T2-04 — Encourage Hosts to Go for More!

T2-04 Go for More IDEA

Just imagine what this could do for your party averages, bookings & recruit leads!

How much would your business grow if you encourage your HOSTS to earn rewards by doing more?

What we suggest is you offer her the chance to fill a “Go For More” Rewards Card by doing some extra things to prepare for her party.  If she DOES them, her party will be so successful, it will MORE than pay for the extra rewards.  If she doesn’t, you are not out anything!   So, why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose compared to what you BOTH have to gain?  Here are the details:

What are the benefits for the HOST?
1. By getting outside bookings she not only qualifies to receive more “host credits*” but she gets to mark off a box on her “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)**” or “More Rewards Card” toward earning an additional gift and becoming a member of your “Elite Hostess Club**!” (*see details below.)
2. By identifying people who might be interested in joining your team she marks off boxes on her “PHC”.
3. She will earn more “host credits” as her party/show attendance and sales increase as well as more boxes on her “PHC”
4. If she joins your team, those recruit leads could go directly under her!

What are the benefits for YOU?
1. She can help you identify potential hosts and get bookings.
2. She can identify people who might be interested in becoming a member of your team.
3. She boosts attendance and sales at her party/show which is a WIN/WIN for both of you.
4. She will see how easy it can be and maybe want to join your team herself.

This all sounds GREAT but HOW do you do it?
(Once you see how easy this is, imagine the impact it will have on your business!)

1. We have a sticker that says “Call your guests! Earn more credits by finding the 5 guests with this sticker on their invitation! Have them bring it to receive a prize!” (LS2259) It has been very effective in encouraging hosts to make the calls.
So FIRST, you choose a special sticker to put on just FIVE of the invitations for the party.  (Any of the Key 4:BOOST SALES stickers like “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) or “More Impressive in person” S43478, etc. work great.

THEN, you put this sticker, with the one they are looking for directly below it (see example) on the front of the
“Your invitations have been mailed”  (PP20753CT) or “Remember to Call” (PP20752CT) postcards.  (These POSTCARDS are just a suggestion, we have LOTS to choose from- SEE KEY 2 POSTCARDS)

But now we’ve taken this to the next level- to help you “Go for More!”:

1:  Include in your host packet a “Go for more Call Scenario” of exactly what your hosts could say while making their calls to help them help them earn MORE gifts! Below is a sample of the script. (DOWNLOAD the WORD document of these scripts for FREE! (CLICK THE DOWNLOAD TAB in this 2-04-Go for More TRAINING IDEA on our WEBSITE)

2:   Put the FOUR stickers we suggest on every invitation AND the 5th sticker (as mentioned above) on 5 of the invitations. Yes, I said FOUR stickers on every invitation.  The benefits for doing this are HUGE!  I’m not going to go into all the details here but if you’ll read the information under the K-INVITE Pack (shown in the T2-04- Go for More CATEGORY OF PRODUCTS that go with this idea) you’ll be sold on the impact the 4 stickers can have. Read some of the reviews too!)

But just for a recap the FOUR stickers should include:
Key 1: Booking sticker,
Key 6: Recruiting Sticker,
TWO Key3: Boost Attendance stickers – one should be a “bring a friend” type and the second a “having fun” type.
3:  *Include in each host packet a “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)” (BC2607) or our NEW “Go for More Rewards Card”

Using these Reward Cards makes giving the extras for what your host does to prepare for her party so much easier than “little gift” after “little gift” for TWO reasons:
1: it’s easier to keep track of because SHE is keeping track &
2: because she gets to mark off a box for each thing she does to prepare for her party to earn a BIG gift.

For more details on this Preferred Host CARD concept click VIEW on the items.
(Shown in product list the T2-04 Go for More CATEGORY- click the link at the bottom of this post.)

You’ll want to type up your list of what she gets to mark off boxes on the card for.
(Copy the ideas from the list shown under this product on our website and then customize it to fit your business.)

4: ** Decide on the gifts she’ll receive when she fills the card and what your “Elite Hostess Club” will entitle her to! (Again, look under the product for more ideas on that.) But, just to clarify, your “Elite Hostess Club” is for those who fill their card (it usually takes 2 to 2 ½ parties to fill the card) and then they get invited to your “Spring or Fall Mystery Hostess” party where you introduce your new products and allow those hosts to book your best dates for the holidays, etc.  (See PI-5001– Mystery Hostess Parties under FREE PARTY IDEAS)

5:  When you give her the host information, (in the Hostess Folder (V2670) to make it even more professional and fun!) show her the “Go for More – Call Scenario” sheet you’ve created and quickly go through it with her so she is comfortable with it.   Also be sure to tell her (and show her the Preferred Host sheet) WHAT she’ll earn as she “Goes for More” filling her REWARDS CARD and for what  ACTIONS she gets to mark off circles.

6:  Keep in contact with her and be sure to FOLLOW UP on the leads she gives you ASAP! Sending “Encouragement” and “Thank You” type cards is always good! (A few are shown in the T2-04 IDEA CATEGORY.)
NOW- here is what would be on the “Go for More” instruction sheet you give each host:

Use the “10-5-2 (LS2121) 10-5-3 (PR20130) or 10-3-2 (PR20368) stickers in the upper left corner and on your hostess folder! Put the “Go for more!” stickers (PR70369) on your hostess folder and send it on the front of any postcards or envelopes you send to your hosts as reinforcement and a reminder!


Order this PDF that shows you all the graphics!

Here’s what to print on the “Go for More” instructions sheet you put in your hostess folders:
(I’ve actually posted this entire script in a WORD document that you can edit and print to put in your host folders.
Just go to our website (use the link below) and click VIEW on the 2-04-PDF Go for More ITEM. 
Then click the DOWNLOAD TAB.
You can ORDER this product and you’ll get the PDF showing all the graphics and exactly what to do.)

I invite you to Go for More!

Just 1-3 minutes per call to each of your friends that you invited makes a HUGE impact on your party/show attendance, and helps you get outside bookings and sales!  PLUS, this extra effort helps you to earn even MORE gifts for being a host as well as to fill your Host Reward Card to earn even more gifts!

Below is a suggestion of what to say as you make each call whether you get to talk to them or are leaving a message.  )Please take a minute to get familiar with what to say and it will REALLY make a BIG difference!):

Hi _____________ this is ______________
I just wanted to make sure you received your invitation to my ____________________ party/show that is on ________________.
You did? That’s great!

My consultant is so cool, and she has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker that might be on your invitation. Could you get your invitation and read me the stickers?
Thanks, I’ll wait. (If she doesn’t know where it is, or now is not a good time finish with asking her if she is going to attend. If yes, be excited and remind her to bring a friend. If not, ask her if she would like to see a catalog.- Make notes on your guest list and follow up.)

Once she comes back with her invitation:
Thanks, could you read me one of the stickers on your invitation?

Since there are 4- possibly 5 stickers on each invitation and you don’t know which order she will read them off in, I’ll give you the scenario for each TYPE of sticker that she might read to you, and you can go from there:

Booking type sticker: (Something like “Why pay full price, free is twice as nice! S10411) That’s not the one I’m looking for but did you realize that you CAN earn FREE products when you choose to be a host? Does FREE sound good to you because you get an extra gift if you book before the show? (If she sounds interested tell her what she gets if she books or that you’ll have your consultant call her to set the date!)

“Bring a Friend” type sticker!  Yes, that’s right and I WANT you to bring a friend, I’d love to meet a friend of yours that I don’t already know.  Do you have someone in mind?
Depending on the answer you could say:

Yes, please bring her, my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!   OR

That’s OK, I’d love it if you’d think about someone to bring because my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!

Recruiting type sticker:  (Something like “Full time pay, part time hours (S60264)”

You know, my consultant IS looking for qualified people to join her team and she tells me that you can really earn a great income. Are you looking for something part-time to earn some extra money?

(depending on answer:)
I’ll give her you name and have her contact her or That’s OK!

“Having Fun type sticker” (Something like “Enjoy a girls night out” S30242)

We are going to have so much fun!   I’m really looking forward to sharing the ______ products with all my friends.

The 5th sticker (look at your postcard to see which sticker you are looking for)

and if they have it, say “That’s the one I’m looking for” then confirm whatever it says, for example if the sticker is “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) you could say something like: With the ______ holiday coming up you will just love the gift ideas my consultant has.
Now, be sure to BRING your invitation to the party because you’ll get a PRIZE because you have that sticker on your invitation!
Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun, I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you _________.

If she doesn’t have the one you’re looking for say:

“Thanks for helping me out.” Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun. Be sure to bring your invitation because it will be entered into a drawing! I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you ________.

Please make a note on your guest list of the response from each guest.

If they’re not home here’s a script for a message:
Hi ___________, this is ____________. I’m calling to remind you about my ______________ party/ show on _________________.

I wanted to know if you are planning on coming (I hope you are) so I can plan refreshments.  Also,  my consultant has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker on one of the invitations she mailed. Could you call me back at ________ to tell me what stickers you have on your invitation or just bring it to the party and it will be entered in a drawing !  If you have the specific sticker I’m trying to find we could BOTH win a PRIZE!

Thanks, I’ll see you ___________ .

Again, Thank YOU so much for making the time to make these calls!  I promise, it will be well worth your time as the impact it has on not only boosting your attendance, but helping you get outside orders and bookings will help you to earn everything on your wish list!  This IS my goal, that you have a great time with your friends AND earn everything you want.

If you have any questions, please, just call me!


I hope you will give this idea a try and see how it impacts your party averages!
You are welcome to post comments below on our BLOG or our Facebook Fan Page!
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