T0-10  Events! (Fairs, Boutiques, Booths etc)
Make contacts and get leads while at events and fairs.

If you’re looking to expand your business then this is the idea for you! Schedule some Events this summer, winter fall or spring!  Events can be fairs, Boutiques, Booths at Fundraisers, etc.  Wherever people gather for an event and the organizers offer booths, take advantage of this opportunity to meet people.  If you look, I’m sure there are LOTS of different things going on in your town or surrounding area! Be watching for 4th of July events, County or State Fairs, local boutiques, etc.
Work the booth yourself or go in on one with a friend or others on your team! If you’re a Team Leader, consider sharing with your team. The bigger or longer the event, the more people you can get involved.
Now, if you’re going to do all the work to DO a fair, you need to be sure to do what you can to make it as successful as possible and then FOLLOW UP. That’s what this idea is all about …..!

Fairs and other events are a fabulous opportunity for you to MEET NEW PEOPLE!  They get you out of the immediate circle of people you work with and create NEW contacts.  They are a great way to get bookings, sales and meet new people who are interested in your products that you can contact to be customers, hosts, and new members of your team, etc.  There are things you can do to draw attention to your booth.  Give these things a try and see what happens!  You are investing the money to HAVE a booth.  Invest  just a little more to make it more effective!  The object is to draw attention to the benefits of what your offer.  I was talking to a corporate trainer for a company who had just learned about Booster products.  I asked him HOW he had heard about us.  He told me some of his consultants had been using our products at fairs and generated tons of leads!  They told him it was the buttons and signs that helped even the more SHY gals to get leads.  He wanted to know more and was very impressed with how Booster Products could help his company!  Here are some ideas:

BOOTH SET UP:  Your goal with your booth is to ENGAGE with the people at the event.  Set up your booth in such a way to invite people to COME IN.  Do NOT have a table across the front and sit behind it.  People will walk righ by!  Create a U-Shape design with tables or display along the side and across the back.  If you want to have a little table going across the front, that is OK, but be sure to leave room for people to easily COME IN.
Plan to have a place to sit on the outside edge.  If it is an even you know will have a lot of traffic, you may want to have at least two people to man the booth.  One would be inside and the other greeting and engaging with people as they come by.  You may not be able to be on your feet all day so I suggest a STOOL (not a chair) on an outside edge of the booth.  Why a STOOL, because it is easier to stand up and greet people.  A stool will put you close to eye-level, but standing is even better.  TALK to people as they come by, interact and ASK how you and your products can be of benefit them.
I suggest you keep a clipboard you can hand to people to sign up for your drawings etc.  Some suggest you be very selective in who you encourage to sign up.  I prefer to encourage people to give you their contact info, but find out their LEVEL of interest.  The sign-up cards we offer ask questions and have a 1-5 so you know their interest level for following up after.
Decide what you are going to offer to the people you meet.  Rehearse what you plan to say.  Of course, you’ll need to be well versed in your products so you can answer questions as they come up, but be prepared with some specifics for them stopping by to see you.  Do you have a some DEALS you are offering if they purchase while they are there?  What if they actually BOOK a party and set the date while they are there.  What if they choose to take home an opportunity packet and set a date to meet with you?  Before the event, decide what your focus will be.  Are you there to get SALES, BOOKINGS or RECRUITS?  Or, all THREE!  If you want all 3 then you need to be prepared with offers and how to follow up on those promotions.  So now, lets discuss some specific ideas…

BUTTONS! When setting up your booth, pin booking and recruiting buttons on your product, tablecloth or perhaps the apron you wear.  Buttons will draw more attention and get people asking questions. Many times at fairs, people think they have to buy something right then if they walk into your booth, so they avoid coming into booths.  Use the buttons to draw people in to see your product without feeling obligated.  Some people may not be aware of your products.  Use this as an opportunity to introduce them to what you offer.  Wear the buttons while at the fair to get people thinking about how fun and convenient having parties can be!

Use our DISPLAY SIGNS (Large or Regular)  The LARGE signs (8 1/2 x 11) are perfect to draw attention from a distance. Hang them up  from your awning, backdrop, on the front of your table or put in plastic table displays.   These graphically designed slogans will draw attention and have an impact.  (They are printed on 8 1/2” x 11” card stock and laminated to last a long time.  If you want to hang multiple signs together punch holes and tie together with ribbon.)  Order them individually in DS category or some come in the “Fair -Display Pack.”   We have created a LARGE SELECTION of signs so you can put up a variety of booking, selling and recruiting slogans.  If you are hanging them up and they will be seen from both sides you’ll want to put them back to back.
We also have the regular size display signs (1/4 page size) that come FLAT or FOLDED.  The folded ones will stand up in your display.  You can also use the FLAT ones in stands or holders.  Again, we have a large selection to fit any need.  If your fair is outside where it is windy, the flat sign can be attached to a product so it doesn’t blow over.  Inside?  Use the cards as they will stand on their own.  Read through them and see what works for you.  They are in Home>Shop ALL Products>Other Products>DS-Display Signs .  Or you’ll find them in the OTHER PRODUCTS category under the different Booking, Sales or Recruiting Keys.

HINT:  If you really want to challenge yourself put the  “If I don’t ask you to have a party… Pick a prize!” (DS17130)  in your display.    Or wear the button B17130 — Ask have Party or Pick a prize.  People of all ages love it!  It challenges them to talk to you first. Keep a basket of small items for them to draw from out on your table

Fill your Calendar!  Display the “Pick a date and Pick a prize” erase board (EB10906L or EB109025).  Put a starburst around your available dates in the next 3-4 weeks to get bookings right away!   We have several different designs of boards to choose from.  See them in OTHER PRODUCTS- EB-Erase Boards.

Cash and Carry? You may be doing fairs or booths to drum up sales as well as leads. If you have products in your inventory at home, take them with you and put “Cash and Carry” stickers on them to remind guests that those items are available immediately with no shipping charge (or you can take them to your parties.) Make suggestions as you are talking to people asking them if they need a gift for an upcoming wedding, shower, birthday, etc.

LEADS … LEADS … LEADS.. One of the main reasons your do a fair or an event is to get leads, but in order to GET LEADS, you have to draw the people into your booth.  Here are some more ideas… but what are you doing with them ….. read on …..

Engage…. One of the best ways to generate leads is to ENGAGE with your customers.  Here are some fun ideas…

Offer CANDY that plants seeds…. Have some individual candies on your table and PUT STICKERS on each candy!  Use recruting, booking and sales slogans!  Use a variety of slogans.  Your customers will STOP and read the slogans before eating the candy.  A great selection of stickers would be from Keys 1- Booking, Key 4-Sales and Key 6-Recruiting!  Get the COMBO SHEETS and use a variety of slogans.  You never know what will prompt curiosity and questions.

HINT:  If you have cash and carry items to choose from, (Paparazzi Jewelry, Jamberry Nails, clothes or whatever) then put the stickers on the PRICE TAGS.  You’ll be planting seeds each time they look at the tag.

Wrapped Candy Bar with prizes written on the inside of the wrapper when they Book a party!  Several different options … Book Shows, Fund Raisers, Regular Parties, Their Choice and Set up Recruiting Appointment.

PURSE Candy Bar wrappers GAME! Prizes are written on post it notes in the bottom of the purse.   They get pick a purse and get the prize inside when they Book a party!  To play the must agree to have whatever type of party they choose!  (Of course you would allow them to upgrade to a regular party.)  Several different options … Book Shows, Fund Raisers, Regular Parties, Their Choice and Set up Recruiting Appointment.

NOTE:  Make it clear that they get the prize when they hold their party on the original date booked.

Offer Catalog Parties:    Use our various types of “Party in a Bag” to encourage customers at events to have a “Catalog” Party.  Fill the bag with catalogs, orders forms, etc.  Then they choose a bag, they just take it with them as everything they need is inside.  We have a variety of bags for all seasons.  See out Turkey Trot, Reindeer Dash, Santa Sack, or you can even offer a Bunny Hop!  You’ll find the details on all these types of parties under FREE PARTY IDEAS!

EB1139 -- Spin to Win ERASE BOARDUse GAMES to draw people to your booth:EB13658

EB1139 — Spin to Win ERASE BOARD

We’ve already discussed the “Pick a Prize” Board as a way to engage people who come to your booth. Or using the Purses or Wrappers with candy bars to entice people  book a party but there are other ideas you can use.

Our SPIN to WIN board is a fun way to interact with those passing by.  There are many ways to use the game and I’ve gone into a lot of details and ideas on how to use the spin to win at fairs and event and even at your parties.  You can see all the details by clicking VIEW of the item.EB13658 —  Spin to Win ERASE BOARD.  We now have this available in PASTEL colors as well as the Primary Colors  EB13658B.  One of the really great things about these boards is how EASY and light weight they are to take to your events.  They LAY FLAT and when you use our display Board and Stand (an add on Option), you just  slip the display into the stand.  When you are ready to pack up, it comes apart in 2 seconds and lays flat!  The board comes WITH the spinner.  You just cut it out and assemble.
You can offer different prizes depending on what number they land on.  Or, you can even use a Wet Erase Pen (also an add on option) and WRITE the prizes in the sections.  This is such a fun way to engage with those passing by your booth.
Use the $50-$50 Board.
This is a way to encourage sales AT your event or at your parties or a combination of BOTH.  This $50-$50 board is a way for you to “Up” the sales just a little more since they get to put their name is a box for each $50 they spend.   If their order isn’t over $50 you can encourage them to spend a little more so they get a box.  Remember they get a box for EACH $50 so when their order is $79 encourage them to spend a little more for TWO boxes.   When the board is full, the winner gets a $50 gift card (or whatever “Give Aways” you choose.  Be sure to present the winner AT the party or event where you fill the board.  When the board is getting full, this will encourage people to place their order that night!  Of course if you give a gift card, it is to be spent on FUTURE orders.   Remember, it is also a way for you to get bookings because they get a square for that too (or whatever else you offer- i.e. if you offer a club, they could earn a square for signing up for your club!  However,  if the person that wins is a host and they haven’t held their party yet, they would not get their card until they hold it on the ORIGINAL DATE SET.

You can even play BINGO at fairs or events!
Fairs and other events are a fabulous opportunity for you to MEET NEW PEOPLE!  This idea is about how to use a BINGO game to encourage customers to get to know you by visiting your website, Facebook page, Blog, open your emails, reply to emails, etc.  See the complete idea at item 0-15 PDF– Play Bingo for Fairs, Events, etc.

We have a BINGO game that makes it easy for you to make hundreds of random cards to hand out at events…  See V1004!  Or we have the K-Fairs-GAMES Pack where you can add the BINGO as an option.
Your reason for doing a fair is to get LEADS!  Make sure you have something for them to fill out and a REASON for them to do it!  Offer a prize, gift for filling it out, etc.  We do have a drawing card you can use.  PP40130CT — Drawing Cards.  These drawing cards help you to get the info you need,  Check out the questions we ask:
Here is what is printed on the card:
–Of course you’ll get the normal name, phone, and address. But these cards also have a place for their cell phone and email. It also asks if you can email them specials.
–Then it has space for “Today’s Date”, their birthday and anniversary.
–It then has the eye-catching graphic: “Why pay full price? Free is twice as nice!” by the question: Would you be interested in free products? It then asks their interest level in becoming a host.
–By the next graphic, “Full Time Pay, Part Time Hours! Ask me how” it asks the question “Do you need extra income?” and interest in joining your team.
–It then asks a very revealing question: “If our host became a consultant, would you help her by hosting an event? (With a place for her name! (of course at a fair or event this question wouldn’t be applicable but it could generate more interest.)
It then asks if they have a friend that would love the business with room for her name! This is all topped off with the graphic: “How would an extra $200 a week impact your life?”
–As they are filling out the card they will read the graphics over and over again and this will influence how they answer the questions!

Here’s another idea for your drawing slips:

Most everyone has a website or a blog so if you do, encourage the people you meet at the fair to visit your website, blog or even Facebook.  Here’s how to do it:

Create a sign up slip that has all the normal stuff, but also asks some questions that relate to your business. Use this new LARGE DISPLAY SIGN to advertise and draw attention to your prize drawing!

Divide the drawing slip into several different sections and offer additional tickets to win your drawing for each section they fill out. For Example:
—- Section 1: Their name, address, phone, etc.
—- Section 2: Their Email address with a permission box YES, NO, to receiving occasional emails.
—- Section 3: Questions about their interest level in your products, clubs or classes you offer, etc. (Interest Level questions could have a 1-5 with 5 as high interest!)
—- Section 4: Their interest in earning FREE products. (Scale of 1-5)
—- Section 5: Their interest in earning an extra income (Scale of 1-5)
Then, they get a ticket for every section they fill out. Even if the interest is only a 1- that is good information so you know how to best follow up with them.

Then, use DOUBLE tickets (with the number on BOTH tickets) so they get 1 and you keep the other. (We suggest you have them counted into 5 to make it easy) Once they’ve filled out the slip, give them their portion of the ticket with a piece of your literature. Stick the tickets to the literature with a sticker that includes your web address and the DATE for them to check and see if they’re the winner.
Tell them they’ll have 1 week to claim their prize!   (Use our colorful PRINTABLE STICKERS to print your info- then it is easy to stick the stickers to your literature.)  (We can print the PERSONALIZED stickers for you or you can print them yourself using our PRINTABLE Stickers.  See Home>Shop ALL Products>Custom & Printable Stickers

Of course you’ll put the prize (or prizes) they get in your display with a sign of how they earn tickets to win the prize. You can also encourage bookings and sales right there at the fair by offering 10 extra tickets for placing a $25+ order, 20 extra tickets for picking a date to have a party,  or 30 extra tickets for taking your opportunity packet home and setting a date to talk.  We’ve made up signs to put in your display.  You can attach them together in a row or put them separately in your display!   They are also available in the smaller size (Look for the DS items numbers.)
(Or you can offer tickets for anything else you want like joining your club, etc.)
My daughter did this at a fair she did last fall and it was HUGE in increasing traffic to her blog. She got lots of people to place orders and join her club too, so give it a try.  Have fun, be enthused and remember to use these ideas and products to MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY OPPORTUNITY!

Now, for the part that makes you MONEY down the road — the follow up!


Does this sound familiar? Did you do all these things?
A: You’ve spent the money to rent a booth space?
B: You’ve spent the time and money to put together a beautiful, eye-catching display?
C:  You’ve prepared specials, or promotions to have at the fair to generate interest?
D:  You’ve prepared an information sheet for them to fill out and offered a drawing gift?
E:  You got a baby-sitter for your children and/or worked out your schedule so you could work the fair.
F:  You then work the fair and get all kinds of leads but there are too many to handle all at once, you only get back to a very few of them and all the A-E part of your investment is wasted?

This is SO COMMON!  We all know that following up on the leads are very important but sometimes it is just too much at once!

Well here is the solution:
We’ve developed “Thank you for your interest” Postcard (PP50240C or PP50240CT) to send immediately after the fair to everyone you have an address for.

The text on the “With text” postcards reads:
Dear                 It was my pleasure to meet you at  our ______booth at __________________________(place).  Thank you for stopping by to learn more about our great products and services.
I will be calling you soon to give you more information.
If you need me before I contact you, please call me anytime at ________.  I look forward to helping you.    Sincerely,

This card comes THREE different ways.  PP50240C- With just the graphic and you can print whatever you want using our FREE templates.  PP50240CT- We’ve printed the graphic and TEXT and you just fill in the blanks and we ALSO offer PP50240CTPR, this postcard with graphic and TEXT, PRINTED BY US with your info!  We will print your name, company, phone, email and website along the bottom. Just let us know the date and type of event and we can fill that in too. (Or if you are ordering in quantity you can fill that in yourself.  Order item PP50240CTPR.

Of course you can print anything you want on the ones without text using our FREE templates.

This gives your new customers your phone number, and lets them know that you do remember them and will be contacting them soon.  It also gets them thinking about your products and opportunity. This way you can spread the follow-up calls out a little more, and do them as you need parties and sales.

You can keep the design WITH TEXT right there with you at the fair and fill in the info and address them when you have slow times.  Or, PRINT YOUR INFORMATION directly onto the postcards and keep THEM with you at the fair and mail them all when you get home.  You could enter the name, address, etc. into a data base and then print the labels that you put on the front of each card.

This is an EASY, cost effective way to make contact with each of the people you met.  You paid all the money and spent the time to GET the lead, now, be sure to FOLLOW UP!  Put the “Buy It!  Sell It! Get it Free!” stickers (S10434) on the front of each postcard to plant both booking and recruiting seeds with everyone!

Put the “Like it a Little?” stickers (S60650) or “Could you find 6 hours a week…” (S61493) on the front of each postcard to plant both booking and recruiting seeds with everyone!

We have put together some K-Fair Packs on the website.  You can ADD the postcards to your PACK (see the options) and save.  You will receive 7 packages (168 cards) when you add the option.  We have a K-Fair-Action  or K-Fair-Display Pack, so you can add them to BOTH PACKS if you want more.

Now, on the next few pages are a some more ideas of things you can use in your fair display or give to customers you meet at fairs, choose an idea you like and DO IT!:


EB1139 — Spin to Win ERASE BOARD

Recently we developed our “Spin to Win” game.

I’ve created some new signs!  To go along with the “Kid Stoppers” I created a “Stop, you could win something Free!  Please Ask (DSL1605)  Of course this could be put up with the Spin to Win as well.

When I was getting my hair cut the other day I asked my hair dresser about some ideas for fairs.  She said, “I don’t stop at those booths because I don’t want to have a party!”  That got me thinking, perhaps we need to invite those people to stop and see what OTHER options we might have for them to earn free products so I came up with these two signs:

DSL1602 -- Stop sign for fair display
Stop sign for fair display
DSL1603 Not a party person
Sign to attract those who are Not a party person

STOP Do you want Free products?  We have LOTS of options!  Please ask! (DSL1602) or

Not a Party Person?  We have LOTS of options to earn FREE Products!  Please Ask! (DSL1603)

Now, what do I mean by “other” options?

What other options do you offer?

Have you considered offering:

If you really love something and would like to get it for free, just find 10 other people who love it too and order it (or something of equal value) and they get theirs FREE!

Bring some friends to my open house and you’ll have more chances to be my “Mystery Host”

Offer the “Turkey Trot, Santa Sack or 12 Days of Christmas Contest” for those who don’t want to actually have a party.

Offer to come to their place of work and do a party.

Invite them to bring friends to a boutique…

I know there are more-  please post YOUR ideas on this BLOG so we can get a discussion going.

Now, I have ONE MORE idea to share.  I was talking with my daughters about ways to get interaction going with those who stop in at your booth and we came up with doing a BINGO game that they can take home and earn squares by visiting your Blog, Website, Facebook page, answering your emails, ordering, booking, etc.  I’ve posted the entire idea in a separate blog post.  I think you’ll really like it and we even brainstormed how you could use this with fundraisers, parties, etc.  Check it out,  here is the link:


Please share your ideas.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks, Jenny B


To SEE and ORDER products to help you make the most of fairs and events click:




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