LMP-01-Sharpen your skills
Theme Meeting Plan

Theme Meeting Plan:
“Productivity comes by
sharpening your skills,
learning new things to do,
erasing bad habits,
             and writing some new!”
 You control three main resources:  time/manpower, materials, and money.  How you apply these resources will help determine your productivity.  In the Leadership/ Management Key Letters this year we have trained on time management, money management, and goal setting.  Applying those ideas leads to productivity and Productivity leads to profitability!
Businesses around the globe are realizing the importance of producing quality and quantity.  Productivity is measured by output per person per hour.  Find a tangible way to track your hours worked, then compare those to your dollar amount of sales, the recruits you sign, and the paycheck you get per month.  Set goals that will push you to make progress and be more productive.

Most companies are in a “continuous improvement” war.   It is a war of survival.  In this competitive economic war, the survivors, or winners, are those who provide the best products or services at the lowest possible cost while exceeding customer service expectations.  The competitive market is a moving target, the only constant is change.  You either improve step by step, or fall behind. 

It is your challenge to make the improvements that enhance the quality of your products and services.  Your competition is always changing, therefore so should you.  No one person can fight the battle alone.  A support system, team, and company can help you analyze your competition, strategize your plan, and give you the ammo and reinforcements you need to win!

I recently attended a “kitchen show” in which the consultant often pointed out that you could buy other similar products at the chain stores, but they didn’t have the features that her products did.  By studying and comparing her products to the competition’s products, she was able to point out specific features and guarantees that were lacking from her competitor’s.  I remember thinking when she first started showing one particular item,  “I’ll bet I could get that at WalMart for cheaper.”  But when she told the group exactly how much it was at that store, and what that version of the product was lacking, I wrote that $60 item down on my order form, and forgot about going to WalMart.

Robert D. Hales (former vice-president of Max Factor and former president of Paper Mate, Hughes Television Network, Cheesebrough-Pond’s, and current international religious leader) recently spoke at a prominent University in Utah about being a “lifelong learner.”  He encouraged everyone to be cumulative learners, to not dwell in the past, and to be open to new concepts.  He said, “spend your lives doing better than your best!”  He used Michael Phelps, the U.S.. swimmer who won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics as an example.

In his career, Phelps has won a total of 14 Olympic Gold Medals and 2 Bronze Medals (in addition to the dozens of other medals won at various international championships.)  After winning 8 medals at the 2004 Athens games, Phelps immediately set goals to do better than his best.  Michael Phelps set the goal to beat Mark Spitz’s 1972 record of winning 7 Gold Medals in a single Olympics, and Phelps did it with his 8!  Phelps also set the new World Record of 1 minute and 42.96 seconds for the 200 Meter Freestyle.  This was 2.36 seconds faster than his time in 2004, 1.75 seconds faster than the previous record, and 10 seconds faster than Mark Spitz did it in 1972.  So, the best of 4 years ago, and especially 36 years ago, would not have won the same race in 2008.  His time was actually a full MINUTE better that the “best” in the 1904 Olympics.  (That is equal to TWO LAPS!)

During each Olympic competition we notice the athletes using new equipment (like body suits or hand guards) and new techniques to help them be faster and better.  So, think about your business. Are you “Sharpening your skills?  What new techniques and tools are your competitors using?  Isn’t it easier to write with a sharpened pencil, or to slice an apple with a sharp knife?  Give each member of your team this new “Get to the point!” Team Card (TC7740) and discuss how you can “Sharpen your skills” in your business.

Your company is always coming out with new products.  Are you encouraging your customers to get the latest and the greatest?

Robert D. Hales said “If we do not improve our efforts and achieve each day, our best in yesterday’s past will not meet the demands of tomorrow’s future!”  He explained that “We are limited by the capacity of our minds, so we must expand the capacity of our minds.  We have to get past the artificial limits we place on ourselves and our ability to learn.”
The youth of today cannot imagine how their grandparents got an education without computers and the internet.  Our world would be much different today without the productivity and information they allow us.  Make use of such innovation to make doing business easier and more effective.

TC7740 Sharpen your Skills TEAM CARDIn this Leadership Key Pack we have included several PRINTABLE postcards and stickers.  Learn to download the free templates.  They will save you hours of time, and therefore increase your productivity and hourly income!  These postcards and stickers have the colorful, eye-catching graphics and borders, yet are easily personalized.  Most of our customers comment that trying to make their own stickers and postcards (using Avery products, etc.) is just not worth it.  They’ve calculated that the large amount of time they waste trying to find graphics, set it up, and the cost of ink is EXPENSIVE!

Evaluate what your best is right now and set goals to sharpen your skills to do better than your best!  (Give each person on your team this sticker (PR70538) to put in their notes.  Then follow up on newsletters, notes, etc. to encourage them to continue to strive to do better than their best!) 

Everyone started out as just a normal person.  Remember, just like Michael Phelps, and as every great achiever, we cannot do it alone.  Take advantage of your resources and your coaches.  Develop a fan club.  Set goals, and work every day to achieve those goals.  Know your competition.  Practice your skills so your strength and endurance will increase.
“You can’t put a limit on anything.  The more you dream, the farther you get.”  —Michael Phelps

“I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.”  —Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps also said “Swimming is more than a once-every-four-years sport.”  He swims nearly ever day and strives to do better than his best every day.  Are you doing SOMETHING for your business EVERYDAY!  Your goal should be to be a lifelong learner and achiever!

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”  —Paul J. Meyer

Business Basics:  
  Now is the time in your meeting to discuss the BASIC techniques of your profession.  Review the Key 4C: Boost Sales by preparing catalogs basics included in the beginning of these training pages.  Show your team what an impact the stickers do have in your catalogs.  Before your meeting, prepare several catalogs WITH various stickers.  Then, pass those around with catalog that HAVE NOT been stickered so your team members can see the difference.

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