BC2607 — Start your own Preferred Hostess Program.

Preferred Host Program

Start your own Preferred Host Program

Use these little Preferred Hostess cards to motivate your hostesses to work harder and to keep track of what they do.  You may think that these are to be used just like the Preferred Customer cards, which they mark off circles with purchases, but there is another way these can be even more beneficial to you and your hostesses.

You will initial a circle on the card when your hostess performs whatever tasks you outline for her to do.

Here are some suggestions. She could get a circle marked off for:
· Returning the guest list within 3 days.
· Returning her WISH list, which specifies the items she wants to earn.
· Calling all her guests before the party.  (Randomly put a sticker such as “Gifts for every holiday” on 5 of the invitations you are mailing out for her.  While she is calling all of the guests to remind them of the party, encourage her to ask if they have one of the “Gifts for every holiday” stickers on their invitation.  If they do, they can bring it to the party for a gift.  If the hostess finds all 5, she’ll earn another square.)
· Every $50 in outside orders she gets BEFORE the party.
· Every BOOKING she gets BEFORE the party.
· Having at least 10 adult guests attend the party.
· Having at least a $400 party.
· Every 2 bookings confirmed AT the party.
· Each additional $100 in orders over the $400.
· Each additional $100 in outside orders AFTER the party.
· Each additional booking AFTER the party.
· Having all the money turned in to you on the close date.
· Booking another party herself.
· Having a $1000 party.

The list goes on and on. Basically, you make a list of what you want your hostesses to do and reward them by marking off circles.  It usually takes 2-3 parties for a hostess to fill her card. When she does, she gets the reward AND becomes a member of your ELITE Preferred Hostess Club.

What do you do for your ELITE Hostesses? 

Once or twice a year, you could invite your ELITE hostesses to a special party. This is where they can see the new items or get the first chance to buy closeouts or discount items. When you do this in the fall, you would offer your ELITE hostesses the opportunity to book for the Christmas season.

Who better to fill your datebook for the fall than your hostesses who you know will work on their parties to be successful? You could have this party be a MYSTERY HOSTESS party where one of the gals there can earn the hostess prizes. Let them order the new stuff and get excited. To show your appreciation, serve your preferred hostesses a light dinner like a salad bar or something easy, yet nice.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  Order the Preferred Hostess Cards, stickers, and buttons to help promote your program.
2.  Decide what you will give as your gift when the card is full.  Be sure to make it something they really want and will work for.

3. Fill out the back of the card with your contact info, etc. and include the card in your hostess folders.
4. Type up a list of the things they can do to earn the squares.  You may copy the list above as a base for your own list.)  Include a list in each hostess folder so your hostesses will know what to do.
5.  At your parties briefly explain the program to your guests and tell them what the hostess of the party is on her way to earning.  Explain that it is fun and easy, and that they could do it too! This will help you to get even more committed hostesses!

START NOW to have a system to reward your hosts.  Once you have the system in place it is EASY to just keep on doing it.  You will find this to be beneficial to you in helping to keep your hosts motivated to DO what you want them to do!

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

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Are you leaving money on the table?

Are you leaving money on the table?

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 Alida asked a question below about how to mark the circles on Preferred Customer Cards, the answer applies to Preferred Hostess Cards too so I’ve added her question and my reply here as well. 

Alida asked:  Jenny…   I just ordered your preferred customer and host cards and love them… I want to use them to reward my customers for placing online orders, referrals and other things that I won’t actually see them for. The first time I plan on mailing them the card to them with a thank you, but after they already have the card, how do I credit them the “circle” I have “thought” about making a fold over note card that thanked them and included a sticker they could place on their card. Then each time they earned one I would send a sticker to add to the card. I decided to try yours so I did not spend tons of time designing it! What is your thought on how I could do this?

Hi Alida, This is a great question.  I’ve had people ask and have answered verbally but I’m not sure I’ve put it in writing.  Here is what I suggest:

Come up with a “CODE” for each month of the year.  Use initials or numbers that mean something to you.  For example, if your mom’s birthday is in January, use her initials.  If your anniversary is in Feb, use the number of how many years you’ve been married, etc.  Once you have the code for the year, write it on a card that you keep on your desk with your Customer Care Cards, and another in your datebook, or order clipboard for easy reference while at parties.

When you mark the circles or boxes on the Preferred Customers cards at a party, or over the phone, use that code.  When they are placing an outside order say somthing like,  “Do you have your Preferred Customer Card Handy?  Great, this order qualifies you to mark off TWO circles.  Please put the initials “AB” and 1/11 on those circles.  Remember, I am here to help you with your gift giving needs so call me when you need something and we’ll be able to mark off more circles.  You’ll have your card filled in no time and you’ll earn _______”

In reality, this is just to keep your customers “honest” (not that you think they will cheat) but just to let them know that you are using a different code each month so they wouldn’t even try to cheat.  Also, when they turn in the card to you, the codes will be familiar even if you’ve forgotten specific orders they placed.

I hope this helps.  If you have more questions, please just ask.  The blog is a great place to ask.  I’m going to transfer this question to the post about using preferred customer cards too!  Thanks, Jenny B

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Hi everyone, I am Jenny Bywater, known as Jenny B to the party plan industry. Many of you may know me from the years she brought her fabulous Booster products, of stickers, postcards, etc. to many National Conventions including Tupperware, PartyLite, liasophia, & Mary Kay just to mention a few. I was top sales in a party plan company and then started “The Booster” over 33 years ago with the goal of helping those in the Party Plan profession to “Boost their sales and Brighten their image!” I have done this, helping well over a million consultants - and the successful consultants is still growing. I am excited to introduce you to my new, “How to have $1000 Parties System” based on proven techniques that REALLY WORK! You'll find details about this SYSTEM and Booster Products throughout this Blog and on our website at www.thebooster.com


I am just deciding how to use these. How would you suggest/or come up with how much each square should be??? And the reward for the hosteess?? I thought about a GC for $50?? And I would really like to use your suggestions for getting the hostess to do “her” job. So would that be a different amount for the square?????? That was also a great/anwser with Alida.

Hi Maxine, thanks for the question. Let me clarify, you make up a list of what she needs to do to fill squares (as mentioned in the training) She doesn’t get anything as the squares are filled, but you will point out to her that as she does the different things on your list that it WILL increase what she earns as a host. i.e. when she gets a booking before the show, that will add to her booking total for the host rewards, etc. What she is working for is THOSE immediate rewards, plus the added incentive of the gift on the card once it is filled.

A gift certificate would be great. It all depends on what you are asking her to do to earn the boxes. You need to calculate what doing the different steps will do for your business. For example: If one of the squares is based on making the calls to everyone on their guest list – evaluate what this does for your biz. When she makes the calls does it increase your attendance by 20%? If so, how much does that increase your average sales? If you are now getting 10 guests instead of 8 with average sales for those two guests being $100 and a 25% chance of getting an additional booking, how much is just doing just this ONE THING worth to your business? $20 in profit plus the potential of a booking for every two parties = ??? So with this in mind for just ONE box, how much is it worth? If she gets one box for each $50 in outside orders before the party and you make 20% commission that is $10. With these concepts in mind, set your reward value. This also depends on your company? How many “Half price items” can you get? What is your commission, etc.

This is different for everyone, that is why we give you the tool and let you decide for yourself what value to give. The other thing to keep in mind is what will incentivise them to DO what you ask them to do! If $50 gift card will, and it is affordable to you, then WONDERFUL. If you feel you also need to add a half-price item, you could do that too.

The other thing to keep in mind is the value of becomming a member of your ELITE Preferred Host Club. What will they have access to once they fill that first card? Often when we talk about gifts and incentives for team leaders we say, “It is not necessarily the value of the gift they receive, it is the RECOGNITION that goes along with the gift that is equally if not more important.” So, to fill their card quickly and be able to become a member of your “Elite” club is another level of incentive and that is completely in your control, but make it valuable in the recognition sense.

I hope this helps to get you thinking and how to implement the idea. If you have more ??? let me know.

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