T0-01 Starter Pack Training

  Please note, the AUDIO below was recorded a while ago and the pack has changed slightly.  Below is what currently comes in the packs. (There have even been a few changes to the K-Success Packs since this was originally posted.  What is shown on the WEBSITE (see the links below) is current.)

Click this link to hear Jenny B explain the benefits of the Success Packs!    


For those of you who don’t know about The Booster and what we offer, let me share a little taste (and a reminder to others.) We have been in business over 30 years with the goal to help you BOOST your business! We’ve developed thousands of products to help you in every key area of your business!

We offer FREE TRAINING (check out our blog and website) and products to BOOST every Key such as Boosting Bookings, Improving hostess coaching, Boosting Attendance, Boosting Sales, Improving Customer Service, and Boosting Recruit leads and recruits. For leaders we also offer motivational and recognition products. We also offer seasonal items and company specific items!

The PRODUCTS make implementing the Training EASY and AFFORDABLE! We have hundreds of sticker designs plus postcards, buttons, bookmarks and so much more.

Our customers tell us their sales DOUBLE or TRIPLE as they begin to use our products in their business.


Our “System Dividers” (V1003) which include training also make it EASY to file your stickers (as most of our stickers come 3 hole punched for easy filing!)

Now, we wanted to make it EASY to implement the TRAINING for EVERY PARTY so we developed the “10 Steps to Successful Parties! System! This system integrates ALL the KEYS into EVERY party so EVERY party can be as successful as possible!

But you have lots of parties in various stages going on all the time, so how do you keep track of what needs to be done?

We developed the “Party Show Checklist” which is part of our System Dividers. You make copies of the checklist and fill out one for every hostess. Then as you complete each step you just fill in the info! Once the party is complete there is even a place for you to evaluate each party so when you rebook that hostess you know what worked and what didn’t!

I’ll explain ONE of the concepts we teach, but first let me ask some questions.

How many people do you invite on average to a party or show? Since I’m not there  with you  I’ll tell you what most answer :30.

How many people come? Average answer is 8-10.

So if you invite 30 and 10 people come, how many are learning that you offer both booking and recruiting opportunities? The 10 that come, right?

But, how many are NOT learning that you offer both booking and recruiting opportunities? 20 that don’t come!


But what if you put both a booking sticker such as “Why Pay Full Price? Free is twice as nice!” and recruiting sticker such as “Full time Pay- part time hours” on EVERY INVITATION? How many would be learning that you have both booking and recruiting opportunities? YES, All 30! You are mailing the invitations anyway, why not get the most bang for your buck?

The object is to PLANT SEEDS everywhere! You never know how many of the seeds will grow, but the odds are much better if you PLANT THEM than if you just wait for volunteers!

We recommend you put FOUR stickers on every invitation, YES FOUR! Why, because they are PROVEN TO WORK to double or triple your sales!

TIffaney wrote:

I have to admit adding the stickers my invitations has helped increase attendance. I have more people showing up to my parties and it’s amazing!!! 

ABCD Formula
If the B for Benefit is > C for Cost = DO IT!

Now, let me teach you about the ABCD formula.

The A stands for “A Success Formula!” (I had to get the A in there because the rest of the formula goes like this:)

If the B for Benefits is greater than the C for Cost = D Do IT!

Doesn’t that make sense? If the Benefit is greater than the cost then DO IT!

Now, I said we recommend 4 stickers but so far I’ve only mentioned Booking & Recruiting. The THIRD sticker is a BRING A FRIEND type of sticker and we have LOTS of different ones to choose from.  Let’s put the formula to the test.

So let’s use the Key 3- Bring a Friend Sticker as an example:

It costs on average 50¢ to put a bring a friend sticker on 25 invitations.

How much PROFIT do you make if just ONE person brings a friend and that friend spends just $40? At a 25% commission you MAKE $10.00!

Is the Benefit of $10 greater than the Cost of 50 cents? Of course it is!

Now, I’m sure all of you are aware of the impact people bringing friends can have on your business but let me share another testimonial, from Ann Langdon:

Jenny B Stickers will change your business…

I have been using Jenny B stickers for a little over a year now. I have the full binder of stickers and I use them all! Stickers go in my catalogs, on my invitations, in my hostess packets, and on my recruiting folders. I mail post cards to potential recruits, hostesses, and customers when they show an interest in my business.

I won the company trip to Hawaii last year and I don’t think I would have were not for the stickers I put on my invitations.

Then Ann shared “Let me give you a recent example of what the ‘bring a friend’ sticker has done for me. I place these stickers on EVERY invitation I send. In February when my demo was done and I was writing up orders a guest walked up and told me she had come with her mom because of the sticker that said her mom would get a free gift.

This guest booked a show and asked me about my business. I gave her a recruiting packet to go home and review.

She called me 3 days later and signed up! She has continually been in the top 1 or 2 in sales in my Unit, and has even beat my Division manager in sales once or twice!

OH and did I mention that the first thing she did was order her Jenny B stickers for her invitations! She knows the value! Just think, if I had not put that sticker on that invitation she would not have come and I would have never signed up this great recruit!

You JUST never know what a sticker could do for you but, I can guarantee you that ONE sticker has paid for EVERY Jenny B item I have ever bought and then some! Thank you Jenny B! I would not be where I am today without you!


So, let’s do the math. First, let me ask … how much PROFIT do you make if just ONE person brings a friend and that friend spends just $40? At a 25% commission you MAKE $10.00!

The results!

It costs on average 50¢ to put a bring a friend sticker on 25 invitations. So that means you’d MAKE and extra $9.50. But what if the guest who brought the friend wouldn’t have come without the friend and SHE spend $40. Now your PROFIT is $19.50 for that 50¢ investment. What if TWO people brought friends?

Where else can you get that kind of return on investment? Certainly not in today’s or even yesterday’s stock market!

But let’s take it a step further… what if that “friend” books a party and starts a whole new party chain in a new neighborhood? How much would you make? And what if that “Friend” became a member of your team like what happened to Ann?

Is is worth the investment? Well I hope you can see that it definitely is.


Misty wrote: I am an advisor for Lia Sophia & I have been using Jenny B. stickers since July 2007. I have had many comments on the stickers I use & have even had advisors with different companies ask me where I got them. I have noticed an increase in attendance at my shows when I use Jenny B. stickers. And love that I can plant a small recruiting seed even before I meet my customers!

This is just ONE of the many, many concepts we teach.  So, let me tell you about the special PACKS we offer:

This pack is for those of you in the PARTY PLAN industry.  If you don’t do parties you’ll want the K-DS direct sellers pack.

The K-Success Pack
This is an overview of what comes in the Success Pack.

First we have a the K-SUCCESS PACK that includes a huge selection of products to get your started. It has 30 sheets of stickers, postcards, folders, buttons and more. It even includes the “10 Steps to Successful Parties SYSTEM” with the dividers that literally walk you through which stickers to use and how to use them to double or triple your sales. This is an $80 value for only $39.99! That’s a savings of 50%.


This Success Pack will help you to be organized and to take the steps to success.

Jen Burger – Falcon, CO  said, ” If anyone had asked me what part of my business I needed to improve, the answer would have been organization. I bought the ‘Be Great Pack’ and have already seen an improvement in my organization. The Party/Show Checklist helps me keep on track with what I need to be doing for every show. It’s so easy to use! The pen pal stickers are awesome and the training is incredible. There is so much packed into the binder I can’t even say which item is my favorite! It’s all so helpful! The bright colors and fun sayings help motivate me and staying organized for success isn’t such a chore anymore.


Now, this pack is just a taste to get you started and we have so much more to offer that I put together some other specials for you to go with this idea.


K Success Six Pack
Save over 50% on this great selection of products to boost your business

It is called the K-Success 6 Pack. 


The FIRST of the 6 packs is  the K-Success Pack discussed above!



A selection of 9 Combo Sheets of stickers

The  second one is K-START-B  a selection of 9 sheets of the  COMBO-B stickers.  It includes 58 different designs of stickers for a total of 576 stickers.  This is a $17.91 value for only $12.50.    But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%


K-Invite Pack
A selection of 8 sheets of stickers to put on your invitations

The  third Pack is the K-Invite Pack. This includes 8 sheets of combo stickers which is enough stickers to put the 4 stickers on 140 invitations. That’s enough for 5 to 6 shows for only $10.99. Again, a savings of 30%.  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%


Keep your calendar full by using this board at your parties.

The    fourth pack is the K Prize Dots!  Pick a Date- Pick a Prize DOTS pack which includes the erase board to help you Fill your date book! This has PROVEN to work and all the details of how to use it are on our website.  Again, you’ll save 30% on the individual pack, but, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%


K-Pen Pal Pack- Stickers to put on your pens to SAVE your pens and plant booking & recruiting seeds.

The  fifth pack is the K-PEN PAL Pack which includes 4 sheets of our “pen Pal” stickers (enough for 64 pens) which you wrap around the top of your pen like a flag. It is EASY, they SAVE your Pens and since our stickers are graphically designed I promise, your customers will read them (and our other stickers) over and over again and then again and again subconsciously!



You’ll be constantly planting more and more booking and recruiting seeds without even saying a word! Then, when you DO mention it, it will register with your guests. You’ll be amazed! This is a $7.97 value for only $5.57!  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%.



K- Postcards with Text Pack
You’ll have better parties when you use these postcards to keep in touch with your hosts.

The  sixth pack is the POSTCARD PACK (K-PP-T)  which includes 5 sheets of each of 5 different designs to help you with your hostess coaching.  (Designs may  vary from those shown- they ALL are Full Color NOW but usage will be similar.)  This is a $12.95 value for only $8.75.  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%.

So, to save 50% on all SIX of these packs, just order the “Success 6 pack” below.  You’ll get them ALL for only $69.99! That’s a $150+ value for only $69.99!


These products truly DO make a BIG difference- Amanda Lula IN June 11, 2008 wrote

  “WOW! I’m #3 in sales! WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t find another word to explain how happy I am being a Jenny B. customer!! I got a strip of stickers when I became a consultant Jan. 2008. I thought ‘oh these are cute’. I flipped through the catalog and really liked some of the things a I saw, but didn’t think I needed any of it. Well after a while I thought “it couldn’t hurt to try some of the products.”

I saw a difference right away. So I bought the System Dividers to help organize my stickers, I didn’t realize what a business booster they would be. So now I’m a member of the Key Pack Club. And because of all the help from my Booster products I was #3 in sales for the month of May!! THANK YOU JENNY B.!!!!!!

Now, you’ve heard in these testimonials about the “Key Pack Club”

If you truly want to take your business to the next level and especially if you have a team to train then this is your answer because the Key Pack Club gives you more detailed training each month on the business basics and $20+ in products as well as a complete THEME meeting plan and $7-9 worth of products to go with the theme.  See more details on the HOME page of our website. http://www.thebooster.com


In response to receiving her keyletter training and downloading the FREE Pdf’s for a   Key Pack Ann Ridout – wrote: These are absolutely fantastic! The training sessions of my meetings is now stress-free because of you! Thank you!

I urge you to TAKE THE CHALLENGE and see what a difference this can make in your business.

 Marlo Wiltse from MI, did and this is what she wrote:

I took the challenge! I met Jenny at a conference and decided to go ahead and buy the starter kit and used the ‘system’ on my postcards, catalogs, everything. Jenny promised me that my sales would double using this system and I can definitely say that they have been great. My sales average is over $600 a show and I am booking shows really well.

Another person who took the challenge is Marlo Boux Canada,

Create Synergy in your business!
Synergy: the explosion of energy to DOUBLE your sales when you do it all!

 THE RESULTS ARE IN! I began using the booster party plan sellers pack system a few months ago and collected the data from shows where I used the system and shows when I didn’t use the system and the results speak for themselves!

Show averages without the system: = 8 buying guests with a show total sales of $500/show

Show averages WITH the system: 9.5 buying guests with a show total sales of $642.77show!

(I’ve done the math for you) Average increase in sales = $142.77 per show x 8 shows per month = $1142.16 PER MONTH!

Cost of Booster Products = approx $5 per show = 40. Profit at only 25% = 285.54- $40 = $245.54 MORE money in YOUR pocket! (This does not count the increased exposure to your products, potential recruit leads, more hostesses etc!) Thanks Marlo for doing the test for us!


Now, all know we are dealing with a slow economy so it is even MORE important to get those few extra people at every show and let everyone know about the opportunities you offer. Let me share this last testimonial from Tia Johns 

 I am so thrilled with your products! I have purchased the success pack, random stickers, the ‘pick-a-date’ pack and buttons, but I must say the stickers are my absolute favorite! I put them on everything. By following the steps in the pack and divider system, my business is really starting to pick up and I am regaining my momentum. Using the stickers has really boosted the attendance at my parties. I finally joined the Key Pack Club, too, so I am looking forward to getting stickers automatically every month!

I am excited to hear YOUR success stories! I want each of you to be saying “Success is MINE!” but you are the ones who have to take the steps and follow up consistently to make it happen. We are here to help you- along with your leaders, and that is our goal- we succeed by helping YOU succeed. Please, take the challenge to make the most of every opportunity. You deserve it and you CAN DO IT!

Here is a link directly to the K-Success Six Pack on our Website.  You can click the links in the description for details on all the PACKS included in it by clicking the ACCESSORIES tab.  Click this: http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1977-k-success-six-pack-with-a-huge-selection-of-products-to-double-your-business-save-over-50-.html


This is the TRAINING CATEGORY LINK where the Starter PACKS are shown as well as all the individual products that are included in the packs.


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