Stickers keep talking when you stop!

WHO?  YOU should be using stickers because they have a tremendous impact on your business!  Customers tell us they love using them because they do the talking for them.  Who notices them?   Everyone! 
WHAT?  Booster Stickers! Because they are graphically designed to be eye-catching and get attention!   We have colorful designs that look like little logos!  People are drawn to read them, then because they are graphically designed, then the RIGHT side of the brain will read them over and over again even when they just glance at them!
WHEN?   All the time!   Stick them, refer to them, comment on them and stick them some more!   They’ll get you responses all the time!   When you use stickers you are constantly planting booking and recruiting seeds in a way that people become curious and start asking you questions. 
WHERE?   Everywhere!   Use them on everything such as invitations, catalogs, envelopes, your products, folders, packets, business cards, brochures & you can even wear them!   Since there are different designs for each of the Key Areas of your business you’ll want to use a variety to get them thinking about all the benefits of your business.
WHY? Because stickers encourage customers to talk to you!   They generate more people at your parties and more sales! They make customers feel good because they can see you’ve taken that extra moment to put a “Thank You” sticker on their invoice.   They get people thinking about your booking and recruiting opportunities without you having to say anything!   In fact, when you use them on every invitation you are planting seeds before you even meet them.   And most important WHY is: THEY WORK! 
HOW: Just START!   Start putting them everywhere (of course you have to order them first) and you’ll be amazed at the difference little 2 cent stickers can make for your business! 
Remember to apply the A-B-C-D formula! 
A Success Formula
If the B for Benefit
Is greater than the C for Cost
Then D = DO IT ! 
Give it a try and see what stickers can do for you!
Start shopping now- Just click SHOP ALL PRODUCTS then STICKERS in the categories down the left.  Then click the KEY AREAS of your business you want to boost  Or, click the Key Area Categories, then click STICKERS in each one. 

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