T1-01-Pick a Date and Pick a Prize IDEA
Keep your calendar Full with this idea!

This is a concept that has been one of our most popular ways to keep your calendar full!  It invloves using our “Pick a Date & Pick a Prize” Erase Boards.  We have several different ones to choose from! A summery Red,White & Blue EB1112, A Christmas one EB1121 (that you can be using right now) and two colors of “Dots” style EB1127T or EB1127L to be used anytime!Below is how to use them effectively in your parties or shows to get booking on the days or nights you want and to keep your calendar full!

First you’ll want to get one of our Erase Boards.  They are all printed on cardstock in bright colors and laminated.  We recommend you use a “Wet Erase” pen (the tip is finer than dry erase and it is easier to erase small sections on the board.  Pens VEB-PEN are purchased seperately)

Before your parties for the week, prepare your “Pick a Date Erase Board” with the NEXT 3-4 weeks. Write the dates in the corner of each box or dot, leaving room for guests to write their name and phone number.

Example of preparing Erase BoardUsing a wet-erase pen, make big star bursts around the dates you want to fill. Only put 1 day each week (even if your have more available- or maybe two in just one of the weeks). This creates a sense of urgency.  You want to appear that you are a BUSY, actively working  consultant.    If they want a different date, you can check your date book, but they wouldn’t get the prize unless the other dates highlighted are already filled. Mark off boxes that you already have a party booked or days you don’t want to have a party. Note specific hours if you only have an afternoon or evening available.

• Our calendars have only 3-4 weeks because if you only date as far out as 3-4 weeks it keeps your business moving better. Also, you don’t want to give a prize for dating further out because they tend to lose their motivation and excitement for doing the party so long after booking.

Now, what to do: Decide how and what you want to use for prizes. There are several different options:
1) You could wrap up some gifts and put them on display.
2) Order some of our “MINI Gift Bags” to use in your display. (HC1023) Just fill each with a slip of paper with the prize. (Prizes can be a % discount, dollar off an order, a product you already have, etc.) These create curiosity!
3) Put the “Pick a Date” stickers (S10404 or PR10850) by items in your catalog that they can pick.
4) You can put pictures of the prizes from your catalog together on one page and make copies. Then put those copies in each of the guest folders.  Be sure to leave room for the colorful stickers to be added after you make your copies.
5)  I’m sure you can come up with other ideas. If you don’t actually want to give products, you can put together a basket of prizes (wrapped or unwrapped) and point them out as you present the calendar.

• At your parties, set the calendar up in your display. Wear the “Pick a Date” button (B15375 or B11513) or allow your hostess to wear it, since getting bookings helps her earn more! Mention that you will be passing the calendar around later in the demonstration and tell them you will remind them about the prizes during your demonstration. Stick a “Pick a Date” sticker on the items in your demonstration that they can get as a hostess gift or as the “prize” you are offering  if they have a party. The sticker will remind you to mention it and it reminds your guests as they are looking at your products.
• About 2/3 of the way through your demo, pass around the calendar and pen. Have guests write their name, phone, and time of party on available dates.   Remember, this helps you to fill in the DATES YOU want to party!
• Before the party, put a “Pick a date” sticker on every order form. During the party, draw attention to it and suggest they write the date they have chosen by the sticker on their order form. When you are taking their order the sticker and date (or no date) will remind you to ask them if they have a date in mind. This helps you to remember to ask EVERY person to be a hostess.

To protect yourself and insure the bookings ALWAYS make this comment: “I will bring your prize to your party when held on the original date booked.”   You’ll want to actually mention this DURING your demo, so they realize WHEN they will get their gift.  It is very important that you hold to this rule.  If they DO want to postpone or cancel remind them that they will lose their gift.

Now- to help you get even MORE bookings at HER party, when you talk about the “pick a prize” concept at her party is when you would present her with her gift and have her open it in front of everyone and show them what SHE got!

Make the most of every opportunity!
Plan your presentations carefully to generate leads.
Datings & Bookings are the lifeblood of your business!

Remember, with the holiday coming quickly you’ll want to have your calendar filled.  Start using the “Christmas” erase board (EB1121)    Make your Christmas Shopping a Party! NOW. You could use the “Book with me earn Christmas Free” stickers on their order forms as a reminder. S91529

Here’s a testimonial from one of our Great Booster Customers:
I was lucky enough to meet you on the House Boat SI Conference about three years ago at Lake Powell, AZ. I am just writing to give you a quick ‘Thanks’ for your fabulous products. I took your ‘Pick a Date, Pick a Prize!’ Dry Erase Board (EB1112) to a local Expo this weekend and was able to book three retreats! This is something that in other Expos I had not been able to do (getting someone to commit to an actual date). This really turned a long day into a great business opportunity!

Nichole McAbee, Sierra Vista, AZ

We have several “Packs” available with the Dots and RWB boards.

K-Pick-Prize-Flowers-PACKSince originally posting this idea we added a LOT more options.  One is the Spring Flowers.  Check out all the details on the website.  We also have this in a money saving K-Pack.

Click this link to go to the category with all the products that match this idea on our website:


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  1. We are taught to wait until the individual consultation to offer up bookings. I like the idea of passing the “pick a date” board around 2/3 of the way through. It also gives everyone the idea that…”if she is going to get a prize, I want one too.” Love, Love, Love the hostess wearing the “Pick a Date” button… it brings more attention to it.



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