BC4601T-Preferred Customer Cards
BC4601T-Preferred Customer Cards to make your program easy!

A Preferred customer program or system will help you keep in touch with your customers and keep them ordering from you again and again.

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Many companies today offer some type of club or program to keep their customers coming back to them, rather than shopping around.  Some examples are “Frequent Flyer Programs” or “Frequent Buyer Programs.”  You can develop this type of program for your business as well.  We, at The Booster, have developed many products you can use in what we call the “Preferred Customer Program.”  Some people think it sounds like too much work to start such a program, but it really isn’t, especially when you consider the benefits.  Remember, these are just examples, you can make your program be whatever YOU want.

A Preferred Customer Program is a way to set yourself apart from everyone else in your industry.  When you establish a “club” it helps your customers feel appreciated, and therefore they will continue doing business with you.  We will discuss the three essential parts of making a “Preferred Customer Program” successful. 

 These essential parts are:
1. Setup a program that works for you and rewards your customers.
2. Entice your customers to become members of your program.
3. Use systems to stay in touch with your customers and generate sales.

This little card will help you keep your customers coming back to you. It’s the size of a business card and it’s easy and fun!

Here’s how to do it:
1. Decide what they will redeem the card for when they’ve got it filled.
2- Decide what each of the 20 squares represent ie: dollar value of purchase.
3- Fill out the back of the cards before the party with your name, phone, company, value, etc. (Or just have them do it AT the party.)
 4- Tell your guests about the card during your presentation. Then, when they place their order, give them the card with their name on the front. We have a sticker to put in your catalogs to prompt THEM to ask YOU about the cards (S40332).
5- Encourage them to spend enough to mark off the first square. (You could offer a 2 squares for 1 on their first order.)
6- Then encourage them to call you when they need a gift, etc. so they can fill their card. Just initial each box as it is earned.
7- Let them know they can fill extra squares by being a hostess, bringing 2 friends to the next party, etc.
8-Remind them they are your “Preferred Customer” by sending them a “Customers like you make my day” magnet personalized with your information on our Printable Stickers. 

This is a plan you can develop to be whatever you want it to be. You may want to keep a note on your guest list of who you gave ‘PC’ cards to so you can contact them again.

Wouldn’t you like to boost your average order? 

Then, when you set your dollar value of the squares or circle on your Preferred Customer Card, think of your average order and up it a little. 

For example if your average order is $40 set each box value to $25 so they have to spend a little more to mark off the second box.  (What would an extra $10.00 per guest mean to your party averages?  $10.00 x 8 guests = $80.00 more in sales per party!)  Most importantly, when setting up your program, consider the reward they’ll get  versus the amount of money they will need to spend to fill the card.  Make it worthwhile for your customers and yourselves.

For example, if each box represents $25 in sales they will be spending $500 to fill the card.  So, you should give them a good reward such as $25 in free products or an item for half price.  (At 25% commission you would still be making $106 off that one customer.)   You could make the squares represent $10, so the customer would have to spend $200 to fill the card.  Then, make the reward less, such as getting to buy any item at 40% off.

At each party make sure to tell your guests of various other ways they could earn extra boxes on their Preferred Customer Cards.   These could include bringing an outside order to a party, buying your featured product,  booking their own party, scheduling a recruiting interview, etc.  Then, decide what the reward will be when all of the squares are filled.

You decide what you can afford to offer according to your commissions, discounts, etc.  We suggest for you not to make it too difficult to fill a card, or none of your customers will even try.  To make a greater impact with your card and help your customers remember your name, have them all fill out the back of the card together at the party.  Be sure to have them write their reward gift and expiration date on both their card and your Customer Care Card.

Our Preferred Customer Cards (BC4601) comes in a version were the card is BLANK on the back.  You can either print what you want yourself using our FREE templates, or order the item followed by the PR and we will print whatever you want on the back.  You can either fill in the blanks or something entirely different.

There is AUDIO also training on our BLOG on using the Customer Care Cards.  Just go to Key5: Customers CATEGORY  You can listen there.

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Alida asked a question below about how to mark the circles on Preferred Customer Cards under another post but it applies to these cards so I’ve reposted it here:

Alida asked:  Jenny…   I just ordered your preferred customer and host cards and love them… I want to use them to reward my customers for placing online orders, referrals and other things that I won’t actually see them for. The first time I plan on mailing them the card to them with a thank you, but after they already have the card, how do I credit them the “circle” I have “thought” about making a fold over note card that thanked them and included a sticker they could place on their card. Then each time they earned one I would send a sticker to add to the card. I decided to try yours so I did not spend tons of time designing it! What is your thought on how I could do this?

Hi Alida, This is a great question.  I’ve had people ask and have answered verbally but I’m not sure I’ve put it in writing.  Here is what I suggest:

Come up with a “CODE” for each month of the year.  Use initials or numbers that mean something to you.  For example, if your mom’s birthday is in January, use her initials.  If your anniversary is in Feb, use the number of how many years you’ve been married, etc.  Once you have the code for the year, write it on a card that you keep on your desk with your Customer Care Cards, and another in your datebook, or order clipboard for easy reference while at parties.

When you mark the circles or boxes on the Preferred Customers cards at a party, or over the phone, use that code.  When they are placing an outside order say somthing like,  “Do you have your Preferred Customer Card Handy?  Great, this order qualifies you to mark off TWO circles.  Please put the initials “AB” and 1/11 on those circles.  Remember, I am here to help you with your gift giving needs so call me when you need something and we’ll be able to mark off more circles.  You’ll have your card filled in no time and you’ll earn _______”

In reality, this is just to keep your customers “honest” (not that you think they will cheat) but just to let them know that you are using a different code each month so they wouldn’t even try to cheat.  Also, when they turn in the card to you, the codes will be familiar even if you’ve forgotten specific orders they placed.

I hope this helps.  If you have more questions, please just ask.  The blog is a great place to ask.  I’m going to transfer this question to the post about using preferred customer cards too!  Thanks, Jenny B

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