T1-02 Encourage customers to have Catalog Parties!
Use these tools to get and make the most of Catalog Parties!

 Offer your customers the option of doing a catalog party (or Book Show), and  HELP them be as successful as possible!

Encourage customers to have catalog parties & earn free gifts.

Would you like to have MORE sales without having to go out and do more parties? Of course an “in home party” is best, but catalog parties are better than nothing and just think of the new contacts you’ll make!

Sometimes it just isn’t feasible for someone to have an actual party, yet they have a circle of friends who could use your products.  

Or, if you have customers who love your products and place fairly regular orders, encourage these customers to pass a few catalogs around to their friends and collect some orders.

Tell them you’ll count it as a “catalog party” or “book party” and they’ll get the host gifts, discounts, etc.

We have several products to help you first get catalog or book parties and then coach your host to follow up so they are more successful.  Many are included in the K-CPP (Catalog Party Pack) to make it easy for you to get the entire selection.  Of course, you can order items individually as well!

Wear Buttons at your demonstrations and use stickers such as “Can’t book a show? Show a Book” (S10409) and “I offer catalog parties” (S10302) on your catalogs to promote interest and let people know you offer this opportunity.

Follow up with hosts doing “catalog parties.” The biggest problem with catalog parties is getting the host committed enough to follow through. With catalog parties, hosts often feel they can continue to put things off, and before you know it, weeks or months have gone by and you still have not closed the party. This is not only frustrating for the consultant, but also for the host and the customer’s whose orders and money have been taken.

There are several other risks with catalog parties, which is why many companies discourage them, but many times a catalog party is better than no party at all. Therefore, we have developed a plan to help catalog parties be more successful. Once you have booked the party, follow these steps:

A) COACH your hostesses.

B) Include “catalog party” items in the host packet.

C) Find out how she is doing and close the party.

So, let’s get started, First you have to GET the Catalog Parties booked!  Here are a few ideas:

Wear these buttons or put them in your display to create awareness that you offer catalog parties.  Of course you’ll always encourage them to have an in home party, but isn’t it better to have a catalog party than no party at all.  You may want to put these on your check-out table instead of your display to remind you to offer this option at that time.  Here are a few Buttons you could use:

B10349 — I Offer Catalog Parties! BUTTON
B10350 — Share Catalog-Earn Free BUTTON
B10377 — Can’t book? Show book BUTTON
B10381 — Like what you see -free BUTTON

Use stickers in catalogs or on things you mail to previous customers to let them know you offer catalog parties.  Here’s a few suggestions: S10302 — I Offer Catalog Parties STICKERS  or S10409 — Can’t book-show STICKERS =70

Send these postcards to previous hosts or good customers to offer them this opportunity.  PP10369T — Share this Catalog POSTCARD

Now, once you have the catalog party booked, you need to encourage your hosts to FOLLOW UP!  Here’s a few ideas:

Put this sticker PR20287 — Welcome Catalog Party Info on the front of each catalog so the “guest” knows exactly who to call to place their order and by a specific date.  This sticker also tells them when to expect their order.  This holds everyone accountable to get the orders placed and delivered.  (We can personalize these sticker for you with YOUR information too!  See PR20287-PR.  OR, you can order the PSB1637 — Double Border stickers and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your information yourself!

Give one of these cards PP20261T — Give a catalog POSTCARDS to each host for them to keep track of who they give catalogs to.  This makes it so much easier for them to follow up when it is time to gather all the orders.

Put this sticker S40398 — Please pay with order on the order forms to confirm with customers to pay with their order.  This makes it so much easier on hosts, especially that they can just get credit card info instead of having to go pick up a check.  Be sure to let your hosts know which credit cards you accept so she can offer this option.  (This helps overcome the “I don’t have any money right now objection.)

Put this sticker PR20309 — If Call Them Will Order on your “Host Folder” to remind her to make the calls to gather the orders.  You may even want to send it on our “It’s time to close” postcard. (PP20371T)

It is VERY IMPORTANT for you, the consultant to keep in contact with your “catalog party” hosts.  Follow most of the same steps you do with a regular party.  Send them a “Confirmation” type postcard letting them know you are excited to work with them.  (See Key 2 Postcards and Key 2 Free Training)

As mentioned above, remind hosts to CALL the people they’ve given catalogs to.

NOTE about Catalogs you give out:  Make sure you PREPARE them!  You are not there to point out specific products, deals and benefits of your products.  Draw attention to those benefits with stickers.  See complete training on this concept on our website under FREE TRAINING > T4: Sales.  See the K-Sell Pack.

Call them part-way through the process and see how things are going.  See if they need more catalogs, have questions about products or ordering procedures, etc.  Encourage them and reinforce their efforts.

Once you’ve closed the party, be sure to send a “Hand-written” thank you card.  Maintain and build your relationships with these hosts.  You never know where they will take you!

NOTE: We often have “Seasonal” Catalog Party Ideas such as our “Turkey Trot”, “Santa Sacks”, “Sweetheart Sacks”, “Bunny Hop” and more!  See these theme ideas under FREE PARTY IDEAS on our website.

All the products mentioned in this Idea are shown in the FREE TRAINING CATEGORY on our website:  Home>FREE Training>T1-Booking>T1-02 Encourage Catalog Parties

Direct link is: http://www.thebooster.com/368-t1-02-encourage-catalog-parties

See the 1-02 Catalog Parties Training Item for a FREE PDF of this complete training idea.

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