Light your fire ... jump right in!
Keep the fire going if you want to stay warm!

As it is winter in Cache Valley, Utah with snow  expected and temperatures dropping below freezing I’m reminded that I like a warm cozy house.

For many years we had a wood burning stove in our kitchen we used to keep our multi-level home warm. My husband would get the fire going before he left for work in the morning and when we woke up the house was toasty! When I got the kids up for school I would throw in another log. It didn’t take long before the fire was going great and the house stayed toasty warm.

Then I would begin working on projects, enjoying the warmth. As the fire would begin to die, I noticed a chill, but I was too busy doing what I was doing to take the time to put another log on the fire. Before long, the fire was completely out and the house became uncomfortably chilly. At that point in time I became motivated to put another log on the fire.

But, by then it was too late. The coals had gone cold and instead of just putting a log on the fire I had to start all over again with paper, and kindling. Then I had to wait and watch until it was burning enough to put on the log without smothering it. Instead of 1-2 minutes of my time, I now had to spend 10-20 minutes to get the fire going again and it was 30 minutes or more before the house was warm again.

One year for Christmas my daughter Bridget (then 10 and who is now married and runs our Booster office) gave me a cross-stitch plaque with the slogan she made up that said, “Keep the fire going if you want to stay warm!”

How intuitive of a 10 year old! She had me figured out! But as I’ve considered that slogan I’ve not only thought how true it is, but how it can be applied to many areas of our lives.

Let’s take your businesses for example.

Did you get all excited and gung-ho and get out there and book parties?
You are then generating sales and recruit leads and things are going great! Right?
It’s easy to get additional bookings because you are doing parties!
You are more excited about your products so when you meet new people, you are enthusiastic when you talk to them.
You send mailings, contact customers, follow up on leads. You are making money and it is great!
You are HOT!

Now, you are really busy and you just don’t take the time to keep putting stickers on your invitations.
You are too busy to take the 1-2 minutes to send the postcards to your hosts.
You don’t get the recruiting dollars ready to hand out at your parties.
And oh, you didn’t get any more preferred hostess or customer cards ordered so you don’t have them to hand out.

But, you don’t notice it much, you’re still booking parties and generating sales but not quite as many people are coming and your party averages are slipping just a little.

It doesn’t matter though because you are still busy. (And you think, “My success just couldn’t be because of those 2¢ stickers!”)

But now things are slipping more and more. Your date book is COLD!

You haven’t been meeting new people so you’re discouraged because there is no one new to call.

Your business has gone COLD and you don’t know what happened? (Could it have been those 2¢ stickers?)

Now, you have to make a choice. Is it easier to just quit, or, make the effort to get their fire going all over again?

Wouldn’t it have been easier to KEEP THE FIRE GOING in the first place?

So, here is your challenge:

  1. If things are going great, and your fire is keeping you warm – add another log, keep doing what got you there. Stick the stickers, send the postcards, and follow up on ALL the “10 Steps to successful parties!”
  2. If your fire is cooling down – get going again on what got you busy in the first place! (see #1)
  3. If your fire is out – START IT AGAIN! You can do it and now is a great time! Your customers are in the mood to buy! Get on the phone! Send postcards! Have an open house! Put 4 stickers on every invitation! It’s not too late to take advantage of the holiday market. (If you don’t think doing this CAN make a difference read some of the testimonials on our website.)
  4. If you have team, send the link to this Blog Post.  Send them a “Light the fire within” postcard. Put the “Keep the fire going if you want to stay warm” stickers on your newsletters. Help your team to light their fire by offering challenges to get them excited!
  5. HINT: Offer additional boxes or circles on your “Preferred Hostess Card (V2120) if the hostess books another party in January!
    Now for the rest of the story. 

After receiving our Idea a few years ago about lighting your fire, MaryAnne Gildroy responded with this story:

“It is funny how things remind you of lessons learned in the past. My Dad gave one to me when I was about 7 or 8 years old.

We did not have a pool at our home where we grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. So, when we went on vacation, to have a swimming pool at the hotel was a real treat. Most pools were not heated. They were freezing cold. Your lips turned blue from being so cold!

The water was so cold that I didn’t want to just jump in so first I put my feet in, then slowly up to my calves, knees, then thighs….oh how the tummy area was soooo sensitive!!!

During this slow entry to the water all the other kids were playing and having so much fun that I had missed out on!

My dad pointed out that if I just jumped in right away…I could have played with the other kids too!

From that point on…..I just jumped in the pool and ‘Got my feet wet’.

Later that week, I drew a pair of feet, and wrote…”Get your feet wet” (I just loved to draw.) My Daddy still has that paper. It has been well over 36 years.

I should mention…I practice this in day to day life to this day.
My Dad gave me a great lesson early on!!”
Now, think about it. How does this story apply to you and your business?

Have you just got your feet wet or have you jumped right in?

You’ve been getting these ideas and training … are you giving the products a try as we suggest?

Are you making the most of the holiday season?

Are you sticking the stickers and sending the postcards?

Are you doing all the steps we suggest with your hostesses?

How long have you been thinking about joining the Key Pack Club but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

Isn’t it time you jump right in? How many opportunities have you lost?

  • Just think what your annual sales could have been if just ONE more person came to each party and spent $40?
  • How much more would your annual sales have been if each customer had spent just $10 more on each order?
  • Think about how much more your annual sales would have been if each of your hostesses brought $50 more in outside orders or got just ONE more booking!
  • Where would your annual sales be if you had begun using the Preferred Customer program and generated an extra $100 per week in orders?
  • How much would you have made in outside orders if you had begun using the Customer Care Cards so it was easy to call or contact your customers?
  • How much money would you have made if you had customers who filled out their “Wish List” on the back of the Customer Care Card and you had contacted their husbands for Valentines, Mother’s Day & Christmas?  (And then helped them shop for others?)

Of course, I can’t make GUARANTEES of how our products will work for you, but they are based on PROVEN techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of our customer to Boost their sale and businesses for 30 years, but I can make ONE GUARANTEE!

I can guarantee that you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take!

Make your decision TODAY to jump right in!

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