Simple strategies that insure your customers will know your name!
Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways ...

It’s ALL about MONEY! Including “Use Money to Make Money!” and “Get it FREE!”
 Here is also AUDIO training to hear about the Recruiting Dollars.  Click HERE:V6658
Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways to draw attention to what you offer whether it is your products or the business. This week we are focusing on how to use MONEY to do it.

Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your parties.
  Our “Recruiting Dollars” really do the trick. They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1990! The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash? I can help turn this into real money. Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars: First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.
In fact, make it easy on yourself. Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502) or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers. Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.
Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100? Of course everyone usually says they would. Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!” So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic! I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.”
Wait while everyone does it. Then say, “This is how it works. Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember that I can help you make it real! When you are ready, give me a call. My name & number is on the back.”
Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet? This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone. It works too! This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over. Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level: as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?” They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.) Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me! When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?” (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too! Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up!)
Click the link below to to to our website where you can scroll down to see the other “Money” related items (Indluding our NEW JEWELRY  & Recruiting CASH)  then click VIEW on the products listed below for specific ideas on how to use those products.
SAVING MONEY helps you get bookings!  Let  guests know they can get FREE products by being a host!
Whenever we ask the question at training what motivates people to become hostesses the number one answer is FREE PRODUCTS!
Of course there are other reasons, but this is the most popular and easy to sell. So, why not draw attention to this benefit by putting stickers throughout your catalog?

When you use the stickers, people will read them over and over again both consciously and subconsciously.

Be sure and use the Pen pal Stickers too! Your customers will read them over and over and with the Wish List one it will get them thinking about what they want on their wish list.

The Printable Stickers “Heart Says Yes” is perfect for not only the back of your catalogs but invitations as well because you can put your name, and contact info on them. (You can print them yourself using our FREE TEMPLATES or have us do it for you!)

You could also print specials your company is offering to hostesses in the space instead of your personal info. Remember, with the Printable Stickers that come preprinted with a slogan you are sticking TWO messages at once!

Giving Bookmarks is another way to plant seeds with your customers as they will think of you every time they use it. You can print your contact info on the printable sticker and put it on the back

There are lots of Testimonials on the V6658 Recruiting Dollars product on our webiste. I welcome your comments about this idea.  Please just post a comment here on our blog! 

Here is the link to the T6-01 Category on our website where you will see all the products mentioned:


  1. I love the $100 bill idea! I am going to use that! Brilliant!


    • Glad you like the idea Lisa. It is one of our most popular concept and those little $100 recruiting dollars WORK or they wouldn’t still be one of your most popular items since 1991! I’m so glad you see the value! –Jenny B

  2. Sheryl Kuiper

    I LOVE this idea and I want to start right away but I live in Canada. Is there any chance a Canadian $100 bill will be made?


    • Hi Sheryl, Not at this price. These are printed in bulk and we just don’t have enough Canadian customers to justify it. I will do some checking and see what we can do. Since they are in color, would a black and white bill work. I also don’t know what the Canadian Laws would be. If you know, let me know. Thanks, Jenny B


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