Here are some ideas to help new and experienced consultants get their business off to a great start to make MORE money in LESS time!

There are HUNDREDS of NEW consultants all around the country.  In tough economic times more and more people are looking for something extra to do to bring in some extra cash.

Yet, there are many people that are financially doing OK and have money to spend.  Plus, there are those out there who NEED your products whether or not they have the extra money.

So, how do you solve all of these situations?  How do you get your business off to a great start to help you make MORE money in LESS time?

I’ve done some AUDIO training that goes with this idea. T0-13-intro for the intro (it was recorded in 2009 but explains WHY I developed this training – it is only a few minutes and has some good ideas.

Then I recorded even more details- click – T0-13- Get business started right to listen to it.

FIRST:  Let people know you have opportunities to EARN MONEY and / or get FREE PRODUCTS!  You can easily do this by putting RECRUITING and BOOKING stickers on ALL your invitations, in your catalogs, and on other paperwork.  By using these stickers, even you as a new consultant can plant the seeds and remind people over and over again of the opportunities you offer. (See the Key 1 and Key 6 stickers on our website.)

SECOND:  Practice these same principles by using the principles taught on the “Party on a Sheet” stickers (See SSS4).  The value and impact the stickers can have on YOUR new businesses is HUGE!  (This training gives info on what  stickers to put inside the catalogs, etc.)  This DOUBLE sheet of stickers is a great gift for every NEW member of your team!

THIRD:  Follow up on all the steps with your hosts.  Use the “Success” erase board (EB2128) to make it easy to keep track.  Book at least 6 parties in the first 4 weeks after receiving your kit.  This will help you get off to a FAST START.  When these bookings are close together, you quickly learn what you need to do and get used to it.  This will help you book even more parties!  Use the “FRANK” stickers (S200545) on your host packets to remind hosts of who to include on their guest list, especially those who live outside of their neighborhood.

FOURTH:  Use the “Please come support my NEW Business” stickers (S32210) on the invitations for your own intro party.  Then, since you as a new consultant often begin your parties with friends and family, use the new “Please come support my daughter’s new business” (PR30542), “my friend’s” (PR30543) or “my sister’s” (PR30543) new business on the invitations to these parties!  People will be even more willing to come when they know they are supporting a “Daughter,” “Sister” or “friend!”  Be sure to include the “Bring a Friend” stickers on all the invitations.  People are always in need of gifts so you may want to include “Gifts for all Occasions” (S40427), “Gifts for every holiday” (S40492) or “Your Christmas Gift Solution” (S40257).

FIFTH:  Remind hostesses that you’re really counting on them to make those all important phone calls.  Put the “I’m counting on you!” stickers (PR20544) or “Thanks for being committed” (S200427 or PR20428) on the front of the postcards (PP20529C or CT, PP20277C or CT, or PP22526C or CT are all available with or without text preprinted on them) you send to remind them to make their calls.  Be sure to follow up on all the other host steps.

SIXTH:  Be sure to set yourselves apart by giving great service.  Use “Thank you” stickers. (S50223, S50560, or S50208, etc.) on the customer invoices.  It is so important to get in the habit of ASKING everyone about booking and recruiting.  Use the “Serving you is my top priority” stickers (PR41001) on your folders or catalogs and the sign (DS5737 or DS5737CD) in your display. When you use this procedure it gives you the opportunity to help each and every person and you won’t get rattled or scared to ask the questions because everyone is enjoying the refreshments and visiting with friends rather than impatiently standing in line listening to your questions.

SEVENTH:  Be sure you encourage hosts to CALL those who came to the party and didn’t order, to get their order.  Put “If you call them they will order!” stickers (PR20309) on a list of those they still need to contact.  Remind hosts that those “Outside orders really add up” by putting the sticker (LS2208) on the host folders and remind them to make the calls both before and after the party.

EIGHTH:  Start the habit NOW to follow up AFTER the party with a HAND WRITTEN thank you note. (See Key 5 Postcards)  This goes a long way to cementing your relationship with the host so she will come to you when she needs to purchase your products and better yet, book again and again!

These steps are really simple yet they have a HUGE impact on your success and will help you have greater success immediately! The quicker you begin to make money and build a team, the more excited you will be and the more supportive your family will be too!

T0-13 BONUS: Get the party started RIGHT! — Just some added information for NEW consultants to help them make MORE MONEY IN LESS TIME!  These techniques and products have PROVEN over the years to make a BIG difference in getting your business off the the right start.

When people come to your party, they are expecting to have a good time shopping while visiting with their friends.  Your expectation is that you will give a presentation that is fun, and informative while giving reasons for the guests to purchase your products, book a show or join your team.  Of course your objective is to meet your customer’s needs but creating the WIN WIN situation of meeting both of your needs is not only possible but EASY!  Here are some additional ideas:

1. Put your catalog, order form, pen, etc. for each guest in our “Guest Folder” (V4119)  These are one of the MOST POPULAR items on our website because they work!  Customers tell me, “I love these because they keep the guest focused on the party!”  The graphics on the folder plant booking and recruiting seeds and encourage the customer to order!  The bright colorful graphics draw people to read them front and back and they get read over and over again.  It is easy to prepare the folder for each guest and keeps things organized.  They can be used with or without a lap-board but they do so much more than just a lap-board.

HINT:  To make sure your guests return the folder put a number on each folder.  Have your guests write that number on their order form.  Tell them that after the party you will pull a folder from those returned and match that number to an order turned it at the party and that person will win a prize!  This is a great way to not only get your folders back, but encourages them to place their order before they leave!   Our customers tell us that when they use these guest folders their guests seem to stay more focused on the party instead of neighborhood gossip!

2. PEN PALS get read!  Make sure every pen has a “Pen Pal” sticker on it.  Just lay the top of the pen in the center of the sticker and put the edges together like a flag.  The stickers have two different slogans on them and they will be read over and over again throughout the demo.  In addition to that, they save your pens because with the sticker on them, they know they’re yours!  Use a variety of pen pal stickers because people will be curious and read their neighbors as well!
3. Hand out the recruiting dollars! (V6658) They are the best for building a continued relationship.  See the complete idea: T6-01 — Use Money to make money! http://www.thebooster.com/t6-01-use-money-to-make-money/2986-6-01-use-money-to-make-money.html to listen to the audio for exactly how to use them so people will keep them in their wallets!

4. Include the Preferred Customer Card (Searh for BC4601 or BC4603)  or the Customer Care Card (V4124) and start your preferred customer program to keep people coming back to you over and over again.  To learn more about our Customer Care Cards (including AUDIO) See KEY 5- Training T5-04 — How to follow up using Customer Care Cards.  Here’s the direct link:  http://blog.thebooster.com/using-customer-care-cards
5. Use additional stickers to capture attention.  Add them to the folders, use them on the front of your catalogs, or if you have lap boards put stickers on them.  See even more stickers directly below this idea on the website.  (Follow the link below.)
By getting your party off to the right start, you are professional yet these items project a “fun” image.  You’ll be doing your job and your guests will have a great time!  You’ll see that your sales, booking and recruit leads will climb.  Now, here’s one more idea to END the party the right way as well:

It is important to take care of your customers but you also want to make sure you’re giving them the best service available.  Use the “Serving you is my Top Priority” signs (previously mentioned) in your display and put the stickers on your catalog or lap board inviting them to leave their orders and enjoy the refreshments.  Tell them you’ll call them up in the order they’ve left their order so they can visit rather than wait in line.  This allows you to give GREAT service without people standing impatiently in lines.  It is a WIN WIN for all of you!  See the training: T5-2— Is this how your checkout usually goes? http://www.thebooster.com/t5-02-is-this-how-your-checkout-usually-goes/2547-t5-02-is-this-how-your-checkout-usually-goes.html for all the details.

Remember, our goal is to help you make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!  Get LOTS more ideas by listening to our FREE Radio Show!  Just follow the links on the website under category: Booster RADIO SHOW!  http://www.thebooster.com/387-booster-radio-show

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