orders from their party you will put their name in another square (they get one for booking in the first place) and they will have those additional chances to win. You can even have special prizes for the highest sales, most guests, etc.

Suggested events could include: Family Fourth of July Party, (share with family members) Camping or Beach Trip, (share with people you meet or family you are going with)  Family Road Trip (share with family or people you meet along the way!)  Neighborhood B-B-Q (put out catalogs for people to look at.)

Another thing you could offer is a portion of their sales would be donated to a fund raiser.  For some, this might make sharing with strangers a little easier.  They could donate a % to the charity of their choice or the local ball team, school, etc.  If you are offering it as a fund raiser, be sure to put the “Thank you for supporting our fund raiser” sticker on the front of the catalogs and on the order forms.  You may want to use the fund raiser stickers to help advertise it as well.  Remember, you may be giving a percentage away with fund raisers but you’ll be introducing your products and yourself to TONS of new people who are purchasing your products.

2) Offer Fund Raisers!  There are ALWAYS people looking for ways to earn money for their particular charity or group.  It can be national charities, local people in need, animal shelters, ball teams, dance clubs, teams trying to earn for a trip, the list goes on and on!  Let people know you offer them and they’ll take it from there.  As mentioned above –  the contacts you will make can be HUGE, especially if you are looking for a way to expand your business!

3) Kids events!  Offer to set up a display at ball games, etc.  Instead of Host Gifts offer it as a fund raiser.  (You can then use the host gifts for a later event) or offer to do a raffle for the host gifts to earn even more!

4) New Neighbors Party.  Have a Block Party to get to know the new neighbors and do a “Mystery Host” for the host gifts.   It’s a chance to show off your products to the new neighbors as well as the old.

5)  Have an “Ice Cream Social!”  Just have ice cream sundae ingredients and let everyone make their own.  You invitation could read:  Need a “Cool” break?  Come on over for some “Ice Cream” or a “Shake!”  We have the sticker, “Here”s The Scoop” PR40284 you can put on a postcard with the information.  Invite the whole neighborhood.  If there are other’s who you know that sell a product invite them to come and set up a table too.  This builds a sense of community.

6) “Park Parties”  Have a Play Date with the neighbors.  Let your friends know you’ll have a display at the local park and they are welcome to see your products while the kids play.

7) “Mom’s Time Out” parties!  Use the “Mommy needs a Time Out” PR30501A or B stickers on the invitations.  Hire a baby-sitter to watch the kids play outside and let the mom’s enjoy a demo by you.

8) Picnic in the park!  Invite your friends to bring their “picnic” lunch to the park and you’ll provide the drinks and dessert!  While the kids play, demo your products!

9) Have a “Patriotic Party!”  Get together for Watermelon and have sparklers for the kids.  Invite people to come and learn about your “All American Job!”  (Search for the Word AMERICAN)

10)  If a guest lives in apartment complex see if you can set up your display by the pool or playground.  Or if  go to one and ASK if you can do a party there for their residents.  Do a raffle or “Mystery Host” for the host gifts or offer them to the apartment manager.

11)  Offer Bridal Showers!  You’ve done this before I’m sure, especially if you offer a product that can be used in setting up their home.  But think outside the box and see if you can help with things for the wedding or reception, a “Hope Chest” for future children, gifts for the wedding party, lingerie for the bride, jewelry to wear for the wedding party, “tools” to set up their home, decorations for their home, cooking gadgets, pots and pans, storage containers, actual food.  Facials and makeup for the wedding party or friends.  Whatever you offer, I’m sure you can spin it to work for a bridal shower.

12)  Grandma’s Survival Party!  If you offer products for kids, invite the grandmas to get together and see what they want for at their own houses and for gifts for the kids.

Keep in mind that summer is a great time to work with specific groups of people:

1) Teachers!  They have more time in the summer and will often book.  This is a great time to share with them about your opportunity.

2)  New Neighbors!  Summer is the big moving time.  When someone new moves into the neighborhood be the “Welcome Wagon!”  Let them know about events and things they need to know about your neighborhood.  Share a list of baby-sitters, neighbors phone numbers, neighborhood ball teams, schools for the kids, etc.  Share some of your favorite recipes or tips.  Of course you’ll want to include one of your catalogs too!   They’ll appreciate the gift and getting to meet their neighbors.  Offer to do a “Chicken” party if neighbors have been there a while and you haven’t gone to meet them yet.  Or use this for guests who give the excuse they are new in the neighborhood and don’t know anyone.

3)  Go for walks!  People are outside!  Get to know your neighbors!  Share your contact info and a catalog.

4) Reserve booths at fairs or expos!  This is a great way to get to know people.  See our BLOG post about how to make the most of Fairs and Events.

5)  Frequent the local library!  Often moms bring their kids for story time.  You can get to know them.  Put your information on the back of one of our darling bookmarks and put them in books.  What a nice surprise for those who check them out.  Of, if you return a book, leave the bookmark in it!

START NOW!  Yes, choose just ONE of the ideas above and make it a goal to not just read about it but to DO IT!  Once you get the first one booked, you’ll find it easier to try a second and third.  Get these ideas planted firmly in your mind.  Reread this a few more time.  Make some notes.  (The ideas mentioned in this are included in the PDF that comes along with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131)

Why do you want to read this over and over again, and take some notes?  Because you want to get these ideas in your mind so when an opportunity presents itself you can take advantage of it!  Take a few minutes and actually reherse what you would say if someone asks you about your “Summer Fun” Button.

Remember, there are LOTS of opportunities to meet people!  USE THEM!  Make the most of your time when you are out and about!  Have a little gift you can give someone you meet with a sample, your contact info and a catalog.  You can even wrap up some candy for the kids in the bag.  Be sure to use the stickers with your contact info on them.  The idea is to get your name out there and let people know what you offer.

  Do whan you can to Boost your SUMMER SALES and EVENTS so you’ll have a FABULOUS FALL!

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