Encourage people to STOP at your booth at a fair or event and play BINGO!

Boost your reputation and relationship with customers by playing BINGO.  Give them the cards at fairs, events, fundraisers, parties, and more to encourage them to visit your blog, facebook page, webiste, etc.

We have been developing some new ideas to use to create more interest in both fairs and fundraisers.
I’ve already posted all kinds of ideas, this is IN ADDITION to that. For those ideas see
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The object is to get people to get to know you so you can develop a relationship, which then leads to bookings, sales and recruits.

We offer a BINGO game (V1004-CD or V1004-DN) where YOU enter what you want in the different squares. (It is PC- Windows compatible- not for Mac unless your Mac has the capability of using Windows programs.)

You can personalize the card with whatever you want in:
— the center square
— along the top
— you can put your contact information along the bottom.

You can set up the game to have either 9 squares or 25 squares for them to cross off while playing. The program will create cards with the information scattered randomly. You may end up with duplicate winners, or winners that get Bingo at the same time since it randomly creates the cards. The more items you include in the game in relationship to how many cards you print, the fewer duplicates you will have. However, some duplicates are OK. Have a set number of prizes you’ll be giving out, but then offer a grand prize.
You can decide what they get when they get a BINGO and to keep the game going, you may want to go for a GRAND prize if they get blackout, or all the winners of the BINGO get their names in for a drawing of the Grand Prize. I suggest you give a relatively short time period as you want to maintain interest.

So, how would it work?
1. You would create the cards using the Booster Bingo program.
2. Print them out. You may want to print them on a colored paper. Or if you anticipate giving out hundreds of cards, print a set on WHITE and then print COPIES of the set onto different colors of paper. So, you may have one set on red paper, one on yellow, one on green, etc.
3. Create a GAME rules or an instruction sheet that matches the cards size and print it on the back of the sheets of cards before you cut them apart. Include:
(1) how long the game will last,
(2) where they can pick up their prizes if they win (or what the shipping will be for you to mail them their prize.
(3) A date by when they must claim their prize.
(4) If you’re doing any type a drawing, where they need to look for the winners and by what date.
(5) Your contact info will be on the front of the card, but you may need to include your blog, website, email, address, phone, etc. in this as well.
(6) Be sure to include that no purchase is necessary to play and HOW to prove that they are a winner.
(7) Proof could be they take a picture of their card and email it to you or post it on Facebook. They could make a copy and mail it to you. They could scan it and send it to you. Remind them that YOU have no way of knowing who has what card, so when they fill the card, they’ll need to show you.
(8) If your squares ask them to look for a product and asks a questions, tell them to write the answer in the square on the card so when they send it to you, you can see their answers. Or, prompt them to post on FB as well! (This will encourage interest in your game.)
4. Cut them all apart and shuffle them. Take them to your event.
5. Put up the Come Play Bingo Large Display Sign (DSL1604) at your event.
6. As people come to your booth give them a card.
7. I suggest one of your “squares” be fill out a contact information card at our event. (You may even want this to be your center square so you get everyone’s information.)
8. Have some clipboards with contact cards and pens attached to make this step easy.
9. Display some of the “Prizes” they can win! Draw attention to them as you give them their card.

10. The squares would include things they can do to get to know you better. (Ideas are below)
11. Be enthusiastic and invite everyone you meet to play.
12. After the event, post the things you’ve included in your cards on your Facebook page, your website, via emails, etc. Do something every day to keep up the interest.
13. As you have winners, celebrate and post their names.
Now, here are some ideas to get your brainstorming on what you can include in your cards.

KEEP THEM SHORT as if they are too long you won’t be able to save the game and the entire slogan won’t fit on the page.
• Reply to one of my emails.
• Book a party
• Come to a party
• Bring a Friend to a party
• Bring someone back to my booth
• Try a sample at my booth
• Take a catalog or flyer from my booth
• Like me on Facebook
• Comment on Facebook
• Comment on a post on my Facebook Page
• Send me contact info for a friend
• Have a friend contact me
• Set up an opportunity date
• Comment on my blog
• Visit my blog
• Save my blog into your favorites
• Place an order
• Purchase a gift
• Find ____ online-ask a ??
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find ___ in my catalog-tell me what page
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find advice about using ____ on my blog. What ????
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find something you can earn as a host
• How much to get our starter kit?
• Send me an email
• Ask a question on my Facebook Fan page
• Ask a question on my Blog
• Send me a friend request on Facebook
• Join my club
• Come to an opportunity event
• Come to my open house
(if you have one coming up.)
• Come see me at ____ event
(if you have something coming up)

HINT: You may want to include several phrases about Booking or ordering as this increases the chances that one of them will be on every card.

I’m sure as you get going you will come up with more clues for the game depending on what you offer and do in your business. Brainstorm with your team. If multiple people are doing the booth, you can print different cards for different people. You would need to recreate the game each time as you have to put in the contact info at the beginning. Better yet, have them purchase the game and make their own cards and then they can use them for different things.

How would you use this for a fund raiser? Every one that places an order would get a game card. Just give some cards to everyone who is generating orders. This is a great way to encourage those people to get to know you and interact so you can build a relationship and create a situation to build sales, bookings and recruit leads!

As I’ve been developing this idea I realized it is great to create a relationship with EVERYONE you meet. You could set up this game to be played by all those who come to a party, or, if you are doing “Turkey Trots”, “Santa Sacks” or the “12 Days of Christmas Contest” you could have copies of the game so everyone could play and get to know you. Just adjust your squares a little depending on where they will be receiving the game.

You could even offer game cards on your Facebook Page or blog, all they need to do is request one. You can scan it and send it to them. This could become a monthly or quarterly event for you. The more you keep your people engaged, the greater the chances they will order from you.
Another great thing about the Booster Bingo game is that you can SAVE the games and create different games using the similar clues and just change them up depending on the audience. It will take you just a little bit of time to create these games but then you can use them over and over again.
Have fun, and we WELCOME YOUR IDEAS for squares. Just post them on our Blog Post.

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