T0-04 Book and Recruit while saving your pens!

Save your pens... get bookings and recruits too!

About 11 years ago I was at the postoffice.  I used a pen that had a “Priority Mail” sticker wrapped around the top like a flag.

As I finished, I stood there and just stared at the pen for SEVERAL seconds.  The postmaster finally asked me if I was OK.

I looked up and asked him, “Has using this sticker on your pens kept pens from walking away?”  He answered a resounding, “Yes!”

I then asked, “Have you had more people asking you about Priority Mail?”  He pondered a moment and said, “Yes, I have!” (This was when priority mail was fairly new.)
I smiled and said, ” I sell stickers!”  He looked at me rather puzzled and I said again with a lot of enthusisam “I sell stickers!”  I then smiled at him and said “I think I’ve just thought of a brand new product!”  I went home and developed the “PEN-PAL Stickers!”
So what are Pen Pal Stickers?  
They are a strip sticker that has 2 slogans on it.  They wrap around the top of your “stick” type pens.  You can leave them down about 3/8″ so the caps fit on the top.  The idea is that your customers will read those slogans on your pens and this gives you the opportunity to plant both booking and recriting seeds.  To get them “thinking” about what you offer.

When I do trainings around the country I usually include a pen with “pen-pal” sticker in the training packet.  About 2/3 of the way through the training I ask, “If you have read the sticker on your pen, please stand up.” 

EVERYONE in the room stands up. 

I then ask them to remain standing if they’ve read it two times, three times, or four times, etc.  Usually people start sitting down after 3-5 times. 

I then ask, “Please stand back up if you’ve read what’s on your neighbors’ pen.”

EVERYONE stands back up again!


Because of the graphic designs we use as we develop our stickers.  I have done a lot of research and we design our slogans to look like LOGOS.  Why?  Because they then work with BOTH sides of your brain!  What happens, is because of the colors and design, they are DRAWN to read the slogan.  But then, because of the way we develop them, the sub-conscious part of the brain reads them over and over again as the eye catches the design.

I took a whole-brain learning class years ago and one of the things we talked about is how to overcome all the negatives in the world that we (and our children) are bombarded with.  We learned that we need to put MORE POSITIVES into our subconscious than negatives.  The same is true when planting seeds, the more times you can put the concept into the minds of your customers, the more they will become interested in what you offer.

(This is really the concept of ALL Booster Products!)

So, the Pen-pal stickers DO get read over and over again consciously and then even more times subconsciously!  When you use them on your pens you not only SAVE your pens (because it is obvious they belong to you and they don’t get put in their purse) but you’re planting both booking and recruiting seeds over and over again!

We have a great selection of both booking and recruiting slogans on our pen-pals!  Some come on full sheets of the same design, others are on combo sheets. 

Click this link to see the complete selection of Pen Pal stickers on our website:


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Hi everyone, I am Jenny Bywater, known as Jenny B to the party plan industry. Many of you may know me from the years she brought her fabulous Booster products, of stickers, postcards, etc. to many National Conventions including Tupperware, PartyLite, liasophia, & Mary Kay just to mention a few. I was top sales in a party plan company and then started “The Booster” over 33 years ago with the goal of helping those in the Party Plan profession to “Boost their sales and Brighten their image!” I have done this, helping well over a million consultants - and the successful consultants is still growing. I am excited to introduce you to my new, “How to have $1000 Parties System” based on proven techniques that REALLY WORK! You'll find details about this SYSTEM and Booster Products throughout this Blog and on our website at www.thebooster.com

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Awesome article! It was very interesting about your studies of the brain and positive subconcious suggestions! I would love to read more about that aspect – do you have recommended reading for that process and projection? I would immensely appreciate it.
I am going to pursue the pen stickers as you noted and suggested. I am just starting my business and I know I need to share my contact information and encourage customers to interact with me and I will be devoted to them as well.
Side question: Can you recommend sales/party games etc. to hold interest and make it “fun”. I am a more low-key individual and I don’t want to come across quiet and boring. I need to “up” my approach but yet stay true to myself. 😉

Thanks you in advance for any suggested approaches, uses and recommended reading material!

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