Be persistent not pushy!
Here are some EASY ways to work harder by being smarter: Learn in this training how to be persistent not pushy!

People are telling us it is more important than ever to work smarter to find success.  And, with the situation with the economy, we actually have to work even HARDER to set ourselves apart and create relationships so customers will buy from YOU and not the local stores!  But, it can be done and you CAN be successful.

You’ve heard it a thousand times that this business is a numbers game.  You just have to share
your opportunity with a LOT of people and SOME of them will be interested and join you team!

Well, that is true!  But many are uncomfortable with sharing about what they do.  They don’t want to be “pushy!”  However, they ARE excited and DO love what they do!  So where is the disconnect?  How can we make sharing easier?  Why are we so afraid?  What does it really mean to be “pushy?”

The fear of being “pushy” issue can be the problem!  Let’s think about that for a minute.

Are you MAD at the person who introduced you to the business?  Do you wish they had never talked to you about it?

Most that I’ve talked to are more than GLAD someone shared with them.  In fact most are ecstatic!  Then WHY do many feel it would be “pushy” to share about their business?  I think it is more of a fear than a reality.   It also has to do with your approach.   In fact, I think many make the mistake of hurting feelings by NOT asking people to join them!  Now, let me ask, “If you love what you do, don’t you consider it a gift in your life?”

So, get rid of the “pushy” mind set, because it’s obviously wrong!  You would ONLY be considered pushy if you don’t take NO for an answer! (Once you’ve asked the right questions of course – remember, sometimes they’re saying NO to a particular question, or situation, not to what you have to offer.)

Now, if they’re really not interested, then maintain the relationship with them as a host or customer.  Continue to serve them and set the example of how you do business.  Please, stay if touch with them so when and IF they ARE ready, they’ll come to you.

I can’t tell you how many TOP people I’ve met over the years that DID NOT JOIN with the first person that introduced them to their company because they didn’t keep in touch with them.  Make it your goal to maintain relationships.

Now, back to the GIFT of your business, why wouldn’t you want to share that gift?
If you do, I have some EASY ways to SHARE, to work harder by being smarter:

How?  Let the stickers do some of the work for you!  Work SMARTER by planting seeds about the wonderful opportunity you offer by using Key 6: Recruiting Stickers and Key 1: Booking Stickers on EVERY piece of paperwork you have!  This includes invitations, catalogs, flyers, envelopes, business cards, etc.

Think about it!  If sponsoring IS a numbers game then wouldn’t you want to invite EVERYONE to learn more about what you do?  If you’re sending out 30 invitations and only 8-10 come to your party, then only that 8-10 learn about what you offer!  When you put the recruiting and booking stickers on EVERY invitation, you’re planting seeds with all 30!  The stickers make it EASY to plant seeds (our eye-catching, colorful designs are so effective and affordable!)  Who might these seeds grow into?  How many people could you help?  You never know, but if you don’t do it, you never will!
As Wayne Gretzky said,
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

Remember the ABCD Formula:  A= A Success Formula:
If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D DO IT!

Now is your chance to position yourself for greater success than you’ve ever had before!  Then, as the economy turns, YOU and THOSE WHO JOIN YOUR TEAM will be in a better position for your businesses to take off like a rocket!
You want to be persistent not pushy!

Think about how you could better serve the people you’ve met in the course of doing your business.  They may be looking for a way to earn products for free or extra income!  It’s up to YOU to offer them what you have!

Worksheet to Work Smarter
Worksheet to Work Smarter

In the PDF you can get on our website there is a WORKSHEET to help you make a list of people to contact.   It asks you questions to get you thinking about potential recruits.  There are 20 questions which include:
E: Someone who is always looking for bargains and purchases your specials!  (Share with them about your kit price and the benefits of joining to get the discounts but be sure to make them aware of the advantages of doing it as a business to earn what they want for free!) & B: Someone who is looking for a job!  (With the flexibility your company offers they can make whatever they want while setting their own hours!  Remind them that they can make full time pay while working part time hours.) Be watching as you’re doing future parties for people to add to your list! Plus, 18 more questions to get your thinking and remind you of the benefits of your company!


Get started Boosting your business with the K-Success Packs?

The Success pack gets you STARTED using our products in the first 6 key areas of your business, (Booking, Host Coaching, Boosting Attendance, Boosting Sales, Customer Service, and Recruiting.)  It includes the dividers (and binder if your choose) and helps you to keep all your stickers organized.  It even includes the “10 Steps to Successful Parties! System”  The Success Pack helps you integrate ALL of the KEYS so you can apply them to every party or show!

So, to help you ACTUALLY START using the products, the K-Success Packs offer a wonderful selection of some of our most popular and proven products (at a 50% discount) to help you Boost your business.  As you follow the included training (on the dividers) and use the products you’ll have a better understanding of how easy it is to plant seeds and create situations where your customers are asking YOU about your business.

Once you’ve gotten started and see the success our products bring you, you’ll want to do even MORE — be watching for the IDEAS each week and you’ll find even more ideas to Boost your Business.

For complete information on what comes in the K-Success Packs see this Free Training: 0-01 Success Starter Packs Training.  Here is the PATH on our website: Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-01 Success Starter Packs>0-01 Success Starter Packs Training or this is the direct link:     (copy and paste it into your browser)

Are you a LEADER?  (Or an aspiring leader?)  Do you do meeting with your team?  Then you need our completely planned THEME meetings.  We spend 8-12 hours developing each theme meeting plan and motivational and promotional items that go along with them, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  You’ll LOVE it!  Even if you don’t use the plan exactly as outlined you’ll love the stories, quotes, concepts, Worksheet PDF’s and more!  You’ll find them on the website under TEAM Theme Meeting Plans

So, choose to TAKE ACTION in your business to WORK HARDER by Being SMARTER!  The Booster products have PROVEN (for over 30 years!) to effectively help you BOOST your BUSINESS and make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!

Begin now to plant the seeds of all of the benefits your business offers.  Recruiting and Sponsoring IS a numbers game.  The more seeds you plant, the more that will germinate, and the more you can help to thrive by taking good care of them and meeting their needs.  During your demo, mention the slogans on the stickers and build the brain connection so joining your team, purchasing your products or hosting a party is THEIR Idea!

Follow this link to this CATEGORY on our Website to see all the products that can be used to go with this idea:

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