7-04---To-Do-Boards!Believe in your Dream and other motivational “To Do” Boards! makes it EASY to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you and track your progress without re-writing over and over again!

Several different 11” x 17” Laminated boards available in different colors
Each board has 5 sections. (See details about each section below.)
Use SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.
Write what needs to be done & MOVE the notes from section to section of the board.


1- THINGS TO DO: WRITE the various tasks you
need to do during the week on a sticky note & put them here.
2- DO TODAY:  Move tasks from Things to Do, to the
tasks you plan to accomplish TODAY!
3- IN PROGRESS: As you begin a task, put it here.
You shouldn’t have more than 2 tasks in progress at a time.
This helps you to actually FOCUS and complete your task!
4- WAITING…:  If you can’t complete a task because you
are waiting for someone else to do their part, move the task here.
For example, if you are waiting for a host to get back to you, or the school, or a doctor,
the task would go here. Try to not have more than TWO items waiting at a time.
5- THINGS I’VE DONE:  When a task is completed, move it here.
YEA!  If it is a task that you will need to do again next week, leave it here until you
plan next week and then move it to the NEED TO DO and start all over again.
If it is a task that you don’t need to do for a while, put it on the back of the board.

The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons:
1- The sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface
2- If you want to actually write on the board, use a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) so you can easily erase it
with a damp (not wet) cloth .

* If you want to put on your fridge,  cut the TWO included magnets into 4 pieces and put them on the
back. Or, hang on the wall!
  That’s it!  A simple, EASY way to stay on task of what needs to be done!

Download this PDF from the website.
Download this PDF from the website.

Order TODAY and be watching for additional designs for keeping track of business, family, etc.
or even for every family member!

We already have several different colors available.  Click this like to go to the CATEGORY with ALL the boards we currently offer. There is also a PDF download of these instructions.

Click this link to go to the T7-04 To do Boards Category on TheBooster.com website:  http://www.thebooster.com/581-t7-04-to-do-boards


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