Make MORE money in Less time!  This is a training I did with Erin and her Norwex group (that was part of a a private group on Facebook)


In this training we explain HOW to create the Mind Connection- to create interest in your products to it becomes your customer’s idea to buy your products, book a party or join your team!  We call it Prime their Minds!

In this training we discuss an overview of Booster Products (I mention the K-Success Pack, which is now the “How to have $1000 Parties” Pack which is a pack to get you going with the PROVEN principles we teach to help you make more money in less time.

We will also discuss the concepts involved in putting stickers in you catalogs:
–Why they are so effective,
–How to tie them to one-liners 
–How to create one-liners
–Examples of one-liners!

In essence, we’re talking about SELLING more products, but boosting your entire business in the process!

There may be specific links mentioned in the training (as it was a Facebook group) but you can see ALL the products we discuss along with even more extensive training in this category:

So listen NOW for all kinds of ideas on how and where to use them.

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