Start your own club!
See all the benefits of starting your own club!

My daughters and daughter in law are involved in several different party plan companies.   They have started “Clubs”!

 Here are a few of the benefits to having a club:  

 ·               to get regular, consistent orders

·               generate a party at least once a month

·               introduce customers to new products

·               help customers budget for what they want

·               reasons to contact customers regularly

·               builds valuable relationships for you and them

·               keeps YOU working on your business consistently

              often club members become Team members and this is your chance to train them regularly

            You could start a Lay-Away program that team members could pay a little extra each month and then on the month of their party they’d have the extra to purchase one of those bigger items you carry.

·               and more!

Once you understand the benefits you’ll want to start your own club.   Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t offer scrapbooking or stamping, I sell a traditional product.   How would I start a club?” Well, it is really easy, you just need to put these same principles into action for your product.

 Here are some suggestions for types of clubs:   

Of course all of these could just be a set dollar amount per month. 

  • Kitchen products: gadget, or storage container, RECIPIES, etc.  Each month make a new  and allow them to taste and share.recipe
  • Entertaining products: plate, dish, etc.  Discuss easy affordable theme ideas for entertaining.  Start a “SWAP” plan with club members to borrow items to make it more fun. 
  • Home Décor: parts to their grouping.  Each month show them different ways to change up the decorations they may have.  Discuss how to incorporate your products into holiday decor etc.  Invite people to share.  Move your meetings from house to house so everyone can share their decorating ideas.
  • Candles:   scent per month, or different decor.  Show them each month how they can change up the decorations they have to be seasonal.  Share gift ideas using candles, etc.
  • Body/ Spa products: scent, scrub, lotion.  Alternate between foot soaks, different scrubs and techniques.  Let people sample more of your products.  Share inspirational stories and just have a night out to pamper themselves.
  • Scrapbooking: Project or supplies.  Make a scrapbook page or project.
  • Stamping: Stamp set or project.  Make the project at your club meeting.  Teach new techniques.
  • Books:  different book each month.  Read the kids book.  You may sell children’s books but you could highlight adult books for your club as well as children’s books.  Discuss ways of reading the kids books to make them more fun and entertaining.  Discuss gift ideas.
  • Toys:  Highlight different products you offer each month.  Give more details.  Since if you sell toys you are dealing with parents, give parenting ideas each month at your club meeting.  Discuss Birthday party ideas, etc.
  • Health Products:  Each month discuss different products you offer and how they can help your club members.  Invite people to suggest topics, research them and bring suggestions.  Have healthy eating recipes and treats.
  • Games!:  Play games at your club meeting.  Guests will really get to try your selection of games and enjoy each other’s company.  Spotlight a specific game each month that they get for a special price- if they already have it, they could give it for a gift.  Share gift ideas on how they make great wedding gifts, etc.
  • Romance products:  Your club night could feature your products and guests could discuss in more details ideas to keep the romance in their marriages and relationships.  Have activities to make up “Romance Kits” with an invitation to their spouse for a special evening, etc.  You could take suggestions and research issues your club members may have.
  • Beauty Products:  Each month a different person could get an entire makeover.  You could share different products, let people experiment with different makeup looks.  Teach techniques and let them practice.  Have magazines to look at, discuss fashion, etc.
  • Jewelry:  Invite club members to bring a different  outfit each month and everyone help to accessorize.  Have fashion magazines to look at and get ideas.  Bring in guests to discuss jewelry that can be worn for different looks.
  • Plus many more but you get the idea.  No matter what company you sell for, you can become the expert  in your field and offer a club where you can get to know your customers better while sharing information.When you offer this kind of service, you “friends” will CONSISTENTLY come  to you when  they need what you offer.   

Here are the basics to start a club: 

  • Decide HOW you are going to implement it
  • How much they need to spend each month
  • Requirements (year? 10 months?)
  • Whether or not you are going to get together (Could have monthly or quarterly workshops)
  • Benefits to customers (Suggestions include:)

  Each “club” group would have 10-12 members.

    • Each of those members would be a hostess for the month.   She would receive the hostess gifts.   Any additional sales would be credited for that month.   She would be encouraged to get outside orders during her month.  The way my daughter does it is the normal $15 per month goes to their party but if they spend more it doesn’t count for them unless THEY instigated the extra sale,  got outside orders, etc.  This helps her pay for those  supplies, etc. that she gives them for FREE at the club meeting each month. 
    • They may choose their month to be hostess on a first come first serve basis.
    • Offer a discount to club members. or specials etc for those who attend.
    • Offer a “birthday” discount
    • Purchases count toward  Preferred Customer Card completion.
    • See sample letter for more ideas
    • Discounted “Packs” available
    • If they also choose to Host a demo in their home during their hostess month their guests could receive a discount or prize.
  • Include DATE orders must be placed by
  • How they will pay for their order(s)  I suggest you have a credit card number on file and if they don’t come or get with you they get the designated item you’ve chosen for that month.  (Or when they fill out their contract they could have some items from their wish list and if they don’t get a hold of you,  you will  purchase one of those items for them. 
  • When they will receive it (and HOW) delivered, pick up from you, etc.  

Now that this is all decided, here’s how you promote it:  

  • Send a letter to current customers giving them the details (a sample letter is below)   Dress it up with stickers
    • See all the NEW “Club” stickers and buttons below.  We’ve got them designed for many different companies and several “Generic” slogans that can be used by anyone!
    • Use PR40267 Join my club – look inside for details
    • Put S40200 “Call me for a catalog” stickers on the letter
    • Put S40460 “Call me before I call you” to remind them that you’ll be calling them.
    • Use PSSS1612 “Heart says yes” As your return address label to let them know they could book a show even if they are not interested in joining your club.   (Available to print by you or us.)
    • Use PSA4204 “Call me anytime” with your information printed on it at the bottom of your letter so they can quickly look for your contact info. .   (Available to print by you or us.)
  • Use stickers on your catalogs and literature to generate interest.
    • Use the appropriate NEW “Club” stickers below.  We’ve got them designed for many different companies and several “Generic” slogans that can be used by anyone!
    • Use PR40266 “Join my club – ask for details” within your catalogs.
    • Use PR40267 “Join my club – look inside for details” on the outside.
  • Mention it at every party.   (Include an explanation sheet in your party guest folders.)  

This may take a little time to set up and do but consider the benefits of a show each month.   This is great for those who are not really actively pursuing this as a business or for those that are!   Start right NOW to plan and implement YOUR CLUB!

Can you have more than one club? Of course!  As your clubs begin to grow, have a “club week” where you may have clubs 2-3 or 4 days or nights a week.  You’d do all the same preparation and then just have fun! 

Here’s a hint:   You always want to give them incentive to spend a little more so make sure the dollar amount you offer on your Preferred Customer Card is slightly more than the monthly commitment.   For example, if the monthly commitment is $15, then the amount they need to spend to mark off a box on your Preferred Customer Card is $20.   That way, in order to mark off a box for that month’s order they need to spend MORE than their monthly commitment.   Chances are it will be even more than the $5 required and this will up your “Club” party sales even more!

 Here is my daughter Bridget’s letter to her customers:

  Join my Club?

????????? Club


-Purchase min. $15.00 of your choice in products each month

-Plus $1.00 shipping charge and applicable tax

-1 year commitment


·               You receive ???? products of your choice each month

·               Choose one month to receive the “Hostesses Rewards” (1st Join gets 1st choice)

                 “Hostess Rewards” include:

    • Receive a15% discount on additional products ordered
    • Choose a Complimentary Gift
    • Choose a ????   FREE ($??? value)
    • $15 or more* in free product of your choice

·               Receive a10% discount on additional products ordered in the month of your Birthday.

    • Quarterly ???? nights
    • Monthly Idea Sheets
    • Monthly Discounted Packs available that can be purchased in addition to your $15 (discounts do not apply to packs and packs do not count toward your monthly $15 purchase.)
    • Host a demonstration in your home and your guests will receive a 5% discount.
    • Qualified purchases count on your “Preferred Customer Card”


  *The month of your Hostess credits you can collect outside orders or have an in home demonstration. This would help increase your party sales and “Hostess Rewards”.

 Orders will be placed by the 20th of each month and products received by the end of the month.

 Sign up today! Return your join form ASAP or call me.

The sooner they are returned the sooner we can begin the club.

 Consultant’s Name           Address, STATE, ZIP         PHONE
E-mail                          Web Address

 Name _____________________________________________           Phone ________________________

Email ______________________________________           Birthday ______________________________

Payment method

Visa         MasterCard       Amex       Discover       Check         Cash

Credit Card # __________-__________-__________-__________   exp ______ /______

Check or cash must be received no later than the 20th.

Here are the links to the products we have to help you to advertise your club:

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